tracing my information and wanting to kiss my little child parts

Copy & Paste ~ Park Jimin [Fluff/Smut]

Group: Bangtan Sonyeondan
Member: Park Jimin
Type: Fluff/Smut !TRIGGER WARNING!
Warnings: Overall kitten smut, praise kink, fluffy chimchim!
Word Count: 2.777

“I will make it clear by words and actions so you’ll never forget, butterfly.” 

           Falling in love is one of the most devastating tragedies all of us ever get to experience. It gets to a point where you’re ready to give up everything for this one person. Love is the one thing able to make your heart break. It can be your worst enemy. Wanting him to look at you with so much adoration, seeing his hazelnut eyes light up with passion and dimples appearing while releasing a cute giggle before realizing it and quickly hiding it when he talks about you.
           But that cute desire quickly fades when you realize that he could do so much better. You start so ask yourself why he would chose to spend the rest of his life with you. Why he would chose a sick, anxious girl over a cute, healthy one. Why would he decide to endure to stay inside with you on your anxiety filled days when he could be out and enjoying the sun’s rays?
           What would make him stay with a girl who asks him the same question over and over again because she’s struggling to find the answer within herself? Why would he choose to love her if she can’t even love herself?
“Butterfly, are you okay?” the familiar voice of your boyfriend rips you out of your daydream. His voice has a gloom to it that perfectly matches how you feel. You wipe the remaining wetness of your rosy cheek with the sleeve of your sweater and look past the mess that’s your reflection, locking eyes with him through the rose gold mirror.
His eyebrows are furrowed as he looks at you, his eyes glistening with concern. You simply smile back at him, biting down on your lower lip to avoid your feelings from spilling out all at once by the reminder that he’s the person causing you this constant worry.
Jimin notices your lower lip whimpering as a single tear makes it way down your cheek and gets up from his seat on the bed, putting his laptop down before walking over to you.
           He places his hand against the side of your face, tracing the smoothness with his thumb. Your eyes close from the warmth of his hand and his powerful chill fills your body as your eyes slowly open. He wipes away the tear, a slight smile tugging on the edge of his lip.
           “Why do you love me?” you finally break out. You feel your voice trembling and try to control yourself but by his soft touch. You squeeze your eyes shut and take deep breather, feeling herself on the verge of tears.
Jimin doesn’t respond to your question at first but just stares at your reflection, his thumb caressing your cheek gently. He wraps his arms around your body and locks them in front of your tummy, placing a kiss on the back of your head.
           “Describe me what you see in yourself.” He whispers softly into your ear, sending shivers down your spine. You lift up your head to look at your reflection again, feeling your stomach tightening by the view in front of you.
“Well,” you start, your voice cracking, “I see eyes that could be brighter, hair that could be sleeker, a smile that could be straighter, skin that could be smoother, fingers that could be thinner, legs that could be longer…” He stops you midsentence.
           “You want to know what I see? I see eyes that gleam with happiness, hair with hints of honey, a smile that brightens cloudy days, skin that is slightly sprinkled with freckles, arms that are strong enough to comfort many, fingers that play beautiful music on the piano that also fit perfectly with mine, legs that are the perfect length so that your head rests on my chest when I hug you.” You start to blush but he continues, “If you could see yourself through my eyes, maybe you’d realize how beautiful you truly are.”
Your gaze meets his in the mirror as you try to sort your words, your heart beating rapidly fast by feeling his body against yours, feeling the warmth spread in your chest.
           “Why would you stay with me if you could do so much better, Jimin?”
His hand slams down on your shoulder from behind and turns you around to face him. He groans out in frustration, completely perplexed by your question.
“Because I’m crazy about you Y/N,” he answers, almost yelling at you, “When I’m close to you I feel at home, when I go away I feel like my heart is breaking. I worry when you’re sick, I get happy when you are, I need you whenever life is taking a crazy turn to keep me grounded. I don’t care if there are prettier girls than you. You’re the one I copied and pasted my heart on, the only girl in my vision and if I decide to stick around you for eternity, I will.” His voice drops to a whisper, his voice a full shade paler now as he smiles at you.
           “Until there was you, I wandered aimlessly. For a long time, like a little child, I cried in anticipation of you.”  
Something inside of you softens by his truthful words, making you able to hear the truth in his tone.  You bury your face against his chest, breathing him in, forgetting time and place and circumstance and just hold him. Jimin kisses the top of your head and rubs his hand on your back before taking a step backwards and placing his hands on each side of your face, cupping it as he locks eyes with you.
           “I will make it clear by words and actions so you’ll never forget, butterfly.” he whispers before placing his hand on the back of your head and pulling you into him, his soft lips pressing against yours in a heated kiss.
           You melt into his arms, eagerly returning his warm kisses and sighing as he deepens the kiss. There is a mix of despair and wonder in the sound. You finally give in, pressing your body against his, your lips parting. You welcome the feeling of his fingers slipping underneath your white t-shirt and circling small, soothing patterns along your spiral. The feelings sends shivers down your spine and you moan into the kiss, informing Jimin of your desire of being loved.

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Across The Horizon To Find You - fic

Characters: Dick Grayson, Maya Ducard, Jon Kent, Ra’s al Ghul, Damian Wayne
Pairing: implied jondami
Summary: Damian was fourteen, when he was taken.
A/N: Dick and the troupe were in that village on accident, probably. Damian most definitely dreamed about his family a bunch. Ra’s told him his parents abandoned him as a kiddo and he basically raised him. Talia and Bruce are very weepy parents when they’re all reunited. Based on ‘Know Who You Are’ from the Moana soundtrack. 


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Torn 19

You can read past parts here. Will tag later. Thanks for reading!!

With as much dignity you could muster you snapped your nursing bra in place and pulled down your shirt.

“I’m afraid she just fell asleep.” You told Eric and his mom with a strain smile.

“I better get going. We will talk later.” Four whispered to you. He leaned over and kissed Abigail’s sleepy face and you heard Angelina intake a sharp breath. Four got up slowly as not to disturb his God-daughter. Without a word or acknowledgement to one another Four passed Eric and his mom and left the room.

If Eric’s eyes could shoot daggers at you, it would and you would be dead. You could tell he was furious. The way Angelina had looked at Four you figured Eric did not tell his mom about your relationship with him.

“Son, why was she kissing Tobias Eaton?” Angelina asked Eric disgusted as if you were not in the room. You frowned. Tobias Eaton?

“I will explain later.” Eric snapped. You caught Angelina’s disapproving look at her son’s attitude toward her but Eric failed to notice as he was still glaring at you. You ignored him and got up to put your sleeping angel in her basinet.

“Can I hold her for a while?” Angelina asked walking up to you. You nodded and handed her granddaughter in her arms. “I will be out in the living room.” She told you making a point to look at you and then her son before leaving the room.

“Who is Tobias Eaton?” You asked sitting back on the bed pulling your legs up to sit criss cross. Eric walked up to the bed staring down on you.

“You’re fucking the man and you don’t even know his real name?” You could see the slight amusement on Eric’s face at your ignorance.


As quick as a switch Eric’s face turned hard and all traces of amusement were gone.

“That is a conversation you need to have with him. I’m not wasting my time talking about him. He is irrelevant to me Y/N.” You could see his eyes change into a stormy dark blue. You braced yourself for what was going to happen next. Eric leaned over where he was just inches from your face. He grabbed your chin and pulled you even closer to him.

“Don’t you ever embarrass me in front of my mother again.” You could feel the heat from his breath on your lips. He squeezed your chin. “Do you hear me?”

You pulled your head back breaking his grasp on your chin and rolled your eyes at him which infuriated him more and if his mother was not a few feet away in the living room you knew you would be punish for your defiance.

“Move Eric.” He was in your way. He did not budge. You sighed and scooted over on the bed where he was not standing and got up. Eric grabbed your arm and pulled you against him.

“Don’t ignore me Y/N.” he barked in your ear.

“Fine Eric!” You were not in the mood to go toe to toe with him. You snatched your arm away from him and started for the living room.

“Where the hell do you think you are going? I’m not finish.”

“What Eric? You made your point. Don’t embarrass you in front of your mom. I got it!”

“Sit down.”

“I rather stand.” You told him. “Look you don’t own me Eric. Just because I gave birth to your child does not make me your property.”

Eric’s eyes roamed over you pondering how he would handle what you just told him. He decided he would handle your defiance later.

“Mom wants the baby to spend some time with her at Erudite.” Eric informed you as he walked up to you.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No. Why would I kid about something like that?”

“Abigail is not even a week old. She is not leaving my sight. You should know better to ask me something like that.”

“The baby will be fine. It’s not her first time at the rodeo. She raised me.”


“What the hell does that supposed to mean?”

“Eric use your Erudite brain for a change.”

“Y/N, I would advise not to piss me off right now. You can’t keep her grandchild from her.”

“I’m not trying to keep her from her grandmother Eric. Just wait until she is a little older. She is more than welcome to come to Dauntless whenever she wants to see her.”

“Fine. In a couple of months then.”

You just looked at Eric not giving him an answer. Your daughter was not going anywhere without you until she could communicate effectively.

“Can I go now?” You asked sarcastically.

“Keep on being a smart-ass Y/N!”

