Why do you guys have to have so many nicknacks and floral patterns and AUUUUG!

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I donno what to draw.

Tracy’s shrinking paste wears off at a bad time…

Even though it was a pain to draw all the little background details, and I obviously ignored/took shortcuts with some of them, I still enjoyed making this. And thanks for coming to my stream everybody! By the normally subdued nature of my streams, it was a lot of fun!

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I’ve included the pure black and white version, because someone mentioned that they might want to take a crack at coloring this.

All I can say is Better you than me, mate. ;\/


Tracy and Arrietty, yes, I ship it. A LONG while ago I made these, and I just now got around to posting them I suppose…haha…

Tracy here was one of my first attempts at making 3D elements in the papercraft people’s clothes, his glasses are separate from the head and his tie is actually two pieces that are rolled up and stick off from his shirt. Arrietty has her 3D clip hair tie thing.

I had the most adorable image enter my head

And I don’t think I’ll be able to draw it tonight so people totally need to take this up if they understand what I’m saying, or I’ll try drawing it tomorrow after I sleep

but I totally saw Tracy and Arrietty sitting outside talking, both tiny, then it started raining and Tracy went all human sized to keep Arrietty dry and it was the cutest thing ever and whatamIdoingIshouldbeasleep

I don’t know how good this is going to look on Tumblr because the image is MASSIVE.

Where I live we have a channel that conects the two lakes and people love to float down it on their tubes and soak in the sun. While I was floating down a couple days ago all I could think about was Tracy and Arrietty doing the same thing; however, as cute as it may seem that is actually a really awful idea guys. :/

I also have this idea that Tracy would shrink down books for her to read. I think it’s cute, lol.


Holy cow! These aren’t even all the doodles. 



[1] Lucie hanging out in casual clothes. 

[2] Tracietty! Been awhile since we’ve seen any of that! Tracey and Arrietty washing dishes. 

[3] I tried to draw a Charizard and then this happened instead. ;A;

[4] 8th Doctor and Lucie Miller. I have no idea what is going on. :U

[5] Tiny Tennant in a cowboy hat???

[6] A line from the Portal 2 Badfic roundrobin my sister and I wrote on an airplane once.


[7] *shrug*

[8] Woman finds a tiny dragon. Martin is freaked out. He is not used to the shoe being on the other foot. :I

[9] Lucie being frightened by something. :0

[10] George not knowing what to say to Cindy.

[11] Chibi Marten

[12 - 13] My very first ever pictures of Pattie! Before I knew she was super cool and not just some girl. :I


[14] 10th Doctor and mystery companion.

[15] Dail and Martin meet and it is startling for both of them. 

[16] Marten face.

[17] Chibi Paul McGann! <3

(+  Lots of Mudkips for no reason)


[18] Based on a description for a fanfic I saw on I didn’t have time to read the actual story unfortunately, but this was what popped into my head when I saw it. I drew this at work later that night.

[19] Sad guy. :(

[20] Chibi Ridel complaining about how slow her work day has been.

[21] Yelling 10.

[22] Suspicious 10.

[23] Martin kissies.

(+ More Mudkips) 


[24] Some guy I don’t know who he is.

[25] Bonnie being herself.

[26] Poor monster dude just wants to make friends, but the lady finds his smile a bit offputting. 

[27] Monster dude again.

[28] Marten perspective fail.

[29] Forest guy finally admits he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

[30] Another sad dude.

[31] Ridel plays with the Mos Eisley Cantina band.

[32] Lucie has been kidnapped. Again.

You can see all of these a little closer at my DA account.