traci edwards

Pictured above is the entrance to the apartment belonging to serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer. A total of 12 out of the 17 males he murdered were killed behind this door. His last intended victim, Tracy Edwards, managed to flee from the property after catching Dahmer off guard and physically confronting him, using this as an opportunity to escape. Edwards had allegedly spent five hours in the apartment before finally being able to free himself. He later told police how he had spent that time reassuring Jeffrey that he was his friend and that he was not going to run away. At one point, Edwards spoke of how Dahmer had put on a horror film and began chanting whilst pressing a knife to his skin. After this, Jeffrey apparently put his ear to Edwards’ chest and listened to his heartbeat, telling him “I’m going to eat your heart.” Jeffrey Dahmer’s capture ensued after Edwards escaped and alerted the authorities. When officers came to search apartment 213, they discovered human skulls, hearts, torsos, a bag of human organs, severed genitalia and severed hands to be amongst the remains hoarded as cannibalistic tokens of Dahmer’s crimes.

The two officers saw a black man who approached their squad car after running through the streets handcuffed, terrrified and asking if they could take the cuffs off by unlocking them with their key. They told him that their key wouldn’t work and he’d have to use the key that came with the cuffs. The man refused to go back to the apartment alone so the officers brought him back to the Oxford Apartment Building.

The three men walked up the stairs, following the cuffed man as he led them to Apartment 213. One of the officers knocked. Jeff opened the door. He’d been drinking and was pretty loaded. Jeff was being very difficult and uncooperative so the officers coaxed him into sitting on the couch. One officer had Jeff tell him where the key for the cuffs were which Jeff told him was in the bedroom on top of the dresser.

While in the bedroom the officer started to look for the key to the cuffs. He didn’t see the keys on the dresser and began to look through the top dresser drawer. The first thing he noticed was a stack of photos that had been taken with a Polaroid instant camera.

The top photo was of a black male sitting on the floor next to the bedroom door with a hang man’s noose around his neck tied to the door knob.

The next photo was of a nude from the waist up black male lying in the bed. It appeared someone had taken acid and dosed it across his upper chest. Both men appeared to be dead. The officer could see that the photos were taken inside this very room that he was now standing in.

He yelled back to his partner in the other room; ‘Arrest that fucker.

(Source: Across the Hall by Vernell Bass)

At times, he would go through, like, different changes with me, you know.  One minute he’s nice.  He was telling me that he didn’t want people to leave him or abandon him.
—  Tracy Edwards, testifying at Jeffrey Dahmer’s trial.
Ironically, after Edwards narrowly escaped Dahmer and brought an end to his killings, he was convicted of killing a man and is currently in prison.