You wanted to ask him or what but you thought it best not to provoke him further.  You shook your head and walked out the room. You found Angelina sitting on the couch humming to Abigail who was still asleep.

“Angelina would you like something to drink?”

“I’m fine sweetheart. Eric, would you like something to drink.”

“No.” he snapped. “I have to get back to the office. Mom I will see you later.” Eric glared at you and without a goodbye he walked out the door. You sighed with relief and sat next to Angelina on the couch.

“Are you sleeping with Tobias?” she asked rather bluntly.

“With all due respect I don’t see how that is any of your business.”

“So that is a yes. How can you give birth to one man’s child while sleeping with another? You were Abnegation. Slut isn’t one of their characteristics.”

“Oh hell no.” You muttered as you shot up from the couch.

“I think it is time for you to go.”

An eerie smile displayed on Angelina’s lips.

“Oh toughen up sweetheart. If you and my son are to be together you need to have thicker skin.”

“What makes you think I want to be with your son.”

“Honey you are a woman. Of course, you would want to be with him.”

You held back the laughter that was creeping up in your throat.

“I need to rest. I have to sleep whenever she is sleeping.” You told her as nicely as you could.

“Sure.” Angelina lifted Abigail so you can take her. You took your daughter in your arms. “I will stop by later. If you need anything I will be at Eric’s.”

You frowned a little. How could she insult you in one breath and then offer help in the next?

“I will see you later princess.” Angelina got up from the couch and kissed Abigail’s cheek. “You really did good Y/N.”

“Thank you.” This woman really confused you. One minute she was sandpaper and the next she was velvet.


You were finally able to crawl into bed but you could not find sleep. You needed to talk to Four. How could he not have told you his real name? You chastised yourself for not thinking about questioning his name. Who would name their child Four? You rolled over, grabbed your phone off your nightstand and dialed Four’s office.  His assistant Mary answered the phone in her chipper voice.

“Hi Y/N! How is that beautiful baby girl?”

“She is precious Mary. Thanks for asking. Is Four available?”

Mary saw no lines lit so Four was not on the phone.

“Yes one second and I will patch you through. Make sure you bring that bundle of joy for us to see soon ok?”

“You got it.” You answered waiting patiently to be patched in.

“Hey beautiful.” You smiled as you heard the smile in Four’s voice.

“Hey back. I was wondering if you could stop by when you are off so we can chat.”

“About what we talked about earlier?”

“Among other things.”

“I can come over now.”

“No it can wait until you get off.”

“I’m on my way.” Four said quickly and hung up the phone.

 As soon as Four walked in he planted a quick kiss on your lips.

“Abigail’s asleep?”

“Yeah. She should be up shortly.” You informed him as you sat on the couch.

“What’s up?”

“Four why didn’t you tell me your name was Tobias Eaton?”

A look of pain surfaced on Four’s handsome face.

“Who told you? Eric?”

“His mom said your name.”

Four let out a heavy sigh.

“That name is something I rather forget. It is from my past and I put it past me.”

“Why? What happen you?”

Four looked at you a long moment before answering.

“I was abused by my father.” He finally admitted. You hand covered your mouth in horror.

“Four…I am so sorry.” You grabbed his hand and gave it a tight squeezed.

“It is something that I do not want to relive Y/N. That is why I never told you. I forged my own future and my destiny and I will never let anyone hurt me anymore.”

“Eaton? Are you related to Marcus Eaton?”

A micro expression of disgust quickly displayed and left Four’s handsome face.

“Yes he is my father and Y/N I would rather not talk about him.”

You pulled Four into a hug.

“Okay. Thank you for telling me Four.” You were in love with two men who had daddy issues.

Four caressed your lips with his fingers.

“I am sorry I never told you. I didn’t want you to know that part of me.”

You nodded your head understanding where he was coming from. Four leaned over and lightly kissed your lips.

“I have to get back.”

“Ok. Will I see you later?”

“Depends if your baby daddy is here.” He said with a smirk.

“I’ll give you a call later then.”

“Sounds good.”

One last kiss to your forehead Four headed out the door.

It had been two weeks and Eric had not stop by to see his daughter. He called everyday but the conversation was short and he sounded irritated. Not to get into an argument you often cut the conversation short and Eric did not object.

His mother who visited often and was on her best behavior told you he had a lot of work piled on him. You found that to be a bullshit excuse.

You smiled down at your baby girl.

You needed to get out the house before you went stir crazy. You bundle Abigail up, threw on some clothes, gently put her in her stroller and headed to see Four. Four always made a point to stop and see his God-daughter so you had no idea what was Eric’s excuse.

 Eric was busy reading a report summary when he heard the distinct sound of a baby down the hall. Was that his daughter? He started to get up when his phone rung. He snatched the phone up.

“What!” he huffed into the phone. He listens to one of the leaders dictate a report to him. He was making a mental note of what was being relayed to him when he saw you walk past his office pushing his daughter in a stroller. You did not even look into his office as you walked by. What the hell were you doing? As he half listen to the other end of the call he watched several of the receptionists walk past his office. He started to hear laughter and baby talk from the ladies. Realizing you had took his daughter to see Four and not him sent him into a fit a rage and the pen he held in his hand snapped in half.

“Do you have anything else to report?“ Eric asked doing very little to hide the irritation in his voice.

“Yes sir. One more thing.”

As the leader continued his report he saw you walk by his office again alone still not looking in his direction.

“We need to cut this short. I will get the rest of your brief later.” Without waiting for a response, he slammed the phone down, jumped up from his desk and headed to find his daughter. He found her in Four’s arms in the hall surrounding by the female staff. Now Eric prides himself on keeping a stone face and not let anyone know what he is thinking at any given moment but when Mary looked up to find Eric standing a few feet from them she gasped. It was obvious Dauntless Leader Coulter was pissed.

“Oh shit.” Four’s assistant muttered under her breath. Hearing the fear in her swear Four looked up to find the source of her fear.

“Leader Coulter come look at Four’s beautiful little girl.” Claire one of the leader’s new receptionist told the irate leader. Feeling the tension around the rest of the ladies and Four she realized her error. By the look on Leader Coulter’s face toward her she knew she was just permanently placed on his shit list.

“You’re fired.” He told her as if he was ordering something to eat.

“You can’t fire her Eric. She is Chad’s new receptionist.” Four informed Eric. Eric looked over at Four successfully hiding his anger. He put on a bored face.

“I am Chad’s superior so yes I can fire her.”

“I am so sorry Mr. Coulter. I didn’t know. Please don’t fire me.” Claire pleaded with every fiber of her soul and Eric was unimpressed.

“Give me my daughter.” Eric ordered Four. Reluctantly Four gave his God-daughter to Eric. He did not want to make things worse for you then they already were. When you turned down the hall from seeing Max to go over when you can return to work you froze when you saw Eric, Four and a few receptionists. The ladies scurried away leaving Four and Eric. When Eric saw you, his face turned a shade of red. You knew Eric would be upset but his face told you he was on a whole new level of anger you had never seen before. Well he never bothered to see his daughter so fuck him you rationalize. Eric put his daughter in her stroller. He didn’t say a word to you. Four mouthed he was sorry just before you leaned over and kissed him softly on his lips. A sound came from Eric that you could not described but it sounded angry. Four walked back into his office and Eric took off with Abigail in the stroller. You had to quicken your step to keep up with father and child.

 Eric did not utter one word to you as you walked back to your apartment. A silent Eric was worse than a yelling Eric. His silence meant that his brain was working one hundred miles a minute and nothing good would come from it.

Eric held the door open as you pushed Abigail’s stroller in the house.

You knew it was coming and you had to brace yourself. You did not want your daughter to hear her father rip you a new asshole. You found Jen and Charles on the couch cuddling.

“Jen can you and Charles take Abigail out for a few minutes?”

“Of course. Is everything-” Jen stopped mid-sentence when she saw Eric’s facial expression.

As soon as the door shut Eric was in your face.

“Are you fuckin kidding me!! How fuckin dare you!!”

“Eric….please calm down.” You tried to keep your voice low and calm but it was not working.

“You fuckin took my child to see Four and walk right past me like I don’t fuckin exist?”

“You do realize you have a child. We have not seen you in two weeks Eric! How is that Four makes time for her and you don’t?”

Eric backed away from you and you saw him start to tremble.

“You have no idea how pissed I am at you.” Eric lowered his voice and it was sinister. That voice was worse than any yelling he could do. You walked up to him to see if you could calm him down and he stepped back from you.

“Y/N…’s best you keep your distance.” There was that voice again.

“God! You talking about me always being dramatic. You are acting like a little bitch right now.” As soon as the words left your mouth you regretted them.

The dishes you had drying in the dish rack went flying against the wall as Eric’s rage consumed him. You watched helplessly as glass went everywhere. That was going to be hell to clean up. You heard the sound of glass crunching under Eric’s boots as he swiftly walked up to you. He grabbed you by your ponytail and jerked your head back.

“Who you calling a bitch?!” His blue eyes bore into yours.

“I’m……I’m…sorry…Eric I’m sorry.” You felt as if you were going to cry.

