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It's 5:00 AM and my Thoughts are too Loud to Sleep

Take a deep breath. It will all be ok.

I made this playlist for all you wonderful people that struggle with life every single day. 


Flatsound - You Said Okay 

Dandelion Hands - Invisible

 Hotel Books - I always thought I would be okay

 Real Friends - I’ve Given Up On You 

Twenty One Pilots - Kitchen Sink

 Listener - Wooden Heart 

Front Porch Step - Drown 

Bon Iver - Skinny Love 

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here 

Flatsound - I exist I exist I exist 

 Brand New - Jesus Christ 

The Front Bottoms - Twin Size Matress

Twenty One Pilots - Addict With A Pen

Dandelion Hands - How To Never Stop Being Sad 

Citizen- Sleep 

Brand New - Good To Know that if I ever needed attention all I have to do is die

TSSF - Navy Blue 

Old Gray - Wolves 

Modern Baseball - How do I tell a girl I want to kiss her? 

Twenty One Pilots - Goner 

there’s this girl

Title: there’s this girl
Fandom: miraculous ladybug
Rating: K+
Characters: Ladybug (Marinette), Queen Bee (Chloe)
Summary: Queen Bee has a secret. It’s not what Ladybug thinks.

“So there’s this girl.”

Ladybug cocked her head and stared at her friend with wide eyes, mouth falling open to say something, but the look on Queen Bee’s face stopped her in her tracks. Bottom lip caught between her teeth, gaze heavy on her hands clasped tightly in her lips, she looked hesitant and unsure, lacking the confidence and charisma that usually oozed from every pore. Ladybug didn’t know how to respond. It wasn’t every day that Queen Bee chose to open up to her or any of the other heroes of Paris; she held her secrets and identity tighter than any of them did.

“For my father,” she’d say when asked why and rarely said more. Ladybug wasn’t arguing—she did the same thing—but it was different to have someone so similar working beside her. While she enjoyed Volpina’s presence, and Chat Noir was her partner, Queen Bee was something entirely new and unexpected, but not unwanted. Ladybug had spent so long explaining why secret identities were important, and while everyone had accepted that long ago, Queen Bee was the only person who seemed to understood why.

“So there’s this girl,” Queen Bee had said, completely out-of-the-blue and sending Ladybug’s thoughts into a whirlwind, unprompted on an early Saturday after an akuma battle under the silver sunrise of the Paris morning. “And I don’t know what to do.”

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AKULA Ballistic - Concept Design ~ EDONGURAZIU

Concept Design of a futuristic weapon platform using case-less ammunition, heavy CHF-B (cold hammer forged barrel), NRPC (nylon reinforced polymer chassis), ergonomic extendable stock with integrated monopo. Modular for either Human and Non-Human use. Chassis can be attached to frames of choice with the rail-track on the bottom side. Using EOI (External Optic Interface) it can be suited to fulfil multiple roles with few adjustments of optics, barrel and ammunition.

Ficlet: Birthday Aesthetic

Dan woke to the shivery feeling of breath against his neck and a sleep-husky voice saying, “Happy birthday.” He weakly swatted at the face sending the air whispering across his sensitive skin, but smiled at the same time.

“You already said that at midnight,” he mumbled, not wanting to wake up quite yet. But Phil’s arms tightened around him and he turned in the familiar embrace to find Phil already wearing his glasses and a smile that matched Dan’s own.

“I know. But then we went to sleep, and now we’re waking up, so it’s like your birthday’s starting all over again,” Phil reasoned in a way that only Phil could. Dan wasn’t awake enough to point out the flaws in his logic, so he just snuggled in closer.

He lay there for a moment, letting himself wake slowly as he listened to Phil’s heart beating under his ear, then requested hopefully, “Mario Kart?”

Phil’s chest bounced Dan’s head up and down as he laughed. “You’re the king on your birthday. I am your lowly subject, and your wish is my command.”

