So I got a brand new, beautiful red salwar kameez at the start of the new year, and as much as I love it, l feel ashamed to wear it in public. I really want to brush off the feeling of being embarrassed and afraid of being stared at or made fun of when embracing my cultural heritage by wearing traditional clothes. As a matter of fact, I really want to actually start wearing more traditional garments, and I am currently shopping for more casual salwars and anarkalis. Whenever I wear Indian clothes, I feel so good and in tune with my culture but the counteracting feelings of fear of being ‘othered’ is frightening. I hope I eventually gather the courage to finally don it.

Also, I know I’m super late, but I just found out about the whole scandal going on between Rachel & Jun, Sharla, and Kanadajin3, and I can honestly say I’ve never liked Kanadajin3 too much; her views on things are warped and hypocritical, and on top of it, she is SO rude to her commenters on her videos! I did end up subscribing to her though because she seemed okay in her collab videos with Sharla. I’m honestly shocked however, that she would be so cruel to her friends.. And I hope they do press charges on her because her actions were super uncalled for. And the fact that she won’t own up to her actions make it even worse x.x She’s really caused a rift in the J-vlogging community, and I really hope that they will band together and get through this. Kanadajin3 needs to disappear. 


My 6 Selfie Challenge! (woo!) I was nominated by the very lovely and totes amazing azn-magneto, and my very good friend spinning2infinity a long time ago lmao 

I hope you all enjoy and whatnot ‘cause I am normally too nervous/self-conscious to put up selfies once a month or even this much at once lmao

I think you’ve gotta tag six people? So I tag nox-artemis, shyelephants, vampishly, dantecruentus, morbidmindfreek, and whentworbutts <3 :D

Just washed and flat-ironed my hair and it’s getting really close to touching my butt :3 I’m super happy about that, and I hope by the end of this year or next year, I’ll reach my hair goal of hip length :D It’ll be intense getting there, but I hope I continue to keep taking better care of my hair :)