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Fic where Jace and Magnus are together at the institute and Jace feels Alec injured and hurt through the Parabatai bond... they have to find him

Our Way Back to Each Other

Malec Drabble #13

Magnus had to admit, he loved watching Alec train. Seeing the body of a soldier move without a doubtful step, muscles flexing and unwinding in a perfect sync that could be reached only after years of practice. It was a sight to behold, truly, but there was more to it than just an impressive six-pack. It also served as a type of meditation to Alec. It calmed his mind and strengthened his body. Whenever there was and important decision to make or difficult situation to solve, Alec would come to the training room to think everything through. He’d end up in a state where he no longer minded the world around him and Magnus could sit and watch him for hours without being noticed. That was his favorite part. 

Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise anybody when Magnus unintentionally found himself wandering around the training grounds after finishing his business at the Institute. He was only asked to check the strength of its wards which unfortunately meant that the presence of the Head of the Institute wasn’t needed. 

He could already hear the steady rhythm of fists landing on a punching bag that sounded even through the thick walls. With a wide smile on his lips, he opened the door and silently stepped inside.  

But he didn’t find Alec. Instead, he saw a slightly shorter figure with golden hair and eyes that were blue, not hazel. He was just about to inconspicuously disappear, when Jace turned around to grab his water bottle.  

“Magnus!” he heard from behind his back. “Were you looking for Alec?”

Reluctant, Magnus stopped in his tracks and moved to look at him. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Jace. Their friendship was a bit complicated, but quite solid, more so when it came to Alec. They both swore to protect him at all costs and sometimes they managed to even enjoy each other’s company. 

But not today, Magnus thought. Today, he really didn’t feel like talking to Jace.  

“Yes, actually. Do you happen to know where he is?” 

“He went on a mission with Izzy this morning.” Jace answered, grabbing a towel. “He must’ve forgotten to tell you. There was some increased demon activity near Williamsburg and he wanted to check it himself. They should be back by now, no idea what’s taking them so long.”

Well, that’s a bummer, isn’t it? 

“I’ll wait for him in his office then.” Magnus was almost gone, when Jace spoke up once again. 

“Wait. There’s.. there’s something wrong.” he said, running his fingers over the Parabatai rune that connected him to Alec. Suddenly, his body seemed tense and rigid, his eyes looking into distance, concentrating.  

“Something with Alec?” Magnus asked, swiftly walking towards him. He’s seen the Parabatai bond in action several times, but never with Jace, and his heart immediately skipped a beat at the thought of Alec being in danger.  

“Yeah, he’s hurt.” Jace replied, hissing slightly at the echo of Alec’s pain. “It’s not too severe, but something must’ve happened to him.”

It was only a moment when their eyes met, mirroring the same goal - they had to find them. 

“We need something Alec’s.” Not wasting another second, Jace made his way towards the door. 

“Wait!” Magnus stopped him, one of his hands already searching in the inside pocket of his jacket. “There’s no need for that.”  

He pulled out a small packet - the omamori charm, Alec’s present for Magnus after their date in Tokyo. Except, there was also a strand of dark hair tied with a golden ribbon that was attached to it. 

“What..?” Jace stood, dumbfounded, looking at his Parabatai’s hair.  

“He gave it to me.” Magnus reacted, smiling a little at Jace’s surprised expression. “It’s meant exactly for situations like this, so I can find him more easily.” 

Rubbing his fingers, he held the strand in his hands, working his magic.  

“Does he have yours as well?” the question made a wave of laughter rise form Magnus’ lungs. 

“Of, course.” he answered with a smug smile, looking at Jace. “We always find our way back to each other.”

Hope you like it! ^^

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Launching the Future of Space Communications

Our newest communications satellite, named the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite-M or TDRS-M, launches Aug. 18 aboard an Atlas V rocket from our Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It will be the 13th TDRS satellite and will replenish the fleet of satellites supporting the Space Network, which provides nearly continuous global communications services to more than 40 of our missions.

Communicating from space wasn’t always so easy. During our third attempt to land on the moon in 1970, the Apollo 13 crew had to abort their mission when the spacecraft’s oxygen tank suddenly exploded and destroyed much of the essential equipment onboard. Made famous in the movie ‘Apollo 13’ by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks, our NASA engineers on the ground talked to the crew and fixed the issue. Back in 1970 our ground crew could only communicate with their ground teams for 15 percent of their orbit – adding yet another challenge to the crew. Thankfully, our Apollo 13 astronauts survived and safely returned to Earth. 

Now, our astronauts don’t have to worry about being disconnected from their teams! With the creation of the TDRS program in 1973, space communications coverage increased rapidly from 15 percent coverage to 85 percent coverage. And as we’ve continued to add TDRS spacecraft, coverage zoomed to over 98 percent!

TDRS is a fleet of satellites that beam data from low-Earth-orbiting space missions to scientists on the ground. These data range from cool galaxy images from the Hubble Space Telescope to high-def videos from astronauts on the International Space Station! TDRS is operated by our Space Network, and it is thanks to these hardworking engineers and scientists that we can continuously advance our knowledge about the universe!  

What’s up next in space comm? Only the coolest stuff ever! LASER BEAMS. Our scientists are creating ways to communicate space data from missions through lasers, which have the ability to transfer more data per minute than typical radio-frequency systems. Both radio-frequency and laser comm systems send data at the speed of light, but with laser comm’s ability to send more data at a time through infrared waves, we can receive more information and further our knowledge of space.

How are we initiating laser comm? Our Laser Communications Relay Demonstration is launching in 2019! We’re only two short years away from beaming space data through lasers! This laser communications demo is the next step to strengthen this technology, which uses less power and takes up less space on a spacecraft, leaving more power and room for science instruments.

Watch the TDRS launch live online at 8:03 a.m. EDT on Aug. 18:

Join the conversation on Twitter: @NASA_TDRS and @NASALasercomm!

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Ranger Week: Tracking Guide

image credit: Todd Ulrich

In Dungeons & Dragons, rangers are expert trackers. Here are some ways that rangers go about finding those tracks, or “spoor,” as its called in the hunting world. Below that are ideas for tracks left by some Favored Enemies of the ranger!

Common Signs of Tracks (1d12)

You can roll randomly to see what the ranger found for their survival check or choose from the list below.

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