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Swimming Pool(Acoustic)
  • Swimming Pool(Acoustic)
  • The Front Bottoms

But I’m a creature of a culture that I create

I’m the last one on the dance floor

As the chandelier gives way

And I am permanently

Preoccupied with your past

I’ve been around long enough now

To know that the good things never last

They never last.~
It's 5:00 AM and my Thoughts are too Loud to Sleep

Take a deep breath. It will all be ok.

I made this playlist for all you wonderful people that struggle with life every single day. 


Flatsound - You Said Okay 

Dandelion Hands - Invisible

 Hotel Books - I always thought I would be okay

 Real Friends - I’ve Given Up On You 

Twenty One Pilots - Kitchen Sink

 Listener - Wooden Heart 

Front Porch Step - Drown 

Bon Iver - Skinny Love 

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here 

Flatsound - I exist I exist I exist 

 Brand New - Jesus Christ 

The Front Bottoms - Twin Size Matress

Twenty One Pilots - Addict With A Pen

Dandelion Hands - How To Never Stop Being Sad 

Citizen- Sleep 

Brand New - Good To Know that if I ever needed attention all I have to do is die

TSSF - Navy Blue 

Old Gray - Wolves 

Modern Baseball - How do I tell a girl I want to kiss her? 

Twenty One Pilots - Goner 

Seasons change
as hell freezes over.
Sticky sweet living rooms
are emptied.
At least I no longer
pray in the bottom of swimming pools.
At least I no longer
toy with the idea
of racing trains on the track.
The year is melting away,
and I keep
moving forward.
—  Michelle K., Moving Forward.


1. Skeletons - The Front Bottoms // 2. Never Meant - American Football // 3. Home For Fall (Acoustic) - Real Friends // 4. Late Nights In My Car - Real Friends // 5. Elevated - State Champs // 6. Drown - Front Porch Step // 7. Stick Around - State Champs // 8. Sleep - Citizen // 9. The Night I Drove Alone - Citizen // 10. Bathtub - The Front Bottoms // 11. How To Hide Your Feelings - Man Overboard // 12. White Lies - Man Overboard // 13. Growing Pains - Neck Deep // 14. Never Saw It Coming - Tiger’s Jaw // 15. Silver Lining - Neck Deep // 16. Clairvoyant - The Story So Far // 17. Roam - The Story So Far 


Track 9: Bath-House Endurance Race
  • Track 9: Bath-House Endurance Race
  • Free! Illustration Works Vol. 2

Free Illustration Works Vol. 2

Track 9: Bath-House Endurance Race

Nagisa: Ah, this feels nice! 

Rei: Warming the entire body to the core ameliorates blood flow, stimulates perspiration, and helps recovering from fatigue. Not to mention, it helps improving the operating of the circulatory system!
Rin: Swimming is a sports that taxes a lot on circulatory organs, too. Care is crucial.
Makoto: Rei and Rin, you both sure know a lot!
Haruka: (bubbling)
Makoto: Haru, isn’t it chilly to stay in the cold water bath like that? Come over here.
Haruka: I’m fine. I like cold water.
Makoto: You should come this side later to properly warm yourself, okay? Hey, Haru, are you listening?
Rin: That Haru… There’s no point coming to a bath-house if you’re just going to stay in the cold water…
Makoto: Well, that’s what you’d expect from Haru. But really, it’s nice how you can actually stretch your legs here. There’s no room for that at home…
Nagisa: (splashes water) Yup, yup! A big bath is fun, right! Plus we reserved it, so we can swim around all we want! (swims arounds)
Rin: Ah! …Nagisa…
Rei: Hey, Nagisa-kun, stop this!
Nagisa: Ah! Hehe, sorry…
Rin: You little… Don’t splash around with your feet right in front of people’s face, you damn–!
Nagisa: Aah, it hurts it hurts it hurts, Rin-chan, don’t grab my head–
Rin: Shut up! Take your bath quietly, okay?!
Nagisa: I don’t want to!
Rei: Hey, you two! Don’t fight in such a place! And you’re splashing water on my face too!
Makoto: Ah geez, just soak normally…
Nagisa: Hufufufu… Ma-ko-chan! (splashes him)
Makoto: Ah! Geez… Nagisa!
Rei: Ah, even Makoto-senpai now?! Everyone, calm down–
Haruka: [evil demon lord aura]
Rei: [faint shriek]
Haruka: Use the water quietly.
Makoto: …Sorry.
Nagisa: Yeees.
Rin: This is just bathwater, though–
Makoto: Aah, now now Rin!

Nagisa: Aah… I’m all warmed up…
Rei: Although, this… Isn’t this water a bit too hot?
Rin: What’s up, Rei? Are you not good with hot baths? Careful not to get light-headed.
Rei: I won’t!
Nagisa: You’re not hot, Rin-chan?
Rin: The dorm’s bath is rather hot so I got used to it. Plus, captain Mikoshiba… Ah, no, forget it…
Rei: Oh my, Rin-san. Your face seems somewhat flushed… Shouldn’t you get out already?
Rin: Aren’t you confident!
Nagisa: Heheh, then, how about a contest? Of who can stay in the longest!
Rin: Okay, sure! I’ll take you on!
Nagisa: That’s our Rin-chan!
Rin: You guys are competing too, right? Makoto, Rei.
Makoto: Eh, me too?
Rei: Very well! I accept this challenge!
Nagisa: What about you, Haru-chan?
Haruka: (bubbling)
Nagisa: Haru-chan doesn’t want to leave the cold water bath, huh.
Makoto: Hey, Haru, are you sure you’ll be okay?
Haruka: (still bubbling) I’m fine.
Rin: Makoto, just forget about Haru.
Nagisa: Then, start! Ah, and the loser has to treat the others to fruit milk, okay.
Rin: Although there’s no way I’ll lose. I’ll show you the endurance I built in the dorm’s bath!
Rei: The fight is on! I shall remain until the very end!
Makoto: Eeh, but I want to get out already…
Nagisa: Come on Mako-chan, if you’re not in up to at least your shoulders, you’ll be disqualified!
Makoto: Huh… That’s strict…
Haruka: (blubbling) [thinking] Ah… What a noisy bunch.


Audio: Wakoanime
Translation: Nagisaperopero


What makes a good frontman?

“Certainly, in this day and age, a sense of humour… I think if you start taking it too seriously… then it gets ugly.”

Happy 29th Birthday, Alex Turner!!! ❤️


designing some astronomical clocks/rose window hybrids for a building I’m working on


THE DIGITALIAN - Arashi 13th Album
Release date: 2014.10.22

Limited Edition(Top, 16 tracks) • Special packaging • DVD PV of “Zero-G making” and making of(28min. 45sec. long) • 56-page booklet

Regular Edition(Bottom, 17 tracks) • Bonus track: “Take Of!!!!!” • 32-page booklet


  1. Zero-G
  2. Wonderful
  3. Tell me why
  4. Asterisk
  5. Imaging Crazy(Ohno Solo)
  6. GUTS !
  7. Disco Star(Aiba Solo)
  8. 誰も知らない(Daremo Shiranai)
  9. TRAP
  10. STAY GOLD(Jun Solo)
  11. Bittersweet
  12. メリークリスマス(Merry Christmas/Nino Solo)
  13. キミの夢を見ていた(I was just dreaming about you)
  14. One Step
  15. Hey Yeah!(Sho Solo)
  16. Hope in the darkness
  17. Take Off!!!!!(bonus track)