traceyvalo replied to your post:Tomorrow is going to be 34 degrees.

I wish the weather in South Florida was like yours v.v It’s impossible to have a good hair day here…

Honey I went down there last year for spring break and I can tell you that I’m done with Florida after one visit.

Like, northern Florida was okay (weather-wise). Then when we got to Ft. Lauderdale, couldn’t keep my hair down the whole time there. Then when I got to the Keys, the weather took this odd temperature dip, which would have been good if it didn’t start raining.


Tropical climates are not for me.

I’m a desert rose (even though I don’t live in one - yet).

So I got a brand new, beautiful red salwar kameez at the start of the new year, and as much as I love it, l feel ashamed to wear it in public. I really want to brush off the feeling of being embarrassed and afraid of being stared at or made fun of when embracing my cultural heritage by wearing traditional clothes. As a matter of fact, I really want to actually start wearing more traditional garments, and I am currently shopping for more casual salwars and anarkalis. Whenever I wear Indian clothes, I feel so good and in tune with my culture but the counteracting feelings of fear of being ‘othered’ is frightening. I hope I eventually gather the courage to finally don it.

Just washed and flat-ironed my hair and it’s getting really close to touching my butt :3 I’m super happy about that, and I hope by the end of this year or next year, I’ll reach my hair goal of hip length :D It’ll be intense getting there, but I hope I continue to keep taking better care of my hair :)


My 6 Selfie Challenge! (woo!) I was nominated by the very lovely and totes amazing azn-magneto, and my very good friend spinning2infinity a long time ago lmao 

I hope you all enjoy and whatnot ‘cause I am normally too nervous/self-conscious to put up selfies once a month or even this much at once lmao

I think you’ve gotta tag six people? So I tag nox-artemis, shyelephants, vampishly, dantecruentus, morbidmindfreek, and whentworbutts <3 :D