“Don’t you ever fuckin take her to see him again! She is my kid!” Droplets of spit from his mouth landed on your face. You tried to pull your hair out of his tight grip to only have him twist it around his large hand and pull you closer to him. Your neck started to throb from the uncomfortable arched position he had you in.

“Eric! Let go!” You shouted at him trying to pull away. Eric looked down at you and quickly let you go.

“Go change. You’re leaking.” He observed in a monotone voice.

You looked down at your shirt and you were indeed leaking from both breast. You were mortified.

 Eric walked into your bedroom just as you pulled off your bra. You could tell he had calm down at least ten levels.

“Eric do you mind?” You quickly grabbed new breast pads to put on under your bra when Eric walked up to you and grabbed your hand  to stop you.

“What are you doing?” You asked softly as he closed the space between you two.

“I want to see you.”

“Eric you have seen me before.”

“Not like this.” Both his hands grabbed a breast and rubbed gently. A moan escaped your mouth. “Not this thick.”

“Eric don’t. I’m with Four. You know this.”

A wicked smile graced his lips as he pinched one of your nipples causing you to groan in pleasure.

“What the hell are you doing? You acted like you were about to beat my ass a few minutes ago and now you have your hands on my breast.”

“Y/N I would never hurt you on purpose. You just brought something out of me that scared the hell out of me and I suggest you don’t do anything again to see that side of me ever again.”

“Eric you need to get use to the fact that Four is her God-father and we are together.”

“You really think you are Four’s don’t you?” Eric asked mockingly.

Eric let go of your breast and took a step back. Your body literally moaned in disappointment.

“You just keep on thinking you are Four’s. I won’t touch you until you tell me too. Better yet Y/N I won’t touch you until you beg me.” Eric closed the gap between you two again and your nipples grazed against his vest. You bit your lip to keep from moaning out loud. “Then we will see who you truly belong too.”

“I would never beg for you Eric. If anything, you will be begging for me.” You stepped up. You weren’t taking his shit anymore. How dare he disrespect what you and Four shared.

Eric raised his pierced eyebrow.

“Oh is that a challenge Y/N?”

You nodded yes.

“Then challenge accepted.”

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A Court of Lost Things!


        I paced before the thrones where the king and queen sat, begging them to send out someone to see if Calev was alright. They had complete faith he was fine despite my growing fears.  I didn’t say anything about our mating bond because I figured he would want to tell them.  My desperation grew with every word that came out of my mouth, saying anything to change their minds. When the doors were thrown open, a weary looking man wearing a soldier’s armour walked in.  I recognized him from Calev’s group.

        “I have news.” he says, walking forward.

        “Speak.” Queen Aelin said.

        “The male terrorizing the forest has been caught and imprisoned.  He is much like miss Seren with wings and pointed ears.  As fo-”

        “Wait! Does he have cropped brown hair with blue eyes?”

        He turns to look at me, frowning. “Yes.”

And I don’t wait as I winnow to the prisons right away. A guard is wide eyed as I appear.

        “Where is the new prisoner?”

        “Cell Eight.” he stammers.  I run down, counting the cells until I reach cell eight.  Gripping the bars, I peer in to see a large male with equally large wings leaning against the wall.


        “Cousin!”  He rushes to the bars.  “I was looking for you when these strange males attacked me.”  Alistair looks me over to make sure I am fine.  “You are ok?”

        “Yes of course!  Did you meet the prince?”


        “He would have been leading the guards.” I answer.

        “Oh the white haired male?  Oh yeah, gave that idjit a fight for his life.” he laughed.

        “You did what?” I exclaim, gripping the bars harder beneath my hands.

        “Yeah messed him up good, until this thing came out of nowhere and just laid into him.  I had to save the poor bastard.  Though I don’t know how much I did.”  I step away with wide eyes then shout for the guard who comes rushing over.

        “What is it you need, my lady?”

        “Please release my cousin.”

        “I don’t think I can.”

        “Do it anyway.” I snap.  He stumbles over his words and with an annoyed sigh, I snatch the keys from him quickly and got my cousin out.  Alistair grins down at me but I grab his arm and force him to follow me.  As we walk I winnow us to the infirmary.  When I got there, Anya is dabbing her eyes and I see the king and queen hovering over a bed.  The queen has her head in the king’s embrace, stroking her head and my feet move before I can think.  Nearing his bed, I collapse onto my knees at his bruised face.  Blood crusted on his nose and a gash was stitched onto his forehead.  A whimper escapes my mouth as I gently run my fingers through his snowy hair.

        “How bad is it?” I ask, my voice quiet.

        “He has three ribs broken.  Internal bleeding and he lost a lot of blood.  They aren’t sure if he will be able to heal himself.” the king says.  Tears roll down my cheeks as I unsteadily sit beside Calev.  As I press my lips to his cheek, I whisper,

        “You said you’d come back to me.  I am holding you to that.  Come back, my love.”  Someone coughs behind me.  I spin to see Alistair staring with wide eyes.  A whimper escapes me and Alistair is before me, gently hugging me.  When I pull away, I look back down at Calev.  I hear the door closing and I look up to see the king and queen gone, leaving Alistair, Calev and I together.

        “You are mates.” Alistair says.  I look at him in shock.

        “How did you know?”

        “That’s the way your mom looks at your dad.”  I smile down at Calev, brushing a lock of hair back.

        I stay in the infirmary with Calev for the three days he’s asleep.  The healer is trying to keep me hopeful and it does work, but only little. He is on the end of our mating bond but it’s like I can’t reach him.  Alistair is with me most days, but he still hasn’t informed me how he got here.  He keeps telling me that I have too many things on my plate.  It’s not fair. He has always treated me as a child but I don’t have the will to argue.

        Seren.  I open my eyes blearily to night.  Groaning, I stretch my arms and wings.  The chair I had been sleeping on was not the most comfortable thing in the world. As I look around blearily, I wonder. What woke me?  I peer through the darkness with unsurety.

        “Seren.” someone says.  It takes me a moment to realize that the voice is coming from Calev’s bed.  Too tired to walk, I winnow to his side.  When I get there I find him sitting up and I can’t help myself as I jump onto his lap.  He grunted at my weight.  Tears were streaming down my face as I gently run my fingers through his hair.  A snap fills the darkness and a candle comes to life beside us along with all the sconces around the room.  His beautiful face glows with health before me.

        “I’m back.” he chuckles.  I let out a strangled laugh as I move hard to kiss him.  When we come up for breath, his eyes gleam with happiness. “Maybe I should get hurt more often.”

        “No!”  The growl comes deep within me as I press kisses to his face.  He chuckles as I trace his tattoos.  The black whorls are visible down his bare chest.  They are a work of art that trails down his left pectoral to his abdominals and stops at his hip bone. I wanted to trace every inch of them.  “Please never do that again,” I whimper.  He chuckles and gently smoothes my hair back.

        “I couldn’t help it but I will try my hardest to not get mauled by a wild animal.” there was laughter in his voice.  Yet I felt so much emotion welling in me. He was alive and smiling.  Curling into his chest, Calev wraps his arms around me.

        “I thought you were going to die.” my voice was hoarse.  He pauses his stroking of my back for a moment.

        “I’m sorry.  If our places had been switched I would have gone crazy.”  He gently places kisses to my head.

        Don’t be sorry.  Just stay safe.  I feel him startle at the words in his head and I smile.

        Now that I’m feeling better.  Shall we finalize our mating bond?  I blush deeply at his words in my head.

        I am a little nervous.

        Don’t be.  I’ll be there.  I look at him and he winks at me.  The blush fills my face and my neck.

        “Let’s go back to sleep.  You look like hell.” he says.

      “Oh gee thanks!  Sleeping in that chair really does wonders for a girl’s complexion.” I say, dripping in sarcasm.  He chuckles and kisses me, pulling me back onto the bed.  We snuggle together and fall fast asleep.

Written by me

edited by the amazing @crazy-fangirl16

I know this is a bit short and the ninth will be too.  So sorry, I’m running on low.  Hope you like it I am working on actual novels as well please leave a comment if you would like to see more fanfics from me. I’m thinking female badass Illyrian? Or assassin taking out amarantha’ cronies when she first took over?  

Amnesia - a KBTBB Fanfic

All rights belong to Voltage for KBTBB and all their characters.  I created the MC, Liz and Mr. Worthington.  Please let me know if you like my stories. I’m still learning to write :-)

I hear beeping machines and feel light upon my eye lids.  I slowly begin to flutter my eyes open and notice an older gentleman sitting by my side. He begins to talk in English as I try to focus and confirm my surroundings. I motion to him that I can’t understand and notice that I’m lying in a hospital bed. I try to sit up as I feel a sharp pain coming from my head.  The man reaches out to me and motions for me to lay down.  I ask where I am, he smiles and begins to speak to me in Japanese. “Lay down please, you were badly hurt and need to rest.  Your baby is okay!”  

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Tease (Request)

Can you do one where Harry and me are watching my 4 year old cousin Josie and we are all watching a movie cuddling and I’m wearing a dress/skirt and Harry takes advantage of it and is very touchy since there is a blanket over us and ends up taking my panties off and he teases me more throughout while we are babysitting her like showing me he has my panties in his pocket and we end up having long passionate sex after she goes to bed - hopelesslyinloveornot

You know what…screw it, I’m going all out on this one! Be warned! Verrrrrrryyyyy PG-13 stuff coming up. (Oh God, I’m already scared…)


At first, you had been a little disappointed that your date night with Harry had been interrupted by your cousin’s desperate phone call of, “Please, can you just watch her for the night? I can’t find anyone else and it’s kind of an emergency.”

