bullet journal page ideas
  • legend
  • yearly spread
  • monthly spread
  • daily spread
  • to-do list
  • recipes to try
  • bookshelf (colour the titles youve read!)
  • monthly expenditure
  • savings log
  • weight tracker
  • washi tapes preview
  • new highlighter/marker/pens swashes
  • ‘to-watch’ list of dramas/tv shows/movies
  • new music discovered
  • food reviews
  • meal planner
  • goals of the year
  • goals of the month
  • exam results tracker
  • habit tracker
  • productivity tracker
  • mood tracker
  • water tracker (to track the amount of water you drink a day!)
  • brainstorm new ideas for a project
  • reflections 
  • daily meal tracker
  • workout routine
  • bucket list
  • favorite quotes
  • doodles
  • grocery list
  • inspirations
  • encouraging quotes
  • dream tracker
  • morning routine
  • class schedule
  • memories
  • birthday log
  • appointment log
  • book reviews
  • wishlist
  • hand lettering
  • doodles
  • syllabus/modules list
  • utility bills tracker
  • semester goals
  • new habits to adopt
  • my strengths
  • what i love about myself
  • things to try


I am in love with this spread I made yesterday. I found that the other spread I was using wasn’t as effective as it didn’t specify what each assessment task was and what the topic was. It was just the name of the class and the dates for each assessment. I hope this spread makes things a lot easier in terms of assessment prep.
I have also fallen back in love with my grey mildliner.

Before I begin: sorry for my long break. I’m back and changed my profile picture (in case you have no idea who on earth you are following here) and my template… and also my header for my posts so… you know… everything.
But now let’s start. :)

This time I want to make it short, so here are 26 study tips for learning a foreign language.

  1. Study every day. Even if you just study 5 minutes, that’s important for your progress. 17 minutes every day is FAR BETTER than two hours on one day of the week.
  2. Learn the most important 100-300 words.
  3. Use good apps/websites for your target language. Take the time to find out which apps and websites work best for you.
  4. Watch movies, series and videos in your target language. If needed turn on subtitles.
  5. Write a little text every day. For example a diary entry.
  6. IMPORTANT: Practice speaking right from the BEGINNING!
  7. Try to live your language as much as you can. You should do everything you can in your target language. Think about what you do in your native language and then try to do it in the language you want to learn.
  8. Change the language on your social media websites.
  9. Change the language on your smartphone.
  10. Read books for children if normal books are too difficult for you.
  11. Study vocabs you just can’t keep in mind with apps extra for this problem.
  12. Find a chat group in your target language. More people, more fun.
  13. Try to think in your target language, even if you’re quite new to it. For example learn the numbers and use your target language for counting.
  14. Make a plan for learning. (Yeah that came a little bit late lol)
  15. Find out which learning type you are. Seriously don’t skip this. You really, really, really should know that! It will make things so much easier!
  16. Use new words as soon as you can. For example when chatting with your language exchange partner: replace every word you can with your new vocab.
  17. Write a list with big and (IMPORTANT) small goals (!!!)
  18. Listen to music while reading the lyrics, even if you don’t understand it.
  19. Read a book and listen to the audio version of it.
  20. Write a diary in your target language.
  21. Talk to yourself. Who could be more interesting? :p
  22. Write a list with rewards for reaching your goals.
  23. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS! You will need this when hitting a plateau.
  24. Search for apps/websites that are only available in your target language and use them.
  25. Use a calendar with your goals and progress on it.
  26. Use image search for hard vocabs. Try to get a connection to this word.

    Done. I hope some of these tips help you. :)
    PS: Sorry for mistakes but my new notebook marks every English word as wrong.
Mood Tracker Printables

Hello everyone!! I’ve been getting some requests to make my March mood tracker and habit tracker into a printable, so HERE THEY ARE FOR APRIL!! :D I will try to do the habit tracker printables soon :) These templates are sized for the Leuchtturm1917 journal! Any other requests, please send me an ask!

You can use them by filling in color in the little faces at the bottom, corresponding to each mood! Then fill in each date with the appropriate color! For the overall section, at the end of the month, calculate how many % of positive emotions you got, and fill that in!! There are blank versions for you to fill in your own faces/moods and dates (both 30 day and 31 day months)

I hope you all find this useful, and please reblog this/share this post so more people can see them!! Also, please credit me whenever you share this on social media. This is my original hand drawn template! :)