Dan grinned. “My wish is to kick your ass at Mario Kart.”

Phil laughed again and gently moved from beneath Dan, getting out of the bed and putting on pajamas that indicated clearly this was going to be a lazy day at home, just like Dan had wanted. They’d go out with friends tonight, but the rest of the day wasn’t going to involve anything that involved real clothes. Maybe some things that involved no clothes, though. He eyed Phil speculatively, and Phil raised an eyebrow in response.

Dan got out of bed and pulled on a black t-shirt and pair of track bottoms, then followed Phil out to the upstairs lounge. Phil turned to look at him. “Your birthday breakfast order, Your Majesty?”

“Doritos and salsa,” Dan replied.

Phil nodded sagely. “Ah. We’re going for the healthy option this morning.” He glanced at the clock and amended, “Or this afternoon.” Then he headed off to the kitchen to raid their snack stash.

Dan collapsed onto the sofa and looked around. He loved the smoothly modern aesthetic of their new flat. No more creaking floor boards, peeling wallpaper, and leaking pipes. The new place felt much more like him. Like the new Daniel Howell. He was happy Phil had been so relaxed about the whole thing and had let Dan have his own way about most of it.

Phil brought in the chips and salsa, and for a quick moment Dan remembered the “fanfic” they’d recreated for one of the PINOFs. He chuckled, and Phil asked, “The fanfic?” It was eerie sometimes how in sync their brains were. Dan just grinned at him and nodded, then grabbed the game controller.

They played a couple games, taking snack breaks occasionally, and at one point Phil took a picture of him with his phone. Dan barely blinked, accustomed by now to Phil documenting his every move.

“You never used to bite the controller,” Phil pointed out. Dan looked at him questioningly, removing the device from his mouth where he had placed it in frustration. “You made fun of me when you first noticed that I do it. Now you do it all the time.”

Dan rolled his eyes. “That’s because you’re a terrible influence.”

Phil shrugged. “True.” They both giggled. “I’m going to tweet this picture with your birthday message,” Phil announced, typing into his phone.

Dan grabbed his own phone and said, “Then I’ll have to write my own birthday tweet, too.”

Their tweets went up almost at the same time, and Dan shoved Phil’s shoulder when he saw what he’d written. “Nothing about how great I am? Just a picture of me being a dork with a birthday hat pasted on?”

Phil looked at him and bit his lip, looking uncertain. “Did you want me to write something more…”

But Dan cut him off. “No, Phil. This is perfect.” He smiled to show that he meant it. He knew when his mum called to wish him a happy birthday, she would comment on how impersonal Phil’s tweet had been in comparison to Dan’s tweet on Phil’s birthday, but she’d never really understood their relationship. She didn’t understand that, despite his degree in language and linguistics, Phil didn’t show his love through soppy words. Dan was the one who said, “I love you,” most often, the one who gave Phil flowery compliments and talked about him in glowing terms.

What his mum, and pretty much everyone else, didn’t understand was how “I love you” could be just as effectively expressed by a happy smile while giving someone a free hand to decorate the new flat, or a teasing whisper against a sensitive neck, or chips and salsa for birthday breakfast.

Dan didn’t need flowery words. Phil told him in a thousand ways how much he loved him, and Dan saw it every day when he looked at the sleek new white sofa, the shiny metal handrails of the flat’s stairway, and the moonscape of their new bedroom. This entire flat was a testament to Phil’s love for him, even if no one else could see it.

Phil’s ASs

Pairing: Phan
Genre: Smut, Fluff, Humor
Word count: 4,122 words
Warnings: Smut, food, body image
Description: Dan can’t help but worship Phil’s perfect posterior

a/n: happy birth month, nikki @pinofs! read it and weep. :)))))


It must have been because he was turning 30.

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HP fans really do miss a lot of opportunities by forgetting when the books are set. Think about it for a minute. The main characters were in school from 1991 to 1997. At least a few of those girls tried crimping their hair and wearing blue eye shadow. Someone was wearing those track bottoms that made noise when you walked, probably in neon.

