Nissan Reveals Details for New GT-R Track Edition

Another eagerly anticipated chapter in the Nissan GT-R success story has begun, with the arrival of the GT-R Track Edition.

As the name implies, it’s been specifically engineered for thrill-seeking track enthusiasts by the dedicated team at NISMO – Nissan’s motorsport division. Designed to deliver a higher level of performance than the standard GT-R, it is priced from £91,995 ($119,271).

The Nissan GT-R Track Edition sits above the Premium, Prestige and Black Edition in the model line-up, but below the flagship GT-R NISMO.

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“He didn’t send a text back for forty-eight hours. And it just said, thanks… playa,” he jokes, and it’s supposed to take the sting out, just a self-deprecating quip and making fun of Mackie too, a little, maybe. Anthony Mackie, what a guy. But all he can hear in his own voice is the earnestness, and it does sting, his voice hollow with disappointment, and it takes him a good forty minutes to stop overthinking everything. Fuck. Too real, too complicated, too much letting it show, again, and Seb is so fucked. So fucking fucked. He’s sick, that’s all, he’s sick and he’s tired and he’s kind of anxious, talking about it more than usual, knowing it’s all a little raw and just not giving a fuck because oh god he wants to be lying down right now.

seb was supposedly sick at the con, I’m sick right now, you know this could only translate into sickfic RPF, but with a twist of “so much pine there’s a whole forest” thanks to That Text Message

Today on the Podcast: Period Tracker Apps

There are more than 40,000 period-tracking apps out there, some of which claim to help you get pregnant, prevent pregnancy or just be more in touch with your body in general. Cristen and Caroline explore these apps’ effectiveness and dig into one developer’s claim that infertility is little more than an “information problem.”

A B train approaches the Newkirk Plaza Station.



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I am 30, and I am accomplished and (relatively) successful in my field, I get paid decent money to do what I do. I train young people who have gotten jobs at very large banks, I manage digital properties for shows that deal in the millions of dollars range. 

I also have ADHD. 

This morning  I missed a meeting: my coworker emailed me about thirty minutes before it, sent a calendar invite, I accepted, all fine. But Outlook on my phone didn’t update and i got distracted by another piece of work. The discussion, the meeting, I lost track of it about ten minutes after it happened.

When my coworker emailed me (20 min after the meeting was to start) to say, essentially, “wtf, dude, we JUST talked about this?” I apologized profusely. I did not tell him that I have ADHD and that things like calendar reminders, pop ups, alarms are sometimes the only thing that keep me on track with what I’ve said or where I’m going or what I’m supposed to do. And that if they do not update properly, it can cause a lot of problems for me. I do not tell him that I don’t actually remember the conversation we had and I had to look back to see what I’d said. 

It always feels like an excuse. I forget sometimes that the only REASON I am successful, the only REASON I can do these things is because I have tools in place and coping mechanisms in place to help keep me on track. 

All of this is to say: Go easy on yourself today, friends. You are doing the best you can. Sometimes you’ll mess something up. That’s ok. Dust yourself off, pick yourself back up, keep trying.