Tracy and Arrietty, yes, I ship it. A LONG while ago I made these, and I just now got around to posting them I suppose…haha…

Tracy here was one of my first attempts at making 3D elements in the papercraft people’s clothes, his glasses are separate from the head and his tie is actually two pieces that are rolled up and stick off from his shirt. Arrietty has her 3D clip hair tie thing.

I had the most adorable image enter my head

And I don’t think I’ll be able to draw it tonight so people totally need to take this up if they understand what I’m saying, or I’ll try drawing it tomorrow after I sleep

but I totally saw Tracy and Arrietty sitting outside talking, both tiny, then it started raining and Tracy went all human sized to keep Arrietty dry and it was the cutest thing ever and whatamIdoingIshouldbeasleep