The Marauders, Lily, and Snape were in school *in the 70s*. James Potter totally had feathered hair. Remus had brown corduroy bell bottoms and some sort of hideous mustard turtleneck. Peter probably tried to look cool by wearing a paisley shirt (it backfired).

There are so many character defining aspects to play with with era fashion, but most people don’t seem to try even when they don’t have the characters in robes/uniforms. It’s disappointing.


Just some drabble Snowbaz fluff that I (kinda) accidentally wrote, partially inspired by my lovely friend @omgunaisafangirl

Simon Snow.
The chosen one.
The golden man.
Three years. Three years of pissing off that Penelope girl- Snow’s (only) friend. Pissing her off has never been intentional, we just… flirt, a lot. Which I am sure really is annoying when you live in a different fucking continent to your boyfriend. Christ knows what I’d do if I lived in a different country, let alone continent to Snow.
I awaken in his bed, legs curled over each other’s, his chin under my neck, lips still pressed in a lazy kiss on my collar bone. Sliding down the bed somewhat, I roll out from on top of him, rising up onto my elbows, smoothing his curls between my fingers and off his constellation of forehead freckles. Carefully, as to not wake him, I dip my head down, gently pecking the mole on his lower neck.
He squirms and groans beautifully, writhing up into a sitting position, kissing me on the forehead; just below my widow’s peak. But, sadly he won’t stay in bed with me for long, instead claiming that he needs to tend to his plants- something he chooses to do every morning rather than, I don’t know, staying in bed with his brilliant vampire boyfriend. Track suit bottoms hung low on his hips, the muscles in his back shifting as he stretches; he clambers ungracefully from his bed. Rounds of his plants are then made, first visiting his favourite- the Unaborea- watering it and then artificially fertilising its flowers. Following this, he then continues to move along to do the same to the rest of his plants, dotted artistically and aesthetically around his house and room.

Finally, he returns to me, a coffee cup for us in each hand, curling up next to me, pressing his now freezing back against side. “Fuck Snow, I’m the vampire, I’m meant to be the cold one, you should be fucking warming me up.” I groan.

He blushes and mumbles some form of apology, looking so adorable that I am forced to kiss him on the temple. Most of the day is spent, simply, lying in Snow’s bed, all our limbs entwined, coffee cups and a plate of warm scones omnipresent. Kisses are exchanged, some chaste, a few deeper, further ones tender.

I guess this is what they call love.
This, the incredible easy tumbling of life.
This, which most people see as their divine goal in life.
Happiness is with most of us and shit, I am so fucking in love that I can’t help but kiss Snow, whispering that I love him, grinning as he blushes, sweet, brilliant, amazing Snow, so happy to have him curled next to me, head on my shoulder as we watch Skam season 3.
I’m so glad to be finally happy and with Snow, what I thought I would never have achieved as an angst twelve year old.

Rebuilding Stabby Pt.2

I stripped Stabby down to the barest of the motor frame… I didn’t think I’d have to go this far down, but, the difference between the two track types is significant!

The new tracks are at the top, the old tracks are at the bottom. The new ones are 5 studs wide, 2 studs wider than the original ones… sooo… yeah, total redesign of the chassis to accommodate them.

Lookit all of the pieces I had to tear off poor stabby! :(

Wait a minute… is that a functional powertrain? … … … Why YES IT IS! A total redesign, but, it gave me opportunities to make improvements to the original design!

For example, I was able to better fit the rear access cover, it sits solidly now and doesn’t feel like it’s just bodged on.

Under the access panel, the battery box… looking at this picture, makes me think I need to flip it around… hmmmmmm. (It is about midnight here right now… sooo…)

And finally, a front view, the new servo motor is visible with a long axle coming out of it. I’m waiting for the third IR sensor to arrive so I can hook it up to its own channel for the speed controller on the remote. Stabby’s head stalk will have full 90° movement left and right, and, will also be able to incline his head. I haven’t worked out that feature yet, but, it will happen!