In any other circumstance, you would have been more than happy to oblige - you loved spending time with her little four-year-old, Josie - but tonight was one night that you just were realllly not feeling the idea of babysitting.

Harry had just gotten home from three weeks in Los Angeles. He had spent nearly the entire night before and most of that morning texting to you constantly to tell you how much he missed you and went in to great detail about all the things he wanted to do to you when he got home. Needless to say, you were quite hot and bothered by the time he actually got to you. He had nearly pounced on you the minute he walked in the door, and you had to calmly inform him that there was currently a little girl sitting in your living room, and that this really wasn’t the ideal time.

You could tell that Harry was getting anxious all through dinner to get you alone, but he was a great sport and made sure that he didn’t make Josie feel as if she wasn’t wanted. He even went as far as to play with her while you cleaned up the kitchen.

“(Y/N), can we watch a movie?” Josie squealed, hopping into the kitchen with Harry on her heels. “Pleeeaassseee?”

She gave you her best pout and you laughed, knowing that Harry had been the one to teach her that.

“I suppose we can. But after it’s over you have to go right to sleep, okay? You promise?”

Josie nodded furiously and started jumping up and down, excitedly. “Can we watch Beauty and the Beast?”

One of the things that you really liked about Josie was her taste in films. Most four-year-olds either wanted Frozen or Barbie movies, but Josie was all about the classic Disney movies, which you were more than happy to watch because you loved them as well.

Harry went with her to set the movie up while you got some healthy movie snacks for her to enjoy. When you came into the living room, Josie was sat up on the floor in a bean bag chair and the movie was just about to start. You handed her the snacks, dimmed the lights and headed over to the couch where Harry had gotten a blanket for the two of you.

As much as you loved movie snuggles with Harry, right now you were itching for more than that. Before Harry had gotten home, you had purposely changed into a brand new bra and panty set that you had bought a few days previously. Now you were sitting there on the couch with him, still wearing the lingerie under your clothes, and not being able to do a damn thing about it because of the child sitting in front of you.

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“When I was a kid, before my mom died…” Dean confesses in a quiet murmur. “There were two things I was drawn to in particular. One of them was angels. The other was stars.”

The night is quiet and presses into them, but does so in no way that is suffocating. The metal of the Impala is cool under their hands where they sit on the flat hood, both looking toward the sky. Castiel directs his gaze to Dean.

“Angels and stars?” he asks, imploring.

Dean nods and shrugs with an air of causality, though he can’t quite meet Castiel’s eye. He doesn’t elaborate.

Castiel smiles a soft smile and adds the information to his already collected pile of things he keeps about Dean in the most intimate part of his mind.

Dean Winchester: the boy saved by an angel and sown together with stardust.

It’s all very fitting.

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Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow - Whatever It Takes

Originally posted by tony-pepper-stark

You and Natasha are in a relationship, a secret relationship. You haven’t told anyone yet because you don’t know people’s reactions will be, especially what the reaction of your father, Tony Stark, will be. Both you and Nat are scared that if you go public with your relationship someone will hurt or kill one of you to get to the other. When you are taken by HYDRA Natasha is very obviously much more worried than the other Avengers are, everyone thinks it’s just because the two of you are very close, but they don’t know that she is extremely worried for a very different reason. What happens when both you and Nat have to face the consequences of a secret relationship? What will the other reactions be?

Natasha x Reader, Slight Tony x Reader (Father), Slight Clint x Natasha (Platonic)

Not requested. I just got the idea and had to write it

Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Mentions of death, Angst, Fluff

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anonymous asked:

"I'm sorry that I got way into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately" AU percabeth PLEASE! This would make my day!

They’d been playing house for exactly eighty two days and Annabeth was getting restless. This was supposed to take two months tops, that’s what Chiron told the two of them when they’d stood in his office for a briefing of their mission. But they were approaching the three month mark with absolutely no leads and an incredible amount of frustration under one roof.

Annabeth Chase was a government spy, currently on her twenty third undercover mission alongside Percy Jackson, fellow colleague and professional idiot. When Chiron had first assigned them on this case together she had wanted to protest but had bitten her tongue. Percy was a perfectly capable spy, some might even say he was excellent. But he irritated Annabeth to no end.

He was reckless and irresponsible and childish. And she was stuck playing house with him as they sought out the individuals who were smuggling women into the country and selling them into prostitution. Honestly, I should be that difficult.

“Here you are, sweetheart,” Percy said in a practiced tone as he handed her a glass of orange juice.

“I think I’m gonna need something stronger than that,” she muttered.

Percy laughed as he slipped his arm around her waist. The gesture felt natural enough by now and she leaned into his side a little as she surveyed the garden party. As it turned out, their neighbours loved socialising in the form of weekend barbecues and parties, making their job of getting to know everyone in the neighbourhood a lot easier. In theory, at least. Annabeth had lost track of how many of these events she and Percy had been to and still they had discovered nothing. She had broken into half the houses on the street - Percy had done the other - and searched each room meticulously to have found nothing. On more than one occasion she had contacted Chiron to inform him that the intel he was provided with must be false but he had shot her down each time, telling her to keep her eyes open.

“Seen anything?” Percy asked her. His thumb rubbed against her side.

“No. To absolutely nobody’s surprise.”

“Hey.” He tapped her hip. “Come on, Chase. It’s not like you to back down from a fight.”

Annabeth rolled her eyes. “This isn’t a fight it’s a crawl. And don’t call me that here.”

“Sorry. Mrs Johnson.” He pecked her lips.

Kisses from him were another thing she had become used to. Always chaste, quick pecks for their audience. Sometimes she wished he would linger, so that she could lean in and sigh into his mouth, so that she could tug his lip between her teeth and feel a groan scrape up his throat.

Sometimes, she thought she was losing her mind.

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Just Like dad part 2

So i decide to make this one into a series 

Part one here :

“He’s asleep we didn’t even make it to the second page “ Michael announced entering the kitchen where you were finishing up the last of the dishes. The boys had left ten minutes ago so now it was just you and Michael. You placed the last dish that wouldn’t fit in the dishwasher on the dish rack and followed Michael into the living room. Starting to pick up Masons toys that he had left scattered across the floor. “Babe come here “ Michael said pulling you over to the couch to cuddle with him. You missed this while he was away being able to cuddle into him and let his warmth radiate on to you. “Mikey “you broke the silence you to shared as you cuddled into his chest. “Yeah” he moaned pulling you closer into his chest .
“I have something i want to ask you “ you continued turning your head so you could make eye contact with him. He just stayed silent waiting for you to continue “Ive been thinking and i want Mason to have your last name if thats alright with you ?” you asked hopefully.
“Babe I’m honoured but why ?” Michael questioned but he couldn’t help but try and hide the smile that was creeping onto his face. “ Mason came to me the other day asking why all his friends have their fathers last name and he has his mum’s and I’ve been thinking because you are more then of a father to him them Adam and i want both of my children to have the same last name “ you replied watching Michael eyes widen in surprise “ your pregnant ?” he explained excitement filling his voice .
“yes “ you replied smiling at your boyfriend
“I’m going to be a father with my own child ?”he exclaimed
“no the other Michael is “you joked as he pulled you into a long passionate kiss. You pulled apart when there was a knock on the door. You pulled yourself off the couch and made you way to the hall to go and answer the door. “ babe “ Michael called just as you were about to leave the living room. You looked back giving him a smile “I would love for Mason to be a Clifford and one day i plan for you to be as well “ he smiled as you went to open the door. You looked out the peep hole before answering the door to see a familiar dark brunette man “your late Adam “ you exclaimed as you answered the door with a look of great disapproval and a hint of anger in your voice .”I know but I’m hear now arn’t i ?” he questioned as you let him in the door and followed him into the living room where Michael was awaiting with a disgusted glare . “ 9 hours late Adam “ you growled in frustration “he is in bed asleep “you continued
“oh i thought he would still be up “he replied sheepishly
“its eight o'clock he’s nackerd !he’s had Michaels, yours and my parents as long as the boys around “ You replied
“yeah well I’m sorry i got caught up okay ? some of us have real jobs ! “ he spoke directing his insult at Michael .
“Yeah but at least i was here for my sons birthday !“ Michael retorted
“He is not your son ! “ Adam yelled back
“ he’s more of a father then you are “ you replied quietly in a voice just above a whisper.This left Adam speechless for a thirty seconds “when can i see him ?“He finally broke the silence
“you can have him Tuesday ,i have a doctors  appointment “ You replied
“but i have plans with Charlotte on Tuesday “ Adam brought up
“well good he likes Charlotte “
“can i do another day ?”
“no because Michaels coming with me so there is no one to look after him “
“fine whens your appointment ?”
“eleven o'clock “
“okay ill pick him up at ten then “.

