Random pictures from Drake Relays 2014

  • 831 Drew Branch JR Georgia
  • 1698 Jodi-Rae Blackwood SR Nebraska
  • 1209 Michael Stigler JR Kansas
  • 1729 Miles Ukaoma SR Nebraska
  • 936 Cam Viney SO Illinois
  • 1716 Tibor Koroknai SR Nebraska
  • 1035 Elexis Guster FR Iowa
  • 1029 Brittany Brown FR Iowa
  • 1036 Alexis Hernandez FR Iowa
  • 4352 Addie Swanson FR Pleasant Valley
  • 4349 Claire Schwarz JR Pleasant Valley
  • 699 Danyelle Cole JR Drake

Had a great time watching all my qualifying teammates perform at the New England’s Outdoor Track & Field Championships, @ Norwell High School Massachusetts. It was such an experience, and I was lucky to even attend as an alternate! Guys…it’s the farthest I have ever come in track & field and it feels so great! During our banquet my coach told me “this has been your best season so far” and that I have to come back next year ready to blow some people away…AND I’M SO READY! This week will be the beginning of training for my first year of XC as a senior and I’m beyond excited…the future holds for  a lot of happiness and miles.❤️

Abel Warren

  • Older brother to Valerie
  • Goes to college in Boston
  • is part of the Track & Field team
  • Athletic; enjoys surfboarding (taught Valerie), playing soccer and tennis
  • Singe & Straight
  • Favorite color is navy blue
  • Favorite food is double bacon cheeseburgers
  • Likes to attend bonfires, watch military movies, has fuckboy tendencies, and is into classic cars
  • Biracial; mother is African American & father is Caucasian

anonymous asked:

In the fall I'm starting my freshman year of college where I'll be running xc/tf... I'm excited and the team is super nice, but I'm also terrified because I'll be 10 hours from home :/ Do you have any advice?

Hey anon!!! OKAY– check out a lot of my answers here, I’ve answered really similar questions regarding going to school/going far away from home/adjusting as a freshman:

But specifically for joining the XC/track & field team as a freshman– just ENJOY it, do NOT put any pressure on yourself, have fun with it, take it ONE DAY at a time, and don’t worry about things before you know for sure how the team/environment/school is. I was SO, SO scared the night before going to pre-season, like, cried in my parents’ bed with them HAHA and literally the next day I called my parents, BEAMING, with how much I loved the team/training/etc. 

You will adjust and make so many new relationships and have a blast, I know it :) Try to keep a positive attitude about it, an open mind, and just take it one day at a time. It is OK to not have it all figured out!


Sleeping Beauties by Sam McMillan
Via Flickr:
After doing 4 hours of track&field photography it’s always nice to get back to some nature photography.. On my way home we spotted these youngsters sleeping at Atascadero Lake.

his name’s Noritaka which means respect for the law, but surprise bitch he doesn’t. 

some more facts about him:

  • kinda just on his own after his parents just took the money meant for his college fund and just went off to America to party
  • lowkey arms dealer highkey drug dealer
  • boy knows how to run fast to avoid the cops did track & field so he can just jump over fences and shit
  • probably always high to some degree but doesn’t drink
  • p. mellow 


visiting other prefectures of the country was only made possible when the team (of either the track&field or basketball clubs) had a game to participate against with other schools. and it seemed that the game didn’t take too long to be over and done with. time surely flies didn’t it? and if it wasn’t enough for the young man and his friends, it seemed that they took a little friendly game of threes at the local court.

they could have taken this back at their hometown, but then again. the local courts were always covered in either snow or ice, and it was dangerous to play in hazardous conditions. he should know due to past experiences.

but it seemed one of them got a little too excited that the ball had been sent flying towards a random person! and that can’t be good if someone would get hurt. their asses would be in trouble, so as a result, the young blonde of the group had suddenly shouted to grab the stranger’s attention.

“ LOOK OUT!! ”


yet another victory won for the track&field team for his school, really the warmer months was his time to shine, since this was the sport that he could really put himself on. having to run right past his competitors like it was nothing. all that pent up excitement he had been keeping for months to wait for the warmer seasons to come. 

all of those train of thoughts came into mind as he relaxed himself after having to have won that victory just moments ago. really, if there weren’t anything to be done except the closing ceremonies of the competition, he would have gone his way and walked around tokyo for a while, but sadly enough. he couldn’t, to which  was a total bummer for him. 

then again, someone had caught his attention, and surely enough he’d call them out. either they were watching the competition earlier or that they were someone he knew before, which the latter wasn’t most likely.

“ Need something? ”