Yeah… I know! he looks so cold all naked down to his bare chassis! But, I left the design similar enough, the side panels I already have made SHOULD snap right back on.

Alright, those are the updates for today, I’ll post a video tomorrow of his movement! Whatcha all think?

Fic: Squish

Summary: Dan gains some weight, but it doesn’t change how Phil sees him.
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 3K
Tags: Body Image, Weight Gain, Getting Together, Blow Jobs, Self-Esteem Issues, Hurt/Comfort
Trigger Warnings: Weight-related stuff and body image issues


It had already been going on for a while the first time Phil mentioned it, but Dan had been avoiding the conversation as best he could. The shame was just too much.

It was a Wednesday, and he’d gone shopping, but had brusquely dismissed Phil’s offer to come with him before running out the door and locking it quickly behind him. When he returned, he’d found Phil sitting on the sofa in the lounge with a serious expression on his face.

Dan, shopping bags in his hands, faced his friend and asked testily, “What?”

Phil sighed and brushed a hand along his fringe, tucking a bit behind his ear as was his nervous habit. “Could I talk to you for a minute?”

Dan looked away, then nodded reluctantly. How could he refuse Phil? “Let me put these bags in my room and I’ll be right back.”

In his room, he stiffened his spine, knowing what was coming. Phil was finally going to bring it up. Dan was dreading the conversation, but he’d known it would come eventually.

He went back out into the lounge and sat on the sofa, his jeans binding his waist painfully. Well, he’d be able to fix that as soon as they’d gotten this over with.

Phil didn’t hesitate, looking very concerned. “Dan, I know something’s wrong. You haven’t been acting like yourself and you’re just looking … unhappy. I’m worried the pills aren’t working anymore.”

Dan flinched. “Oh, they’re working. Believe me, they’re working plenty.” It had been a month since Dan’s doctor had recommended he give anti-depressants a try. He’d just been having a particularly hard time lately, and the pills had seemed to help. He was thinking about death less often, spending less time lying face down in the hallway feeling hollowed out and empty. But … the side-effects.

Phil was watching him, obviously concerned. “Then what’s going on? You always like me to come with you when you go shopping, but today you really blew me off when I asked.”

Dan gritted his teeth. Here we go. “I was going out to buy new jeans, okay?” he snapped. “Because these ones are too small now. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed that I’ve gotten fat!” The doctor had cautioned him that the medication might cause him to gain weight, but he hadn’t taken the warning seriously. What were a few pounds? He was no slave to society’s beauty standards! So he’d been surprised at how much it bothered him when it happened.

Phil looked taken aback. “You’ve gained weight?”

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Track 9: Bath-House Endurance Race
Track 9: Bath-House Endurance Race

Free Illustration Works Vol. 2

Track 9: Bath-House Endurance Race

Nagisa: Ah, this feels nice! 

Rei: Warming the entire body to the core ameliorates blood flow, stimulates perspiration, and helps recovering from fatigue. Not to mention, it helps improving the operating of the circulatory system!
Rin: Swimming is a sports that taxes a lot on circulatory organs, too. Care is crucial.
Makoto: Rei and Rin, you both sure know a lot!
Haruka: (bubbling)
Makoto: Haru, isn’t it chilly to stay in the cold water bath like that? Come over here.
Haruka: I’m fine. I like cold water.
Makoto: You should come this side later to properly warm yourself, okay? Hey, Haru, are you listening?
Rin: That Haru… There’s no point coming to a bath-house if you’re just going to stay in the cold water…
Makoto: Well, that’s what you’d expect from Haru. But really, it’s nice how you can actually stretch your legs here. There’s no room for that at home…
Nagisa: (splashes water) Yup, yup! A big bath is fun, right! Plus we reserved it, so we can swim around all we want! (swims arounds)
Rin: Ah! …Nagisa…
Rei: Hey, Nagisa-kun, stop this!
Nagisa: Ah! Hehe, sorry…
Rin: You little… Don’t splash around with your feet right in front of people’s face, you damn–!
Nagisa: Aah, it hurts it hurts it hurts, Rin-chan, don’t grab my head–
Rin: Shut up! Take your bath quietly, okay?!
Nagisa: I don’t want to!
Rei: Hey, you two! Don’t fight in such a place! And you’re splashing water on my face too!
Makoto: Ah geez, just soak normally…
Nagisa: Hufufufu… Ma-ko-chan! (splashes him)
Makoto: Ah! Geez… Nagisa!
Rei: Ah, even Makoto-senpai now?! Everyone, calm down–
Haruka: [evil demon lord aura]
Rei: [faint shriek]
Haruka: Use the water quietly.
Makoto: …Sorry.
Nagisa: Yeees.
Rin: This is just bathwater, though–
Makoto: Aah, now now Rin!