You opened your eyes slowly feeling across the bed for Michael trying but frowned when you found the other side of the bed empty. Your alarm clock read quarter passed eight which concerned you as Mason had usually came through and woken you up by now. Tiredly you pulled yourself out of bed and made your way down the hall finding no trace of your son or Michael. You cheeked the bowl by the front door his keys were gone. Sighing you made your way to the bathroom for a quick shower. Your shower was cut short by the nauseas feeling in your stomach and you quickly wrapped a towel around you and made your way to toilet. Unloading the contents of you stomach you sighed resting your head against the side of the bowl. Morning sickness had started again. dressing quickly you made your way down stairs to make a cup of tea. Michaels keys jingled as he threw them in the bowl. He made his way into the kitchen with a plastic bag of groceries and Mason carrying a brown MacDonald’s bag. “morning babe i brought breakfast” he informed as he went to kiss you but you pulled your head away rejecting him. A frown crossed his face “i just threw up” you stated taking a sip of your tea. Michael kissed the side of your cheek and smiled “I got pancakes “he cheered as you followed him over to the table where Mason was sitting patiently. “how are you little man ?” you asked ruffling his hair and giving him kiss on the forehead “I’m good mum” he replied focusing on the pancakes that Michael was setting in front of him.

After a pretty lazy morning which consisted of morning cartoons and family cuddles. You were all ready to go. “he’s late again “ Michael complained checking his phone for the time again.
“he will be here “you replied helping Mason tie his shoelaces. He was dressed in one of his new pairs of ripped skinny jeans with a white nirvana shirt that he got from Luke and of course his leather jacket. His dirty blonde hair was pulled back under his snapback which Calum gave him . Sure enough Adam arrived only fifteen minutes late. “ hey Dad “ Mason called as You opened the door and let him in. “hey mate happy birthday for the other day i came to see you but you were already asleep “he said standing awkwardly as Mason put away the toy he was playing with
“its okay “ he replied walking up to Michael and giving him a hug “bye Dad “ he smiled
“ bye bud have a good day with Adam “ Michael smiled back exchanging a glared with Adam as he hugged the four year old. It irritated Adam that Michael was Masons favourite person. But its hard to have a relationship with your son if you never make time for him it was a lesson that Adam was learning the hard way. “bye mum “Mason said as you pulled him in to hug as you smothered him kisses “have fun little man you said releasing him back down to the ground. Not long after that the pair left. leaving you and Michael alone “we should get going babe “ Michael smiled

Exo Reaction To The Gender Of Their First Child


Thank you for the request! And sorry for the extreme delay! but I always love your requests so please don’t be discouraged from requesting in the future!

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/



He enters the room after you did all the hard work and runs like a little kid to the incubator. With his eyes focused on the small infant he says, distracted, “Sorry babe the crowd was mental and I couldn’t get through, then the traf-” he stops once he makes eye contact with the small boy. He looks over at you with a gaping mouth, “I TOLD YOU SO!” he says smugly. With a huge grin he picks up the boy swaddled in blue cloth and says to him in a sing song voice, “Your mum didn’t believe me when I said you were a boy…she even insisted in bringing pink clothing to bring you home in…but don’t worry my boy I snuck in a dinosaur can thank me later”


He bursts in the room, with eyes gleaming. He sees all the pink balloons cluttering the tiny space and would drop his head back with his eyes closed and heave out “Thank you..” He runs over to you and grabs you face, giving you a gentle kiss. “You’re amazing” is all he would whisper repeatedly into your hair as he hugs you. He then jumps away from you as they roll your little girl in. With a heart warming grin, Suho picks up the little girl for the first time and with love in his eyes he takes in every inch of his princess. He then plants a kiss on the sleeping babys head and whispers to it, “Thank you for being a girl…I really didn’t need another son…especially after Sehun, he would get jealous if you got all the attention for being the maknae” 


He gently opens the door to find you holding the small child in your arms. He can’t help but beam at the two of you, he’s that immersed in the scene playing out before him that he didn’t even take note of the rose coloured fabric that his little girl was wrapped in. He stumbles over, his eyes never drawing away from her small frame. His large thumb makes a trail on her forehead, tracing all the way over her full cheeks and to her plump lips, which she obviously inherited from him. He chuckles lightly whispering, “My little girl, appa loves you so much” You hand her to him and he smiles like a lunatic for every second he has her. Once the nurse arrives she asks Jongin for the baby and he reluctantly hands her over and only you notice the water building in his eyes.


He gently knocks on the door and opens it after you approve of his entering. You can tell he feels bad disturbing you after all the hard work you had just done but he couldn’t wait to see the child that was half genetically his. You point him in the direction of the baby and his head snaps in the direction and he just freezes, “my baby girl..” You look on fondly at the gawking Kris. The rest of his wolf pack aka EXO bound through the door and all in chorus say “Awwhh” in a singsong voice. One of them jokingly says, “Eh she’s not as cute as Jongins how could she be, she’s half yours” they lightly chuckle and Kris joins in but suddenly stops giving the poor boys a look of death making them squirm, and just says, “no.” 


They boys all enter together and you immediately tell them to be quiet as the baby is resting. They tip toe over to you, with Lay leading them, still in concert gear, obviously they immediately rushed over not having time to change. He places one hand at the back of your neck rubbing his thumb over your skin and hair and kisses the top of your head lingering there for a moment and you feel something wet touch your scalp. You hear Yixing sniff and say quietly, “Thank you for our little boy, you are the most amazing woman in this entire world” He looks down at the small boy and chuckles at the face he’s puling. The other memebers make their way over and one of them points out the small dimple that appears on the infants right cheek when he smiles. You have never seen Lay happier and he has the biggest smile plastered on his face while the others cheer for passing on the good genes.


He timidly approaches you and the slumbering bundle of joy. When he reaches the two of you he mouths, “Boy or girl?” You smile and mouth back, “Girl”. He looks at you in disbelief and his jaw practically hits the floor. He begins happy dancing and you chuckle lightly and whisper for him to stop or your laughter will wake her. He complies with a smile and stokes your cheek and says, “I love you, you know that right” You nod with a small smile emerging on your face. Later the other boys try to enter the room when the little girl is awake and you say to him to let them in cause she’s awake, “Oh I know she’s awake but I need to protect my little girl from every guy out there even if it’s my band members…they’re all threats…I don’t need some freaking Jacob imprinting shit happening” he says while pushing Kai out of the room. You aren’t sure if you’re more surprised at his protectiveness of the new born or the fact he read Twilight…


He sees the banner draped on the wall and you look at him waiting for him to see the “BOY” part. You can see in the way he just stopped everything when he read the word boy. He looks at you to check this isn’t some kind of prank because you know how much he has wanted a boy, even though he wouldn’t admit it. He starts snapping his head in random directions, like a dog trying to catch its tail, “he’s with the nurses, he’ll be back soon” You saw the fear glimmer in his eyes when you said he was with the medical team. You hold out your arm to him beckoning him towards you and he walks to you slightly dazed, “he’s okay LuLu, stop worrying.” He just nods letting you know he heard you. You see the bag he’s holding, “What’s that?” He follows your gaze and gives you a full grin pulling out the contents of the carrier bag. Of course it’s a baby sized Ronaldo shirt…The baby finally comes back and Luhan’s face is priceless, “OH MY GOSH! HE’S SO FRICKING TINY?! dang he’s not going to fit into this shirt for a while is he…”


He comes into the room with his arms folded and his nose in the air, same old Sehun. “Sehunnie…come one, stop being immature and say hello” You say laughing lightly at his childish behaviour. “No that thing is going to take all of your attention and you won’t pay any attention to me” He says turning his back on the two of you. “That thing is half yours and a she, for your information” When you say that he reaches you in a flash, forgetting all of his worries and focused on the petite girl nestling in your arms. “Sh-She…..” It’s the first time you’ve ever seen him so speechless, that is until he finally admits in defeat, “She’s beautiful…I love you little girl, with every inch of my heart” He’s lost in soaking in the small girls distinct features which causes her to resemble him. You poke his cheek chuckling at his complete infatuation with the new born, which causes him to become embarrassed, he never did do well with loving things or people…like he didn’t admit that he loved you for four years! “Okay she’s the most precious thing I’ve ever seen” he says thinning his lips.

Originally posted by sehbutts


He sprints to the incubator holding his little girl and beams at her with a face full of joy, “I’m a dad…like this little thing will call be dad” After repeating that sentence to himself several times he begins to get used to it and you see him puffing out his chest, trying to take on the protective father role. You role your eyes at his immaturity but you find it amusing. It’s also hilarious when he tells off the other EXO members when they visit and are rowdy when she’s napping. He scolds them and they all apologize and he even has sent a few out off the room for their behaviour, maybe he will settle into this new father role welll after all!


He impatiently waits at the room door for when he is allowed to see the two of you. “Where is my little man?!” he squeals when he gets into the room and you hold up the little boy to him. He instantly holds out his arms for the boy but you say to him, “uh uh, you have to promise not to mess with him, I just fed him and he seems to be getting tired so I really don’t need you doing any kind of flying with him…okay?” He nods quickly just wanting to hold him. You pass the little boy with a smile and when Chanyeol gets him rested in his arms a content smile forms on his lips. You go to sleep and when you wake up, you hear Chanyeol speaking so you focus on what he’s saying, “..App-a..try it son Ah-pa” You look at him, “Are you seriously trying to teach him to talk he’s not even a day old Chan” He would just avoid eye contact with you as you laugh.


