• respiratory system 呼吸器系 こきゅうきけい
  • breathing 呼吸 こきゅう
  • diffusion 拡散 かくさん
  • gill えら
  • lung はい or 肺臓 はいぞう
  • rib 肋骨 ろっこつ
  • trachea 気管 きかん
  • diaphragm 横隔膜 おうかくまく
  • bulk flow 総体流 そうたいりゅう or 容積流 ようせきりゅう
  • cellular respiration 細胞呼吸 さいぼうこきゅう
  • oxygen 酸素 さんそ
  • intercostal muscle 肋間筋 ろっかんきん
  • nasal cavity 鼻腔 びくう or びこう
  • pharynx 咽頭 いんとう
  • nose はな
  • mouthくち
  • larynx 喉頭 こうとう
  • sinus どう or とう
  • epiglottis 喉頭蓋 こうとうがい
  • oesophagus 食道 しょくどう
  • bronchus 気管支 きかんし
  • bronchiole 細気管支 さいきかんし
  • alveolar duct 肺胞管 はいほうかん
  • alveolar sac 肺胞嚢 はいほうのう
  • alveolus 肺胞 はいほう
  • basal lamina 基底層 きていそう or 基底膜 きていまく
  • carbon dioxide 二酸化炭素 にさんかたんそ or 炭酸ガス たんさんがす

prompt: “I feel like I can’t breathe.”

There was a heavy weight sitting on your chest, hindering you from breathing correctly. Every breath you were taking was stinging your trachea, the smell of blood overwhelming you. It was everywhere, on your hands, staining the dark skin tight suit constricting your ribcage, probably on your face too.

“Your hands are shaking, hotshots.”

Clint’s blue eyes were scanning your face, probably hoping to break through the focused mask you’ve been wearing since you got on the quinjet.  

“I know. Adrenaline still kicking.” You exhaled, shaking your head. “I need you to stop moving now. I want the stitches to hold until we get to the headquarters. Bruce can probably do better.” You finally said, coiling a clean bandage around the archer’s arm.
“Bruce is not as soft as you.” He grumbled, pulling a painful face while sitting up straighter. You couldn’t stop the corners of your mouth from stretching out into a shy smile.
“There’s the smile.” Clint smiled, softly pinching your reddening cheek.“You should probably try to get some sleep, before Fury comes to annoy us asking for a debrief.”
You absent-mindedly nodded, and headed to the back of the jet. The loneliness of your bunk seemed appealing, but the heavy smell of blood on you kept you from hiding from the rest of the team. In the safe narowness of the bathroom, you finally took a look at your reflection in the mirror. The purple stains under your eyes seemed even more prominent under the pale
neon light. The mission had gone terribly. The blood wasn’t even yours. It was the people’s needing medical attention, the ones you were trying to save before the explosion. You let a shaky breath out, focusing your eyes on your blood coated fingers, still shivering. You scrubbed them vigorously, meticulously under the scorching water, making sure the scarlet water disappeared into the siphon. You still couldn’t inhale. In your frenzy, you got into the shower, not even thinking about getting rid of your dirty suit, directly under the cold spray of water. There was a strange noise in your brain, a constant  buzzing, tangling with the screams of the people you couldn’t save. The humming noise intensified, impossible to ignore, like a blaze roaring in your bloodstream. The cold water seeping through your clothes couldn’t even stop the wildfire spreading under your skin. 

“Kid, you’re alright?" 

Steve’s deep voice brought you finally down to earth. He was standing there, on the other side of the glass, his clear eyes grave, a wrinkle carved just between his eyebrows. Your ribcage was moving erraticaly, your throat clogged up. You realised the constant humming noise you were hearing wasn’t coming from your brain, but from the gut-wrenching sobs trapped inside your chest and that you were struggling to keep down. The noise coming out of your throat was inhuman, repetitive, sounded like a broken record. 

"I-I just… It’s the blood… It’s gross - the smell - it’s… I can’t think… It won’t wash away Steve, it just won’t come off.” Your voice broke, the weight of your tears making your eyelids finally yield to the dull pain you felt inside. You heard the glass door grate, and felt Steve’s strong arms around your shoulders, pulling you out of the freezing water, his solid chest against your back.

“I feel like I can’t breathe.” you stifled. 