Nagisa: Aah… I’m all warmed up…
Rei: Although, this… Isn’t this water a bit too hot?
Rin: What’s up, Rei? Are you not good with hot baths? Careful not to get light-headed.
Rei: I won’t!
Nagisa: You’re not hot, Rin-chan?
Rin: The dorm’s bath is rather hot so I got used to it. Plus, captain Mikoshiba… Ah, no, forget it…
Rei: Oh my, Rin-san. Your face seems somewhat flushed… Shouldn’t you get out already?
Rin: Aren’t you confident!
Nagisa: Heheh, then, how about a contest? Of who can stay in the longest!
Rin: Okay, sure! I’ll take you on!
Nagisa: That’s our Rin-chan!
Rin: You guys are competing too, right? Makoto, Rei.
Makoto: Eh, me too?
Rei: Very well! I accept this challenge!
Nagisa: What about you, Haru-chan?
Haruka: (bubbling)
Nagisa: Haru-chan doesn’t want to leave the cold water bath, huh.
Makoto: Hey, Haru, are you sure you’ll be okay?
Haruka: (still bubbling) I’m fine.
Rin: Makoto, just forget about Haru.
Nagisa: Then, start! Ah, and the loser has to treat the others to fruit milk, okay.
Rin: Although there’s no way I’ll lose. I’ll show you the endurance I built in the dorm’s bath!
Rei: The fight is on! I shall remain until the very end!
Makoto: Eeh, but I want to get out already…
Nagisa: Come on Mako-chan, if you’re not in up to at least your shoulders, you’ll be disqualified!
Makoto: Huh… That’s strict…
Haruka: (blubbling) [thinking] Ah… What a noisy bunch.


Audio: Wakoanime
Translation: Nagisaperopero


Welcome to part 5 of my ddlg 101 series on basic rules.

In part 1 we covered the princess journal. In part 2 we covered every day rules to make your relationship successful. In part 3 we covered punishments… And in part 4 we covered the very nice and always appreciated rewards.

With this fifth and final installment of our ddlg 101 series on basic rules, we will focus on something geared more toward the lost little who does not have a daddy. That’s not to say that a taken little can’t use this chart, by all means it can be incorporated… but this chart will give structure to those who are lost and in need of direction.

The purpose of the progress chart is to give you the ability to work on yourself, your hang ups, and the things that you struggle with in a structured way that you can actually accomplish.

By nature a lost little commonly cannot give herself rules, because she has trouble enforcing them and then punishing herself. It is just simply not within her nature to take such a dominant role that a daddy normally would have.

This progress chart acts as a method in order to help her to develop and stay on track.

Things to consider when creating your chart:

Ask yourself what is it that you struggle with the most? It could be anything from personal hygiene to getting your chores done to eating correctly to exercise and beyond. Start by making a list of all of the things that you feel that need work in your life and then prioritize them from the need that is most to the need that is least.

From there you should choose the ones that are most important and I recommend that you go with no more than 5 as a feasible first effort.

