2/10/2016 Daily Report

Do  I even need to say anything about water? Like .. yeah, doing my best. 

There is no end in sight  to the cold temps here meaning 7 days, which as far as the forecast goes . I really hope the wind will at least stop soon. I got a walk in today, but I was so miserable the last 10 minutes walking directly into the wind. I don’t like being miserable when I workout, I want to LOVE it. Miserable and working out need to not be in the same sentence. But i needed the steps. Damn you, fitibit!

Did much better on calories today, even skipped my evening piece of 85% dark chocolate bar tonight cos I was not hungry. Now there’s an NSV! I did still have my tea tho, with heavy cream. See above re: cold.

Tomorrow night my friend is coming over for hot wings and a movie, so I will miss hot yoga again. I hate that, but Thursday is really the only night that works for us.  Anyway, I was thinking about going to an Orange Theory class. One of the girls in the Yoga with Weights class goes to it and seems to like it. If I can get them to get back to me about the free class, maybe I’ll go. They have one at 3pm, which would work and will maybe not be very crowded. Things that worry me about it: I have never, ever, in my entire life been on a treadmill or a rowing machine. Do you get to practice on them before they toss you in? Probably not. Anyway, we’ll see. If I can’t get that, then I’ll probably do that core yoga video I did a couple of weeks ago and walk. 

If anyone’s done an Orangetheory thing and you have any advice, LMK! 

How to Track Animals: A Primer on Identifying Footprints
The other day while hiking some muddy trails with my family, my son pointed to a set of tracks and asked me what animal had made them. "That's easy," I said, "those are the tracks of a whitetail deer." "What about those?" he asked, pointing to another set of footprints. "Those are, um, hmmm, well, I'm not sure what they are," I confessed. I realized I needed to brush up on my knowledge of animal tracks.

It finally thawed just enough today for me to walk without falling. Living on a hill after an ice storm or two means it it just impossible to walk around. We have cabin fever and it’s mating season so we went up on the hill to look for tracks. We saw raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, dog, cat, and teensy bird and rodent tracks. I didn’t see lots of raccoon feets. That makes me really happy after going through the first few years here. 

I saw a flirty fox pair across the road a while back, and I think I saw fox tracks down the lane but not up by the main bird areas so far. Next fresh snow we’ll walk the pastures down by the creek. I want an idea about the fox and weasels, because I have plans to use the south pasture for birds this year. 

I love our larches/tamaracks so much. Tall and elegant no matter the season.


Okay so, I never post pictures like this, but I really wanted to say a few things about weight loss and tracking your intake.

I’m not a stranger to tracking food intake. I started my weight loss journey (unhealthily) tracking calories and as the years went by I adopted the flexible dieting lifestyle. Krissy Mae did a workshop at my gym about it. She calculated my macros right in front of me after talking with me for a little bit about my goals. She had me eating at a 150cal deficit and I tracked those macros for about a month. I lost 5 pounds, and then plateaued for another month. It says in her book to recalculate macros based off your new weight if a plateau happens so, I followed her advice and started eating with new macros. Within a week I gained all the weight back! I was so sad and confused I had no idea why my body was doing this! After getting some advice from Amanda and Sam ( @barbells-and-sirens @crossfit-cupcake who in my opinion are like, pros at tracking haha) I decided to stop tracking all together (and stop weighing myself). I was so stressed all the time about food and measuring and weighing that I think it caused my body to freak out in a sense. I honestly wasn’t even being ‘flexible’! I had to be dead on my macros every day and freaked out if I went over.

Since I stopped tracking, I’ve had more energy and felt a huge weight lifted off my chest. I’ve been eating like a normal human being. Mostly fresh foods and hardly anything that comes out of a bag or a box. I do however, snack on 'junk’ if I crave it.

