So people liked Star Wars Empire 14 (now forever known as Darth Vader: Space Hyena Dad) that I went flipping through Empire 1-4 looking to bring you more gems and remembered Moff Trachta, who I think really should come back (and not just because he looks like the king of the German industrial metal scene)

  • His injuries make him an interesting foil to Vader (when will we ever hear in canon about anti-cyborg prejudice??) 
  • He hates the Jedi because a rogue padawan threw a thermal detonator in his face during the Clone Wars, and thinks the Sith are no different 
  • He sees the Empire under Palpatine as a “cult” and a dual-headed “theocracy”, which jives a little with other Moffs in ANH dismissing Vader’s “religion” but takes it further 
  • he looks like a Rammstein song come to life 

Trachta is what’s reasonable about Empire #1. Lots of interesting ideas. Soon I will get to the things that are bonkers (ie what people wanted in the first place)