He looks at the little girl whimpering softly in her incubator, with so much love and happiness. You wish you could live in this moment forever, with your little family. He doesn’t stop smiling at you and the little girl. “I always wanted a daughter..I never told you that because I didn’t want you to be upset if we had a boy, I would have loved the baby regardless of gender, I just have always wanted a daughter” he would say while rocking the infant. You would feel your heart flutter when you hear hing sing softly to the small girl and would look on in awe as her cries soften immediately as Kyungsoo began singing. A small smile appears on his face as he just lets the world melt away, all that is important to him is you and your little girl.


Like a kid in a candy shop, he would come bounding into the room with an infectious smile on his face. “Is it a boy? Please tell me it is!” He pleads with his hands held as if in prayer, you just nod smiling and he starts running around the small square room cheering. This causes the baby boy to squirm and erupt in howling cries. You try to hush him and rock him, whilst telling Tao to pipe down. He instantly becomes quiet and makes his way over to the red faced small boy and takes off his hat and places the over sized accessory on the boys head and he immediately stops crying, “YES! He appreciates fashion…we can go shopping together! THINK OF THE GUCCI BABE!” You look at him in complete horror thinking of how much the two are going to cost you.


DUDE! I loved doing this! I think it turned out really well, it was super cute and I’m super happy with this!

I hope it’s what you wanted! Thank you again for the request!


Third Date

Request: Could you please write a fic where the reader loses her virginity with Dean in his car?
Character: Dean
Reader Gender: Female 
Word Count: 4392
Warnings: smut, more plot than porn this time actually, first time, some swearing, public-ish? (in the car), almost fluffy 

A/N I decided to go with Teen!Dean on this one because it just felt better. Also, this is way more fluffy than normal. Taking requests, per usual!

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The Doctors Pt. 1

Originally posted by starworth

Request: Anon-Modern AU where the reader and Kylo are doctors. The reader walks by a hospital room with a patient holding a baby and the reader is slightly jealous? Then they try to make a baby (Doesn’t have to be smut). Baby shower, Kylo feeling the baby kick for the 1st time, etc.? Srry if it’s too much. P.S. I can’t wait for your other fics. I also miss you!

A/N: I miss you too! The next three weeks are going to be busy af. Captain America, Graduation, party, prom, etc. I’ll try to squeeze in some writing this week! Love all of you!

This fic is going to be in parts. Lol, I don’t think I’ll squeeze them all in one night. I also apologize if I get things wrong. I’m not too smart about the medical field.  

Warning: Smut towards the end.

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Route: Like a Fairy Tale pt.2

okiisa said: Hello, may i request a continuation on the route like A Fairy Tale , like how their relationship are after that and what happen to sayuri or what is the reaction of akashi’s father .  Thanks!

Last chapter of this saga, I swear! The finale of the Akashi-Sayuri request, Serpent’s Embrace. NOW THAT WE KNOW WHAT SAYURI WANTS, WHAT WILL THE MIRACLES DO?? DUN DUN DUNNN. BTW there is a lack of conflict here because, well, it’s a fairy tale ending. Not much angst here, sorry! BUT HOLY SHIT 2.6K WORDS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, THIS IS KINDA LONG BECAUSE IT’S THE FINAL PART. HARDCORE FANS OF THIS SAGA ONLY.

Note that it NOT necessary to read Conquest pt. 2 before this, as Sayuri’s backstory will still be explained here, but more briefly. As mentioned before, routes are not meant to have anything to do with one another, with the only thing they have in common being the original Serpent’s Embrace request.

For the first time I tried to write a section from Sayuri’s point of view. I thought it might be interesting to show her hatred of the Miracles from her own perspective, so that Sayuri’s anger doesn’t seem so misplaced.

Under the cut because length (yes I got carried away, I’m quite attached to this concept so it’s hard to finally finish it up ;-;).

Route: Like a Fairy Tale part one here.

The sound of the phone ringing roused Akashi from sleep, and barely a second had passed before the baby’s wailing rose up, louder than the ringing phone. Akashi squinted at the clock. 1am.

Akashi was debating which to silence first when you mumbled in your sleep, kicking him half-heartedly from under the blanket. “I’ll get the phone,” he heard you mutter, which he took as a sign for him to tend to the child instead. Smiling a little, Akashi leaned over and kissed you briefly on the forehead before slipping out of bed and heading to the nursery.

The phone went silent just as Akashi entered the room, and as he rubbed sleep from his eyes he reached into the crib and gently lifted the crying baby wrapped in its bundle of blankets.

Upon seeing her father, the baby stopped crying and gurgled happily instead, reaching up with chubby hands to grab at Akashi’s long red bangs, not unlike the scarlet hair she had herself.

Akashi laughed softly, whispering quietly to her as he carried her on one arm, letting her clutch his fingers enthusiastically.

A moment later you came into the nursery, looking tired and a little wistful. “Hey,” you greeted, your eyes brightening at the sight of the happy child. “She gets calm so easily whenever she sees you. I think she likes you more than she likes me.”

“Don’t say that,” Akashi answered chidingly, even though he felt slightly pleased at that.

When Akashi saw that you still looked sad, he felt the smile slip off his face and he asked, “What’s wrong?”

You sighed. “That was her on the phone.“

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Day Dreaming

Niall: “Can you imagine it though? What it’ll be like?” Niall asked into the darkness. He saw his whole life with you. From being old and gray to being parents, grandparents. Niall didn’t want anyone else for all those big moments in his life. You smiled, your hand lacing and unlacing through his. “Yeah, a little boy with his daddy’s eyes and appetite,” that made Niall laugh and he turned to face you, his hands still moving through yours. “And his mom’s smile,” he could just make out your face in the darkness and his heart always flipped when you smiled at him like that. It was late, after 2 am but neither of you could sleep, so you did something you’d never done before: you daydreamed about the future you would have together. “Can we live in Ireland?” You whispered, heart racing. He froze, his large hand stilling above yours. “You want to live in Ireland with me?” His accent was thick now, husky with surprise. “It’s your home,” you shrugged. Ireland was the most important place to him, and even though he lived here with you, you knew that Ireland was his true home and he would never be fully happy anywhere else. You wanted to give him that, you wanted to give him all the happiness in the world because he deserved it. He was grinning now, you could feel the happiness pulse through him. “A little house in Ireland, fields, green everywhere ya look. And oh god I can go to Derby games!” You laughed and climbed on top of him and he put his hands on your hips, staring up at you in adoration. “I’d live anywhere,” he said bringing your face down to his for a long, slow kiss. “As long as I’m with you…but to live in Ireland and raise kids and make a life with you, well,” his lips moved down your jaw to your neck and you shivered. “I can’t imagine anything more perfect.”

Zayn: His head was on your lap, his coffee eyes trained to the ceiling as he let you talk. In moments like this, he couldn’t speak even if he wanted to. You had a way with words, something that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t be as eloquent as you. “I know that wherever we live,” you continued on, capturing more of his heart by the second, “we’ll need to be close to your mum and sisters. I know you can’t be without them.” He blinked, sitting up slowly to face you. The light from the fire place cast your face in shadow, but Zayn knew every curve of your cheek, and how your eyes looked in the mid afternoon sun. The darkness did nothing to hide you from him. He knew you like he knew himself. Fully and completely. “How’d you know that’s the most important thing to me?” He whispered. You smiled and touched his cheek. “I see you Zayn. I see how you light up when she’s around, and how it gives you peace of mind to be close and check up on her, make sure she’s okay.” He bent down and pressed his lips to your wrist, closing his eyes. He knew that he wanted a whole life with you, kids, grandkids, the works. “I always did have this image of you and me mum in the kitchen, like, talkin and laughin and sharing recipes together ‘cos you like cooking too. And,” he added slowly, his eyes moving across your face, “when I’m gone I’ll feel better knowing she’s here to look after ya.” You didn’t like thinking about Zayn leaving for your, it instantly made your mood plummet. “None of that frowning, come on then love. We’ve got a whole big future ahead of us.” He was right. There’d be so many big memories to make and soon. Engagement, wedding, first house, first kid. You had a life time of firsts to get through and your heart lifted, because you would get to experience every single one of them with Zayn.

Harry: His head was on your chest, your fingers running through his curls. He nuzzled up under your neck, a small sigh of contentment passing through his lips. “What do you see when you think about our future?” you asked him, eyes half closed with sleep. He grinned. It felt to Harry that he was always thinking of his future with you. “What part do you want to know about? I’ve got it all planned.” You let a dry laugh slip past your lips. Surely he couldn’t have everything planned. He guessed as much from your laugh and he rolled over, until his chin was resting on your navel and he was looking up at you. “I want to be married within two years,” he said surprising you. Suddenly, you were riveted to Harry and his perfect pink mouth. “I want a house in London and one in the states by your parents. I want to wake up every morning to hear you sing in the shower, and eventually, sing with our kids down stairs when we make breakfast together. I want to fall asleep and wake up each day knowing I’ve got you right where I want you- in my arms. I want to eat your really shitty chicken and pretend I love it.” You playfully flicked his nose and he laughed, capturing your fingers and pressing a kiss to the tip. “I want to travel all over with you and show you the world. I want to sleep late on Sunday’s and eat too much junk and spoil our kids because they’ll be our world and they deserve it. I want to be old and gray on our porch swing, drinking tea and talking about this moment right now,” he pulled you up so you were nose to nose, his large hands tangling in your hair. “I want an an entire lifetime with you, but even then, at the end of it, it’ll never be enough. I want forever with you, baby.”