If you are caught up on my blog, you know that all of November, I had been unmotivated and didn’t step into the gym once. I also got out of a long term relationship and was left devastated and miserable. To be honest, I didn’t eat for 2-3 days after that. I was sick to my stomach and couldn’t even get out of bed. I was crying all the time and I just couldn’t eat. Of course, people respond to breakups differently, and I am not saying that not eating is okay, because it’s not. I’m just being honest.

I lost 8 pounds in those days where I wasn’t eating. I went home for thanksgiving break, started eating normally again (along with thanksgiving feast), and dropped in at my home gym. That break helped me fall in love with the gym again. I came back to school and weighed in at 146. I also made a pact to myself that Id go back to the gym for the 2 ½ weeks I have left of the semester and continue the program my coaches have been posting on the gym website. I also told myself that I’m done maintaining my weight. I’ve been stuck between 152-147 since May (the first picture on the left is from then). So, instead of decreasing my food intake, I increased my activity. Since Monday, I’ve been doing 20/40 minutes on the elliptical (depending what day it is) in addition to my box’s programming. I weighed in on Sunday at 146 and weighed in this morning at 142. So, all in all, I have lost about 10lbs since May without changing anything, and 4lbs of which were dropped so far this week.

The pictures aren’t that different. But small progress is still progress.

I’m posting this because tracking intake in whichever form you choose isn’t for everyone. There are so many people out there, and on this site that track religiously and it works for them so well. They get great results and good for them! However, it’s okay to not track. You can still lose weight without tracking so don’t stress over it if tracking isn’t for you. All you have to do is set a goal, and work for it :)

***** P.s this is post is not meant to bash tracking. I fully support the concept of flexible dieting and envy those who have great results from it. It just didn’t work for me. I also have never tried to gain weight so I don’t have experience in tracking at a surplus. Just saying 😊


1/28/2016 Daily Report

I really had planned on getting a lot more done today, but overall I think I did pretty well. 

  • Did a 30 minute youtube yoga workout that was pretty awesome, 
  • took 10 minutes to do nothing but listen to the rain, 
  • got a headstand in, 
  • received my Escape The Shire medal and other swag, 
  • did a 5k walk around the mall, 
  • bought a cute sign at Hallmark that says ‘Life is short. Eat the Bacon’. (the hazards of walking around the mall!). I thought about making my own, but for $10 I didn’t think I could make it for any less.
  • Saw another sign that I would’ve loved to have gotten for @mybigfatfitlife (see above – ‘A day without wine isn’t over yet’) but am sure shipping to the northern tundra would cost more than the sign.
  • did a 1 minute plank, 
  • got my work-work done, 
  • went to dinner with friends, 
  • spent close to an hour on the phone with Brighthouse getting them to fix my stupid internet that stopped working while I was at dinner, 
  • Got pretty-much caught up on @sparkingthefire
  • Found some shirts for our Tuesday night ‘Yoga with Weights’ class that were both cheap and cute (relating to the 4 minute plank challenge)
  • Talked to Eileen and helped her save some $$ on similar shirts to give out as promotions in Jazzericse (cheaper than the normal promotions that ‘corporate’ wants her to buy – about half-price).
  • Watched the most recent Supergirl and Hawaii 5-0 episodes.
  • Did my hip and quad stretches and some foam rolling.
  • Started laundry

So … hmmm … yeah, not sure how I could’ve really gotten much more done, other than that damn hour with Brighthouse. 

Water low mainly cos the waitress at the restaurant only filled my glass once in about 2 hours. Seriously? Did you actually want a tip? Just leave the pitcher if you can’t come back any more often than that.

Shoooo  … yeah, I guess that’s enough. Goodnight.

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Today started off with an awesome weigh-in!!

Now I just need to be strong at this Valentine’s Day lunch with friends so I don’t back track myself!! 😊

Also, after that I feed the kitty babies and then myself.

Breakfast was so good–and I’m kind of glad the store was out of egg whites and I had regular. It’s been forever since I had regular eggs. Well, regular-ish since they were not fresh eggs.

Happy Saturday everyone!