Once you have your list you are ready to create your chart so let’s get started.

As you can see in picture number one we have drawn a simple box. This is the frame for our chart.

In picture two we now add columns. 7 small columns for the day of the week, and one larger column where we will write in the things that we need to work on. We have also gone ahead and made the line for the days of the week and written them in.

In picture 3, we now have made our columns horizontally for the tasks or chores or issues that we need to work on. At the bottom we have also written in rewards with the line, and at the top we have given our charter name. To the right of our name we have labeled are chart for the week that we are using it for.

The basic concept that we will work from is a points system. Every chore or task or what have you will be worth a certain amount of points, and if we reach our points goal for the end of the week we can have the reward that we have written into the line on that Sunday.

In our example we have five things to work on. There are seven days in which we can work on these five things which gives us a total of 35 chances to get them accomplished.

That means that if we made each item worth 10 points and we completed every single item every day, we would end up with 350 points at the end of the week. Therefore, it would be feasible to set our goal at 300 points. Not because we are planning on missing any of the opportunities, but because things always seem to come up and sometimes we can simply not prevent them from impeding our progress.

I also recommend that you make a “future rewards list” so that you have a reward to easily choose from when beginning a new week.

for couples using this progress chart who are in a long distance relationship, daddy can offer bonus points for picture proof of each task completed. The bonus points should be set at a low level though and the stipulations on pictures should be discussed ahead of time.

In picture number four you can see that I have used smiley faces to mark the accomplishments. You can really use anything that you like from stickers to drawing to whatever it is that you desire. Also in your margins and borders you can decorate as you please to personalize your chart to yourself.

If you feel that you need an extra column at the bottom to track your daily points, or an extra column at the end for points total then add that in when creating your chart.

The model that I have created here for you is just a very generic frame for you to work off of as a reference when creating your own chart.

I would also recommend that if you work in an office, or have access to a copier of some sort that you make your chart empty and then copy it for the weeks keeping in mind that there are 52 weeks in a year. Of course you can always create this chart on your computer but doing it yourself is a more personalized way of being creative and will be much more fun.

Keep your chart somewhere where you have access to it and can see it visibly. Either on the back of your bedroom door, in a binder, or in a book that you keep with you all the time.. (your princess journal maybe)… The basic point is for this chart to keep you motivated on working on yourself… And once you feel that you have overcome whatever the issue is that you’ve listed you can replace it with a brand new issue from your original list and begin working on that.

This chart can also be used for littles who have daddys, in very creative ways. And it gives daddy the opportunity to keep his little motivated with tasks and such throughout the week… and is overall handy to the relationship.

This is the conclusion of our series on ddlg basic rules and I hope that all five parts have not only been beneficial to you but that you have enjoyed them as well.

It is my absolute passion to improve your lives and see you be successful in your relationships.

As always please be sure to reblog this if you feel that it would help someone, and my ask, submit, and fan mail are always open.


The Waverly Hills Sanatorium, located in Kentucky, is often described as being one of the “most haunted” hospitals in eastern United States, having being featured on programmes such as Scariest Places on Earth, Ghost Hunters, and Most Paranormal. In the early 1900′s, the hospital was for tuberculosis patients who were unable to leave due to contagion. While incarcerated, so to speak, at Waverly, patients were subjected to experimental treatments which were often deemed as horrific as the disease itself. For example, some patient’s lungs were exposed to ultraviolet light in an attempt to stop bacteria spreading. Other experiments were much more barbaric - balloons were implanted into the lungs and then expanded, ribs and muscles were removed to allow the lungs to expand, and unsurprisingly, many patients didn’t survive this so-called treatment. Very few patients left via the front door but via the “body chute” which was a tunnel leading from the hospital to the railroad tracks at the bottom of the hill. The bodies were transported through this tunnel out of view of other patients. It’s often claimed that over 9,000 patients died while incarcerated at Waverly, however this estimate is often disputed. 

