Random pictures from Drake Relays 2014

  • 831 Drew Branch JR Georgia
  • 1698 Jodi-Rae Blackwood SR Nebraska
  • 1209 Michael Stigler JR Kansas
  • 1729 Miles Ukaoma SR Nebraska
  • 936 Cam Viney SO Illinois
  • 1716 Tibor Koroknai SR Nebraska
  • 1035 Elexis Guster FR Iowa
  • 1029 Brittany Brown FR Iowa
  • 1036 Alexis Hernandez FR Iowa
  • 4352 Addie Swanson FR Pleasant Valley
  • 4349 Claire Schwarz JR Pleasant Valley
  • 699 Danyelle Cole JR Drake

ok so high school au withhhh……irene and kardala as fraternal twins, remmy as their childhood friend, and nadiya as a reluctant addition to the group when her dad becomes coworkers with remmy’s brother

  • kardala is on the football team because fuck you
  • remmy has like every leadership position ever bc he’s so sociable
    • also a sport for every season. like, basketball and track & field minimum
  • irene could also get anything she tries for bc everyone adores her, but she’s generally too nervous to try
    • remmy and kardala keep pushing her to try out more stuff, and generally bring her more into the spotlight
  • i can’t decide if remmy & irene or remmy & kardala are freshman homecoming monarchs. 
    • probably irene. i feel like kardala might get banned from freshman homecoming.
  • anyway sophomore year remmy’s parents go missing and he has to move in with his brother and like. he tries to stay cheerful and supportive of everyone. but his grades start slipping and he can’t keep up with all his responsibilities as well.
  • junior year nadiya moves to their school district and her dad knows she’s not the best at socializing and mentions to remmy’s brother ‘hey doesn’t your brother go j. roger high?’ and so she is Condemned To This Fate
  • remmy jumps on the opportunity to make a new friend and drag her into his little friend group
    • nadiya thinks irene is nice enough, if not a little too dedicated to the rules. this changes when she tries to ignore irene and ends up being assigned ‘flubber’ as a favorite movie. she cannot convince anyone otherwise now. goddammit irene.
    • she immediately gets on kardala’s bad side, though, when she’s talking smack about jocks. at least they share a disdain for the rules. she has no idea how the sisters are possible related.
  • when nadiya notices that remmy’s grades and performances have been slipping, she immediately gets on his case about it. like, tutoring him, making him schedules, making a study group for the four of them.
    • irene and kardala jump onboard to help, bc they’ve been wanting to help remmy but didn’t really know how?? apparently brute honesty and micromanagement
    • remmy is upset by it at first, but it let’s him get closer to nadiya as a friend, and he uses it as evidence that she actually cares about him
    • nadiya will swear to her dying day that is not the case. she’d just be embarrassed to be seen with a high school drop out. stop grinning at me like that rembrandt.
  • also, unrelated to ANY plot i’m trying to build, but still very important: remmy adores his baby nephew more than life itself and will take any opportunity to show off pictures of him
    • also important: his nephew adores kardala

i went for a run for the first time in FOREVER today (i’ve been cleared for exercise for months but i’ve been avoiding running specifically my eating disorder started when i did track & field in high school so i have an… emotionally/mentally complicated relationship with running) but it was so nice??? i took my dog with me and listened to 5H’s “that’s my girl” on repeat and i didn’t go too far or too fast or push myself too hard?? like i was tired when i was done but i successfully avoided the Compulsive Exercise Mindset except for a couple of “you should’ve gone longer” thoughts when i finished but like?? i know i have to be careful and self aware but maybe i can have a positive relationship with running again?? because there were times when i did really love it and made me feel powerful and strong

hey everyone! my name’s pi (she/they); i’m a college student living in the GMT+10 timezone and i don’t sleep enough?? i watch too much television and have too many feelings. i’m also pretty bad at intros. anyway, this is my bb bonnie and i hope you’ll treat her well! (or not tbh, wreck her if you want.) tl;dr she’s a seventeen year old junior and part-time lifeguard — an active member of the swim & dive and track & field teams, a socially dense but tender-hearted jock who stands at five foot flat. i’ve got up some more information on her here, so feel free to read that to get a better sense of who she is. if anyone would like to plot with me, please please please do go ahead and drop a message my way!


(1) The track & field guy I met on Tinder—let’s call him Chris—wants to see me again. Not sure how I feel about that. 

(2) Schoolwork is really starting to stress me out. Physics and math and no, scratch that. It’s all of my classes, all that work starting to accumulate and the difficulty increasing noticeably. 

(3) Or maybe it’s just the short, cold days, the lack of light—