Nani Shorts


Ay Mamacita! These are probably the best shorts you’ll find out on the market that best describes the word “chill.” So comfy you forget that you’re actually wearing shorts! Oh, and did we mention that the fit is super flattering as well! We added side cutouts to give the illusion of longer legs, we’re classy so we added 2 straps to the cutouts so your lady parts don’t show. You’re welcome. 

Colors Available:

Baby Pink with pink scallop trim

Baby blue with white scallop trim

Limited Edition white woven weave with scallop trim

Inspiration: Your Evil Twin

I am always in awe whenever I see the instagram/tumblr of these two- Tracianne and Trasienne Estrada. Being under the spell and awesomeness makes me want to have an equally cool twin too. I mean.. LOOK AT THOSE PHOTOS MAN. 

(Also, I want someone whom I can count on in doing the same interest a.k.a. vain stuff. Hahaha. It’s quite a hassle when you have to drag someone ex: my mother/sister to just take OOTDs. In addition, it’s a bit awkward.

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