10k on the 4th


A lazy summer afternoon, all quiet on the western front before the July 4th explosions, did an easy couple of miles in preparation for tomorrow morning’s 10k the next town over.  This race’s become a 4th of July celebration for western NY runners the last 38 years and for me as well in the past few years.  Normally a very hot & humid affair, looks like we’ll get a more fair summer morning this year.  Always curious to see who’ll be at the race, as it’s always a fun post-race with friends and family.

Last year at this time I won my first race ever. I ran a 5:48 mile at a meet with only a couple teams. Last night, I closed my 10k in a 5:24 mile and won the race. This is my first ever “big” win. It feels so amazing, I’ve been dreaming of this moment for so long and this picture captures that feeling perfectly.