Say You'll Want Me Pt. 1

Originally posted by godzillawillsaveus

I was going to wait a little while to post this but it’s happening early. It might take me a little while to post the next part because I’m working on another story right now but I will get back to regular updates soon <3 THANK YOU to @daintymissdevitt you have been such a huge part of this story and I feel like it’s as much yours as it is mine at this point lol <3

***This is a sequel story so if you haven’t read the Say You’ll Haunt Me Series yet, you can find it HERE.

Author’s Note: For anyone interested, two songs really inspired this. Good Charlotte - Ghost of You and Starset - Ricochet.

Tags: @iloveenzoamore @ang-78 @legitlunatic @fan-fiction-galore @imaginingwwesuperstars @silverrawrs @tooweirdforlifex @darwarsnoam @alexispoo @shadow-of-wonder @mindsetcalamity @amaranthine-reign @omgmissmillie @skyrina @lifeoutofcontrol @laigy2213 @bulletbaybay @thedeboniardevistation @grungegirlmo @doitwithcole @helluvawriter @allgirlswrestlingclub @sarahmatthews7 @waynscastle @jazzytoosweet @mermaidfett @laziestgirlintheworld @alexahood21 @thathpchick @valeonmars @xxmaddhatter39xx @mrlooch @laochbaineann @fearlessflawlessdior @jenn0755 @wrasslin-x @megan-monroe @brooklyns-scumbag @phlebotomyprincess1 @rollinstrash @squirrel666 @effy-christine @wweximaginesxd @pjanina13

I tagged everyone from the first story and anyone who asked to be put on the forever tag list. I hope I got everyone! Please let me know if I left you off or if you want to be added <3

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some for you, some for me.

➵ characters: jackson x reader x jaebum
➵ genre: smut
➵ wc: 5290
➵ summary: a confession you made to jackson sparks an idea, and he plans to make a fantasy a reality for you with the help of jaebum.
 author’s note: this idea first came to me in august and i’m finally uploading it, bloody hell. this comes in perfect time of jaebum’s solo releases. listen to them as you read this. do enjoy. feedback and comments are welcomed.
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

“Okay, Jackson, this was fun at first, but seriously now, where are you going with this?”

One of your hands was held out in front of you, cautious for any objects that you might walk into you, as the other was being held in Jackson’s own hand as he slowly guided you… somewhere.

Your feet walked on a cold wooden surface, and having removed your shoes upon entering this place; you knew you were in someone’s home. If you recalled, Jackson’s dorm’s floor was decked completely in carpet, and this certainly wasn’t your own home since that’s where Jackson implored for you to come out of, until he essentially dragged you out of it. But before he did so, he had one more request: for you to put a blindfold on.

The loss of one of your senses did somewhat intrigue you, resting your trust on Jackson, and so you agreed. You weren’t transported anywhere and were made to walk what seemed like ten minutes, and in that time you asked Jackson a million and one questions about the final destination, including the most important one.

“Where are we going?”

“When we get there, you’ll see” was the response he’d give you each time. You huffed at the answer but were still persistent.

“Do you not trust me?” it was his turn to ask a question.

“It’s not every day I get dragged out of my apartment in a blindfold.”

“Think… a fantasy.”

“A fantasy?” you furrowed your eyebrows underneath the cotton material. “Are you taking me to a VIXX concert or something?”

“Why would I—no! Think about your own fantasies.”

“Oh,” you said in an elongated manner. “Like sex?”

“You’re getting warmer.”

“Please tell me you’re not taking me to a sex shop.”

He sighed exasperatedly. “How about you stay quiet so that I don’t give up on this whole idea.”

The hand which held yours was suddenly being crushed beneath your grasp, causing Jackson to hiss.

“Don’t get rude now,” you warned. “You know I can actually kick your ass.”

“Okay, fine,” he shook the hand you gripped on before holding yours again. “You’re feisty tonight. He’ll like that.”

He?! Who?!”

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