traci x leo

I wrote a thing..

So, I had this idea while walking home from the bus, and I just had to get it out. This takes place like 3 years after Gail and Holly meet. And yes I’m aware that Leo should be way older in canon, because he was probably like eight or nine already when Gail and Holly met, but for this story I needed him to be at a slightly younger age. So yeah. Warning, it’s short. Like really, really short, not prove read, and written on my phone, so there are probably some mistakes. My apologies for them! Hope you enjoy :)


“I’m just scared he might miss like a father figure in his life you know? I was pretty close with my own father, losing him was devastating.” Holly says, as she lays her hand on her very pregnant belly. “Not having a dad at all, I just- what if he’ll blame me and Gail for making him grow up without a father figure in his life?”

“Hm yeah. I understand, but your baby will still have two very loving parents that will not only love him to death, but each other as well. That’s pretty rare nowadays.” Traci says, as she looks at Leo with a sad look on her face. Traci had made it very clear in the past that she no longer had any interest in wanting to get back together with Leo’s dad, but part of her is also ashamed that her relationship with him didn’t work out. You know she wouldn’t want to miss Leo for the world, but you also know that she secretly wished she would have waited with getting children, until she was in a relationship with someone who she knew would be in it with her for the long run, like with Steve, or maybe even Jerry if he hadn’t died trying to save you. Thinking about Jerry makes your heart ache, but it also makes you so very incredibly grateful that he gave you the chance to start this little perfect family with Holly, your wife and that perfect little baby that’s partly you in her oh so perfect rounded belly.

“We’ll manage Holls. We always do.” You reassure your wife while placing a soft peck on her lips. “Plus you really think our baby won’t have a father figure in his life? Because I’m pretty sure Chris already bought him a honk ball Jersey and Uncle Steve here will probably show him all his amazing tricks that should work with the girls, or guys if that’s who he is interested in. Really Hol, our baby doesn’t need a father. Not when Oliver, Chris, Steve and Dov are all in the picture to fuss over him.”

“Wait. Your baby doesn’t have a daddy?” Leo asks, looking up from his coloring book, his chocolate brown eyes are getting bigger.

“No sweetie, Gail and Holly’s baby will have two mommies. Steve and I explained that to you already, remember?”

“Like I have two daddies?” The eight-year-old asks innocently.

“Well, no, that’s slightly different.” Traci tries to explain. You hear a weird sound coming from Steve’s throat and when you look up you can see him cover his mouth, tears threathening to fall from his eyes.

“Steve, are you okay?” You ask your brother, the single tear that is making it’s way down his cheek does not go unnoticed by you.

“Yeah, no, I’m fine.” Steve swallows and takes a deep breath. “That was just- it was the first time he called me daddy.” You can see Traci’s proud eyes locking with your brother’s. You know Steve is not Leo’s biological father, but ever since the little man had entered your brother’s life, Steve had been one of the best father figures the boy had ever had. So for Leo to refer to Steve as his dad, and not just Steve, was kind of a big deal.

“You know Holly, if your baby really doesn’t have a daddy, than he and I can share one of my daddies.” Leo says, the touching moment that happened seconds before going completely unnoticed by the eight-year-old. “I’m sure Steve doesn’t mind, right Steve? You can also be a sometimes daddy to Holly’s baby.”

“R- right.” Is all your brother is able to get out.

Traci stands up from the couch and places a soft kiss on your brother’s cheek. “Daddy.” She says teasingly before placing a quick peck on Steve’s lips. You’d usually say something rude about how ‘iewww’ they are being in front of you, but Holly is giving you that look that says, ‘don’t you freaking dare’. Not wanting to sleep on the couch tonight, makes you swallow your words.

Ten minutes later, when Traci is in the kitchen making another cup of tea, and you and Holly are watching Steve and Leo build some kind of Lego creature, Holly leans into you, placing her mouth against your ear before whispering; “Yeah, I think we’ll be just fine.”