“You’re alright, kid. Stay with me. I’ll help you get cleaned up.” He softly whispered. His arm streched around you to change the temperature of the shower spray. He cautiously took the tie off your long hair, letting it cascade down your shoulders. His blue eyes met yours, his fingers around the fastening of your suit, silently questioning you. Your eyelids closed, you nodded. He helped you out of your suit, his soft gaze never leaving your face, and led you under the warm water spray. Sobs were tearing down your lungs, your tears tangling with the water and the blood. Steve’s arms found themselves around your shoulders again, wedging your cheek against the silver star right in the middle of his chest. He washed your long hair, carefully, patientely combed them, calming down your sobs. Your heart seemed to finally settle down, every beat matching Steve’s steady breathing. The gentle supersoldier helped you get dressed, making sure you were warm enough. Every movement was imbued with purity, respect, and a certain gentleness you never really had the occasion to notice. You didn’t really know Steve Rogers. He had always been just a co-worker, when the missions were over and that you stitched everyone up, you were back to your hospital wing at S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters in DC. Nevertheless, he was very polite, always greeting you when you bumped into him in the corridors, making small talk with you everytime you were taking care of him. 

The warm feeling of his fingers on your cheek made you look into his eyes. Wet strands of hair were falling on his forehead, grazing the worried crease between his eyebrows. Thoughtlessly, you let your shaky fingers try to smooth it out, tingles soaking the tips. 

“I can’t believe we lost everyone.” You finally exhaled, dropping your hand on your thigh. “I-This never happened. We always managed to secure the civilians. How could we…”
“Hey, shhh, keep breathing love.” interrupted Steve, his strong hands cupping the sides of your face. He let them softly glide on your shoulders, coiled his arms around your back, leading you to his chest again. “Come here.” He said in a breath, holding you against his heart, beating steadily against your ear. His suit was still cold against your skin. 

“Sometimes, we just can’t save everyone. Doesn’t mean we didn’t try hard to.”
“How do you do that?” You questioned, after a minute of deafening silence.
“How do I do what?”
“Accept it. Not go mental like I’m doing right now.” you softly laughed, wiping the tears carving thin paths on your cheeks.
“I hit the gym and destroy punch bags. I’m not sure Fury is happy with me wrecking the gym, but, it keeps me sane.”
“So that’s what I should do? Destroy punch bags?”
“You could. But you could also come to me.” His heartbeat against your cheek was still steady, when yours seemed to lose control. “I don’t go out that much. I’m often at home, trying to catch up on what’s been happening in the last seventy years. I would love to have you around more often.”
That confession brought tears to your eyes.
“Thanks Steve.” You mumbled, hiding your face in his chest, tightening the hold of your arms around his ribcage.
You didn’t really know Steve Rogers. He was your co-worker, but now, you were pretty sure he was a friend too.

my dog seems to be doing a lot better now. still not exactly sure why he passed out (he was choking on water so we think that in combination with his collapsing trachea he just didn’t get enough air) but it was really scary

Can we help Mark see something?

Mark has mentioned that there will be a charity live stream soon, but he doesnt know for what yet.

My father has had a debilitating disease for 11 years now: Multiple Sclerosis. He is on ventilator, trachea, oxygen and feeding tube, plus a slew of other machines he needs to ensure his health. I was 5 when he was diagnosed, so I’ve never known him when he was healthy.

He hasn’t walked in seven years and likely never will again. As of 2017, there is no working and/or available cure for MS.

So, I would really appreciate if Mark’s next charity live stream could go to some kind of Multiple Sclerosis research? Yes, those other causes are noble, but I’d really love to see this disease get some representation, as it’s basically been swept under the rug. In my 16 years, I’ve read exactly one article about it in the normal media, and I know no one in my entire circle of people I’ve met who even knows it’s a disease.

Mark has greatly helped me cope with my dad’s illness, and I’d really love to see it recognized by someone who has a big following, maybe it could kick start some kind of research? Maybe I’m overly hopeful, but this has been my dream since 2014.

@markiplier I’d really love it if you considered.

Other Markiplites, could you maybe reblog this into the markiplier tag so he could see this? I’d appreciate any help you could give.

a lot of people (including me) headcanon gta caleb as a medic, and i love that, because then you get to imagine caleb getting called at all hours of the day and night with shenanigans like

“caleb! you need to get over here right now, it’s an emergency!”