Louis: “Can I tell you something?” he whispered late one night. You might have been asleep, he wasn’t sure. All he knew was that he had to tell you what he’d been thinking about for the last hour. You moaned, a soft protest of waking up. “S’that?” You murmured, rolling to face him. He looked at your face, eyes still closed and eye lashes long on your cheek. Lips parted for breath and your hair falling over your forehead. With careful hands, he brushed it back. Louis never divulged this sort of information, he was more about living in the ‘now’ but sometimes it couldn’t be helped. “I’ve been thinking a lot lately and I need to tell you something.” You heard the seriousness of his voice and you pulled yourself from sleep. “Okay, what’s going on?"it wasn’t like Louis to be so serious and at this late at night to boot. His eyes glittered in the darkness and it made you nervous. "I know that I joke around a lot but you know that I’m crazy over you right?” There was an edge of desperation to his voice you’d never heard and you nodded, hands tracing his tattoos. “I just need to tell you that I think about our future all the time.” His voice was softer now, almost a whisper like he was telling a secret. “Where we’d live, our house and what it’d look like. I think about our kids and whether it’ll be a girl who looks just like you or a boy who has my character. I wonder if I’ll be his hero, you know? I wonder if we’ll spend Christmas at your parents house or mins, or if we’ll go back and forth between the two. I wonder what color my suit will be on our wedding day, and if I should get you a gold or silver ring.” He broke off and ran a hand through his hair, a sigh slipping out. “I think about my life with you, baby,” he said pulling you closer, “and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Liam: “I don’t want that big of a house,” he confessed as he rubbed the feet you had just placed in his lap. You raised your eyebrow in surprise. You always imagined Liam living in grandeur when he got older, but to hear him say he wanted a small house surprised you. “No?” You asked. He shook his head, his hands still working and sliding up to your calves. “Nope. I want a few bedrooms of course. One for us, and one for the boys when they come. And eventually, that’ll turn into the kids rooms.” You blinked in surprise and then grinned. “How many kids?” You asked casually, heart racing. “I was thinking three maybe. Boys first then a girl, so they can look out for her and stuff.” He shrugged and looked embarrassed by his confession but you were touched. “I like that idea,” you said softly, thinking of a doe eyes child just like his father. “And I can’t wait to get a house with a yard and put a swing set in for them, maybe a pool.” He was on a roll now, his eyes bright and his hands moving as he talked. “And we can paint it however you like and once we move in, you and I are going to Christen every single room in the house,” his hand slid up the back of your knee and you blushed, imagining you and Liam two years from now, flushed and happy in your new home and wanting to celebrate. “That sounds nice,” you said dryly, trying to keep your heart rate down. He grinned but sobered up pretty quickly. “I just see this wonderful life ahead of us, you know? And this is only the beginning, this.” He gestured between you both now, curled up in your little flat that wasn’t all that big. “But it’s a beautiful start,” you added, hand out for his. He took it gladly, the smile on his face utterly joyful. “It’s the perfect start to a happily ever after,”

Chapter 11


I kept tossing and turning in my sleep. I was restless because of the whole Kae situation. I didn’t even want to touch Robin because I felt like I was disrespecting her. I was leaving for DC tomorrow, and I couldn’t leave without telling her what happened. I decided that too much was at stake. If she was upset, and didn’t speak to me then I fucked up and I was going to deal with that.

I rolled over, and she was sleeping soundly. The digital clock on her night table read 3:38am. I couldn’t hold it in anymore, so I decided to wake her. I took a couple moments to brace myself for her reaction, because I didn’t know exactly what I was going to get. Robin was a runner. She ran from a lot of problems we had, so I was hoping she wasn’t trying to run from this.

“Baby wake up” I said softly shaking her.

“Mmmmm” she groaned slapping my hand away.

I sighed “Robin! Get up!”

She smacked her teeth, and I could see from moonlight shining in outr room she was now up. She was also irritated she hated when I woke her up in the middle of night.

“What Chris? It’s 3am man can’t it wait until morning baby” she whined.

I turned on the lamp on my night table and climbed out of bed. I started pacing back and forth quietly. She sat up and watched me confused.

“Chris what’s wrong?” She asked breaking the silence making me stop completely in my tracks.

“Robin Hood you know I love you right? You know your my everything, and that if I ever lost you I wouldn’t be able to cope or survive right?” I asked looking at her.

She closed her eyes and pulled the covers up to her neck “what did you do?”

I couldn’t help, but smile at the fact that she knew. I also, cursed the fact that she knew. No matter how much I tried to act like something wasn’t bothering me she knew.

“I-I … Baby I’m sorry I-I” I started but couldn’t find the words.

“Did you sleep with her?” She asked hurt evident in voice.

“No, baby we kissed for like five seconds, and then reality hit. Robin, baby I’m so sorry” I said going to her side of the bed grabbing her.

She put her hands over her face, and at first she let me hold her. Then she removed my hands slapping me in the process. I held my cheek, and said nothing knowing I deserved it. I was quite aware I wasn’t shit for this, I didn’t need it writing.

“Why?” She asked face red with fury.

“You want me to actually give you details?” I asked confused.

“Yes Chris, tell me what in God’s name in that moment made you kiss this bitch! I need to know!” She said angrily, but careful not to raise her voice to loud that it’d wake Christian up.

I opened my mouth, and confessed every detail leading up to the kiss. The fact I called her, and told her to come chill with the crew at the studio. The fact that we were play fighting as usual and stressed it was innocent. Lastly, the fact that laughs ended in my lips on hers, but that it was quickly ended, and she left immediately. When I was done she had no readable expression. I was worried.

“Baby please say something” I said needing her to yell, hit me, tell me she hated me, I needed something.

“What am I supposed to say huh? I told you over and over I don’t trust this bitch, and now look you come home and tell me probably only because guilt is eating at you that you kissed her. How would you feel if I told you I kissed one of my exes huh?” She asked crossing her arms.

I clenched my jaw and balled my fist “I’ll kill both of your asses don’t play with me.”

She threw her head back and laughed “Chris please just do everything that involves you staying away from me right now.”

I sighed and walked closer to her grabbing her “baby, tell me we can work through this. Tell me I’m not going to lose you.”

“Get off me, just get out” she said pushing me away and laying back down closing her eyes.

I sighed, and left our bedroom heading downstairs to sleep on the couch. I knew to just leave her alone like she said. I was glad I told her, but a part of me wished I didn’t. She was my person, and I betrayed her. I hoped I didn’t lose her because I’d lose myself.


“Daddy why you here?” Christian said shaking me awake on the couch.

I opened my eyes and saw him standing over me “I fell asleep, I guess.”

He shrugged and climbed on the couch with me “mommy crying daddy.”

I felt my heart sink into my chest. There was nothing I could do because I was the reason she was crying. I know Christian was young so he didn’t understand.

“Where is she little man?” I asked sighing.

He took my hand and led me outside by the pool. She had her feet in the water, and I could hear her sniffling. I was kind of scared to mess with her. I didn’t want to set her off, and especially in front of Christian. He let my hand go and took his moms hand putting his small one inside hers.

“Mommy, let daddy hold you he make it better” Christian told her making us both laugh.

I used Christian being here to my advantage. I quickly pulled her up from where she was sitting, and wrapped my arms around her. It took her a couple seconds, but she held me back and tight. I could hear her sobbing quietly, and I kissed her hair rocking us back and forth.

“Chris, go watch TV in mommy and daddy’s room. I want to talk to mommy ok” I said to him.

He took his small feet out the pool and dried them off with the towel Robin had next to him “ok, feel better mommy.”

I waited until he was nowhere in sight and I lifted her head up by her chin making her look at me “talk to me Melody.”

“Chris did I do something to you? I’m trying to figure out why!” She said drying her face with her hands.

I sighed “there is no why. I’m an idiot and I’m sorry baby.”

She let go of me and I immediately felt the change between us “maybe you going to DC will be good for us. I need time. When you come home maybe we could possibly fix this. You need to think about those vows you gave me, because clearly they meant nothing to you last night.”

I couldn’t say anything because when your wrong what can you say. The worst part was I knew when I was left I wasn’t going to have her trust. I wasn’t going to have her at all.

“I’m going to go stay at my mom’s house until it’s time for you to go. I know you want to spend time with Christian, so of course he can stay” she turning and leaving me outside to mask in my guilt.

“God, please don’t allow me to lose my wife” I said staring into the heavens.


When I came home last night I tried to tell India about what I found out, but she was so adamant about my making love to her. She said she didn’t give a fuck about anything it could wait until tomorrow, she just wanted to be fucked. I chuckled because that’s exactly how she always was. When she wanted sex everything and everyone had to wait.