“what? what happened?”

“i was arguing with gavin–”

“is he okay?”

“we need a medic. he just got burned!” [cue chorus of oooooohs in the background and a distant squawk of protest from gavin]

“jeremy it’s two in the morning and you’ve made this joke four times this week i’m going to stab you in the trachea with a scalpel i swear to god.”

Again, I listened to what my classmates said during this day.

Thomas: *He and James walk out of a restroom* I gave James a blowjob in a restroom, opinions on that?
James: Thooomaaaas..!

Aaron: I am so glad you guys think about me as a human!
James: Yeah, about that…
Thomas: You are out of the team.
Aaron: Fuck…

Aaron: Well, now I am one year closer to my death… *laughs* Aren’t I such a positive person?
Alexander: *pushes him down the stairs*

Alexander: Birthday gifts aren’t supposed to be shared, I am telling about this to mom!
Lafayette: Our mom doesn’t care!

Lee: Ooh now I get why I almost choked on that food, it went straight in to my trachea! Alexander: Now you fucking get it?!
Lee: Also that one time when Aaron and I-
Aaron: *covers Lee’s mouth* Nope!

John: I swear if you draw a dick to my sketchbook I will punch you both in the face…
Lafayette: *writes “penis” to the sketchbook*
John: Fuck…
Hercules: No, it’s a dick :)


A tracheotomy or a tracheostomy is an opening surgically created through the neck into the trachea (windpipe) to allow direct access to the breathing tube and is commonly done in an operating room under general anesthesia. A tube is usually placed through this opening to provide an airway and to remove secretions from the lungs. Breathing is done through the tracheostomy tube rather than through the nose and mouth.

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blades of grass
stained his blouse .

Above the worms and
cloudy bluffs must he

twist poppies  into 
knots ? and what

of his length from 
my  shoulder, the 

pressure between 
the pleura , with

what coiled trachea
was that anchor

hung ? dragging
those glass sighs ;

heavy gulps while I 
labored for gasps

stranger . Why 
do I hear his lungs 

dangle why, when 
he still heaves? the

grass he stains with
versions of his her 

The color of poppy 
whispers him,  my

him on the
blades of grass .

- Maya Doolali
(Weight and Ties)

trapped-in-chaos  asked:

Wait can you elaborate with chihuahuas?

If by ‘elaborate’ you want me to talk about them the same way I did dachshunds and started (really, I only touched on one issue) discussing pugs, then sure. I can start an incomplete list of concerns I see in the breed. Lets start going from nose to tail.

Nose: The snoot itself is fine. They generally only have mild brachycephalic issues (elongated soft palate, secondary collapsing trachea), but it’s what’s under the nose that will get you.

Teeth: Look at this mouth. Just look at it.

This is severe dental and peridontal disease. It’s infection and puss and rot stuck around the teeth, down to their roots. Terminal teeth. Trash mouth. Sewer mouth. It smells like you’d expect it to. Half of those teeth would have come out with a good sneeze, but they’re all causing pain and inflammation in that poor dog’s head.

Infections of the tooth roots can become so severe that the result in abscesses behind the eyeball, or osteomyelitis, weakening the bone so much that spontaneous jaw fractures can occur.

Interestingly she was much less inclined to bite when examining her mouth later, after almost all her teeth were removed due to severe pathology. I think pain was a factor more than fear.

Head & Brain: A deer-head chihuahua has a fairly sensible head. I would consider it a good head if not for the dental situation. Apple-head chihuahuas are problematic, with frequency and severity of problems increasing with the extremeness of anatomy. The desired ‘apple’ shape is achieved by breeding for mild hydrocephalus, fluid retention within the brain, causing the skull to bulge. Breeding for this trait results is some dogs being more extreme than others and you can find heartbreaking pictures of your own of severely affected pups on google images.

Some are so badly affected that their eyes can’t focus on the same spot, some can’t feed properly, and the skull deformity leaves their brain with reduced protection. My partner has hydrocephalus, and because of it he started having migraines when he was 18 months old, and is currently suffering a 9 month long migraine. Now I can’t exactly tell if a dog is having a migraine or a headache like we understand them, bit I know that his condition is linked to his chronic pain, so I would not be at all surprised to find out that hydrocephalic dogs endure something similar.

Spine: These tiny creatures are unsurprisingly fragile and end up under the surgeon’s knife for spinal issues more often than expected for a breed without a long back.

Heart: Whether this is an inherent weakness, or whether it’s just a fact of life that something is going to go wrong in a breed that often reaches eighteen years of life. Everyone dies of something, eventually. Many elderly chihuahuas (and their mixes) develop some sort of heart valve problem during their life. Most of the time it’s a mitral valve issue, which will get worse with time and required medication to control symptoms. This is where being able to give the little dog becomes a huge advantage.

Trachea: Although a cough is a classic symptom of heart disease it is also a symptom of collapsing trachea, and these little dogs often get both at the same time. The trachea (wind pipe) can be so badly affected that it collapses in on itself. This is typically worse with excitement. It should be obvious why this is a problem.

Knees: Oh my goodness gracious, the knees on these things are shocking. Almost all of these dogs have at least one luxating patella (Medially Luxating Patella = MPL) to some degree. Usually a low-grade one isn’t a huge deal to a lightweight dog, but chihuahuas don’t just throw low-grade MPLs. The last one my poor boss had to do had its patella sitting out of joint by 90 degrees around the leg. In a dog under 2kg he struggled to find implants of an appropriate size to improve this deformity and let the dog walk normally.

He swore so much during that surgery, those tiny bones were so soft, and the implants needed to be so delicate, it was not a surgery he looked forward to doing again. He will though.

Anal glands: While not a breed specific issue, smaller dogs often have more problems expressing their anal glands. Some chihuahuas suffer from frequent anal gland abscesses, and rectally expressing these glands on such tiny dogs is something owners rarely choose to attempt at home.

Medicating & Feeding: Being so little owners have a tendency to let these dogs get away with bad or anxious behavior that wouldn’t be tolerated in a larger dog. Being so small in a big world is probably a bit scary anyway, but dogs often feed off their owner’s emotional reactions. If an owner always acts as though their dog might get hurt and should be scared, the chihuahua learns from it.

People also have difficulty understanding how much food is ‘enough’ for a dog that weighs less than a human newborn. Consequently they are often either overfed or become spoiled. So many owners insist their chihuahuas wont eat anything except freshly cooked human food, and treats. They were accidentally trained this way by their owners.

Difficulties with training and spoiling means it’s often difficult to medicate a chihuahua, and given that they suffer a variety of long-term medical conditions that benefit from daily medication, being able to actually give the dog it’s tablets makes a big difference to their quality of life.

They can be happy, confident, charming little dogs if handled confidently and understood.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind owning a chihuahua, but one on the larger side (2.5-3kg) and with the deer head phenotype. This variation seems to have far less problems than the tiny, dome head versions. As with most things, you encounter more problems with more extremes of anatomy.

I had a dream I download the love live app and I was so bad at it that the girls popped out the fucking screen and sliced my trachea with their tambourine 

From Hell and Back Again

From Hell and Back Again

Dean x Preg!Reader

Content: Pregnancy, Angst, ~Fluff

Anon Request: Dean x reader request where after dean goes to hell reader finds out she is pregnant with his baby. 4 months later when dean comes back he has to cope with the surprising news. Make it as angsty or fluffy as you want. Also can reader be Bobbys daughter?

A fine sheen of sweat coated his body moving rhythmically above yours, catching the thin ray of light from the pale street lamp. A bead of sweat gathered on the muscular line of his throat, growing, trembling with each slow thrust of his hips. It slid, riding the line between muscle and trachea reaching the high hollow of his throat to pause before a thrust allowed the drop to continue its journey over his heart. You had reached up pressing a thirsty kiss to his collarbone and flicking your tongue to catch the salty remnants. He groaned deeply, the sensual sound vibrating between your writhing bodies. A gasp melted into a wonderfully helpless moan as he buried his face in your shoulder. The passion grew desperate; gentle caresses curling into clutches, nails biting, imploring kisses broke into pleas and simpers, and the methodic pace he set lost the patient tone, slamming harder with each quick jerk. Heat seeped across every inch of your sticky skin. Pleasure gripped your nerves, vision blackening, back arching until all you could do was hold on to the mounting ecstasy. Light burst behind your eyes, your mouth parted, and you tipped into the abyss. Your body melted into the blanketed seat. His breath hitting your ear in mouthy pants. You smiled as he pulled back to drop a lethargic kiss to your lips.