I was currently sitting up in bed waiting for her to wake up. She was so sexy. Her hair all over the place, face flustered, but peaceful. I was so frustrated yesterday I put her small ass to work. I was glad I got it when I did because she was probably going to cut me off. Like clock work as soon as the clock struck 9:30am her eyes popped open.

She looked at me, and smiled stretching her body out. She rolled over on top of me, and I pushed all her hairs out her face watching her blush. She was in such a good mood, and in a few moments I was going to ruin it.

“Mmm good morning daddy” she said kissing my lips.

“Good morning baby” I said wrapping my arms around her naked body.

She rested her head on my chest like she did every morning holding me. Normally we talk, and laugh. Plan our future together the way we pictured it, but today was going to be different. I had to tell her something I was trying to wrap my own head around. I had to tell her I’ve been a father for four years, and didn’t know a thing.

“Baby there’s something I need to tell you. Now when I tell you keep in mind that I’m finding out this information right along with you. Promise you won’t be upset with me, and shut me out?” I said running my fingers through her now curly hair.

“Ok I promise, baby what did you find out?” She asked tracing the tattoo on my chest.

“Well remember when I told you that I had a fling in New York, but it ended when she picked up and moved here to LA?” I asked and she nodded so I continued.

“Well I ran into her at the mall that day we went shopping, and I was able to sit with her yesterday to catch up you know” I said chuckling when she started placing small kisses on my chest.

“That’s nice baby, I know you always wondered if she did better for herself. Is that what you had to tell me?” She said looking up and me as I shook my head no.

“Well, that’s only the beginning. We went to the Thai place where I got your pastries. Anyways she got a phone call that said her daughter had an emergency so he she had to leave. Long story short I had to end up taking her, and dropping her home.”

I paused because let’s be real here India’s ass was crazy. I’m aware always was aware, but I deal with it how no one else can.

“What Trey?”

“India she told me, and the little girl that is almost four at the same time that I was her father” I said looking down at her the moment I felt her body stiffen.

She was oddly quiet, and it bothered me. India was a destroyer. She had a hot ass temper. I don’t know if it was the Spanish in her or what, but baby girl went from zero to one hundred real quick! Today was different though, she had yet to react.

“Do you think she’s yours?” She asked just above a whisper.

I shrugged “I’m not sure you know, when Carmen left three and half years ago there was no signs that she was pregnant at all. It’s crazy how the little girl reminds me of my mumma though.”

She just laid on my chest very quiet. At first I couldn’t figure out why, but then it hit me. If this child was possibly mine someone was able to give my the one thing India desired to give me first, a child.

“Baby, stop. You were my baby momma first whether little Trey is here or not. If it were up to me that little girl would be calling you mom, but it’s not. I’m so sorry if I disappointed you it was never-”

She cut me off by raising up and kissing my lips “Trey I know, find out if she’s yours and be the father to her I know you would’ve been to our baby.”

I was very confused “your not mad?”

She raised an eyebrow and I laughed “yes I am mad, I’m mad that bitch kept your child from you. I also feel a way because I lost our child, and someone else was able to bring your child into this world. I can’t be upset with you though because you told me the truth, you didn’t know and that isn’t your fault.”

It’s probably the dick down I gave her last night. Soon as that high goes away she’ll beat my ass I’m sure.

“India I don’t understand why you aren’t upset with me.” I said truthfully.

“Look girls that get mad at their man for shit they weren’t privy too are stupid. My problem with you was your faking your death. I understand it was to save me and the ones you loved, but it still broke me. I forgave you and here we are. I’m not about to let a child come between us because I know you won’t let it come between us.” She said lightly running her fingers across my cheek.

I smiled because I realized India had really changed in the past two years. I was relieved I could tell her this, and there wasn’t a fight here. Especially because it wasn’t something I could control. I just wanted to know for sure she was mine.

“Get a DNA test Aldon, and relax” she said squeezing my arm.

I chuckled “will you come with me?”

“No promises, but I’ll try. I will” she said laying back down against my body.

“I love you, girl” I said squeezing her making her laugh.

“Yeah? Show me then” she said straddling me.

I was going to enjoy this because I didn’t know how long it would last me. Hopefully it did because I had everyone’s best interest at heart.


*Two Days Later*

Chris left early this morning, so I came home in time because he had Christian. I didn’t want to look at him or want him to touch me at this point I was so angry. I was so angry we ended up arguing before he left.


“Robin your not going to at least tell me goodbye?” He coming into the kitchen behind me.

I chuckled “what you want a kiss? Me to tell you I’ll miss you baby? Call Karrueche.”

He chuckled bitterly “you know I spend everyday thinking about you, and how not to hurt you, and how your fragile, and how I have to take my time because you been through so much. Truth is you don’t need any of that, you just always want to find a reason to runaway from the issue at hand.”

I turned around hurt by what he said “fuck you, I didn’t ask you for no fucking favors!”

“This shit ain’t about Karrueche, you know I don’t give nearly one fuck about that bitch the way I do you. If you tell me otherwise your a fucking liar. She was my girlfriend, and I wouldn’t even defend her because you meant that much more to me! So why you fighting me huh? Why you always fighting me?” He yelled closing in the space between us.

What he was saying was true. Yeah I was mad he kissed the bitch, but I was very aware she was not my competition. Even if she could have his attention for five minutes I could end it in a second. The problem was this bitch was always around like what the fuck was he holding onto?

“This is about the fact you keep this stupid bitch around. What are you holding onto huh? What you want to fuck her one last time for old times sake?! This about how I’m married to your stupid ass and you kissed another bitch and of all the karate chop’s in America you pick her! IMMA BEAT HER ASS CHRIS!! LET ME SEE HER NEXT TO YOU, LET HER CALL YOUR PHONE? OH NIGGA YOU GOT ME SOOOOO FUCKED UP!”

I was livid. I never got this mad before with him, but I was seeing red.

“Robin your missing the bigger picture. I LOVE YOUR STUPID ASS!”


With that I left him there trailing to my room slamming the door shut. A couple moments later I heard the front door slam as well, and I broke down crying again. God, I hate how much I love him.

*flashback over*

He texted me when he touched down letting me know he was ok. Arguing or not he knew I’d worry if he was safe or not. It was now 9:39pm and I felt restless. I had a bad feeling, and I was hoping it was just my angers that were getting me in over my head.

I decided to just get some sleep. Christian was sleeping peacefully on his dad’s side of the bed, so I snuggled close to my baby and did the same.


I was woken up in the middle of the night by my phone ringing. I was beyond tired from arguing with Chris, so I really wasn’t in the mood. August’s name flashed across my screen so I answered in panic thinking something happened to Mercedeh. August went with Chris, so she was alone.

“Hello, is Mercedeh alright?” I asked worried.

“Mercedeh’s fine Robin, but it’s not her. It’s Chris.” He said making me smack my teeth.

“August I really don’t want to hear the bullshit Chris made you call my phone with alright” I said frustrated.

“Robin, Chris was arrested last night” he said making me jump up.

When it rains it pours!

Bread Wolf - Chapter 13

A Modern AU in which Solas owns a bakery. Read part 1 here.

Chapter 13 - Connection

Both of them were silent. If it weren’t for the soft rhythm of her breathing, he would have thought the call hadn’t connected properly.

Solas did not know what to say.

Apparently, neither did she.

He heard her breaths shudder slightly, a small inhale as if bracing herself. “Please tell me I’m just crazy and you have no idea why I’m calling you in the middle of the night.”

He paused, worrying his lip with his teeth before closing his eyes. He could lie to her. He could simply confirm that it was nothing more than a dream and something he had no knowledge of. But if she ever learned that he was a Dreamer… if he ever slipped and used her name…

No. Better to tell her the truth.

“You’re not crazy,” he said quietly.

“Shit.” The curse was strained, pulling slightly into a whine.

“I am sorry. I genuinely did not intend to-”

“Gods, no. I’m the one who should be apologizing,” Isii said quickly. “I shouldn’t have… I didn’t realize it was you. I was just-”

“You were merely indulging in a harmless fantasy,” he said calmly. “I understand what that was, lan’sila. You did me no offense. I should have said something sooner.”

“I didn’t exactly make that easy for you.”

“I could have chosen other means of revealing my abilities to you.”

She grew quiet again, speaking softly when she broke the silence. “So you’re an apostate?”


There was a long pause, growing heavier the longer she held it. His stomach twisted anxiously, worried that he had misjudged her.

“So am I.”

The confession came like a whisper, murmured over a relieved breath. He could not help but smile, his brow lifting. “Truly?”

“Yes. Most don’t know, outside of my clan. Just a handful of my closest friends.”

He suppressed the urge to laugh. “I feel as though I should have known.”

“What? Am I too magey?” she asked, the anxiousness of her voice subsiding. “Cause if so, I’m not being a very good apostate.”

“You remind me of-” He stopped himself, unable to share his thoughts even if he could find the words to shape them. There was something about her that captivated him. Something he could not fully comprehend. She was beautiful but he had seen countless beautiful women over the passing ages. None of them held his attention the way she did. She was intelligent. Vibrant. She took so much pride in what came before even with the limited knowledge she had of it. And there was something else, something that drew him to her even before he knew the complexity of her mind. Perhaps it was her connection to the Fade, however small it was. That must be it. It was the only thing that made sense to him.

For whatever reason, she reminded him of home.

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