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teen wreck
  • cool teen 1: oh no bro!! we totally wrecked my dads car! he's gonna kill me dude! what do we do! ah jeez I'm gonna be grounded for a month!
  • cool teen 2, trachea pierced by his collarbone: gghhgsshbgll

anonymous asked:

do you think it would be possible for someone to accidentally decapitate someone (well, maybe accidentally on purpose) with a sharp object? if so, what would they need? would it be possible with some sort of knife swung really hard or could it only be done with something like an axe? ik bone is hard to cut through so?

First, let us begin in the usual way.

Content Warning: Decapitation, Beheading, Murder, Blood, All That Sort of Thing.

First, I’ll point you to an excellent HowToFightWrite post on the topic here: 

That said, here’s my interpretation.

True decapitation is very, very difficult, even when that’s the intent of the person doing it.

I’m not saying your character couldn’t kill the decapitee, either intentionally or accidentally, with something like a sword swing. You could definitely kill someone: sever the cervical spine, or cut the trachea, or cut deep enough to sever the carotid artery and cause them to bleed out.

But beheading–even intentional beheading–isn’t easy.

Here’s why. The neck contains a lot of stuff that the blade would have to pass through, including:

  • Lots of muscle. Seriously, the strap muscles of the neck, the top of the traps, etc are strong and very thick.
  • Tracheal cartilege (hard)
  • Thyroid cartilege (depending on height of the blow) (hard)
  • Hyoid bone (depending on height of the blow) (hard)
  • Esophagus (soft)
  • Spine (bone, and not smooth bone, but spiny bone that’s designed to defend the neck)
  • Spinal cord (soft)
  • At least 4 arteries and 4 veins.

That’s a LOT to cut through in a single swing.

To give an illustration of the musculature in the neck, this is how far down you may have to go even to hit a VEIN:

Now, as for the bone, here’s an X-ray of someone’s neck:


Do you see how much of he neck is actually bony? The shape of the vertebrae is specifically set up to protect the spinal cord.

Traditionally decapitation has been done with an overhand axe swing, with the neck being held in place at an optimal height. It’s the effect of the swing plus the effect of gravity that gets the job done.

However, historically, this usually took multiple attempts, and often times apparently the blade would lodge in the spine.

Look, it’s super crude, and it’s not the best metaphor at all, but I want you to go out and get a whole chicken (skin on), and try to cut it in half with one strike of a chef’s knife. Not a rotisseried one, an actual raw chicken.

It would be almost impossible, even with a sharp knife. And the bones in a chicken are MUCH smaller than the bones in a human neck. It’s simply not feasible.

Swords aren’t great for this purpose, but they’re better than an axe, mostly because they were usually sharper, and thus the behader was more likely to get a “clean kill”. But this isn’t 100% certain either.

What’s best is something like a guillotine, and even that wasn’t always 100% effective at getting the job done.

So like I said at the beginning: your character can likely accomplish a kill with an errant “accidentally-on-purpose” blade, but a full on decapitation is extremely unlikely by “accident”, and ever if they’re trying very hard, is still extremely difficult with one swipe.

So to Recap…

Thanks Stethy!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Judy attempted to fight her way out of the leopard’s grip, Judy was strong for a bunny but not as strong as this muscly henchwoman, Judy reached for her night stick on her belt with her left paw but the leopard spotted what she was doing and promptly grabbed Judy  by the wrist and gave it a quick twist; the snap of bone was drowned out by the wail of pain from Judy’s mouth. It was at this moment Judy began to feel scared, not like when she found Sher Khan’s corpse or fighting Walter and Jesse on the train, no this was the same terror she felt when she was nine years old when the then aggressive Gideon Grey pinned her to the floor with just one paw. The old scars on her cheek burned as she felt the pressure increase on her trachea, she couldn’t shout, she couldn’t scream and she couldn’t cry…all she could do was stare with bloodshot amethyst eyes filled with fright

Here’s a preview of chapter 19 of Take a Stand with some awesome art by the amazing @reddoshirousagi06 the next chapter will be out Sunday January 1st and if you want to catch up on the fan fiction so far…