tracey towers

This is about the 4th or 5th I’ve seen you niggas recording videos with a random ass Roach blazing trails across your bodies.

Now, I’ve been broke. Tracey Towers had maaaad roaches. I get it. Sometimes it be like that.

But why you uploading? Bruh lmao. Like why did she post that on that internet? LMAOO

This is under the 4 train near where I get my cat food from.  Those imposing Tracey Towers are seen from everywhere you go in the Bronx, those are some big ass buildings!  I liked the challenge of getting the exposure right in this shot, since there was such massive discrepancies between the light and dark areas.  Challenges are fun because they force you to think and get better at what you love to do.  Challenge yourself!!  It’s fun!!

So strolling to the pet store to get the Girls some food, I was walking past the Tracey Towers and saw the plane in between the building and I thought that was funny!  So I waited until the next rat bastard plane flew past, so I could get my picture on!!  Good times!!!  Remember, GO TAKE PICTURES!!!!

When I got off the 4 train a while ago, I noticed this shot.  So out comes the camera and photographing time it was!!  Those towers off in the distance are so prevalent in my neighborhood, I know you guys have seen them in a lot of my images.  And I always get a funny guilty feeling when I’m shooting in a train station, like I’m fucking with the MTA and there is nothing they can do about!  TAKE THAT!!!  I’m such a rebel!!  (Not really.)

Well if we’re going to be showing big buildings today, may I present to you, my tumblr bros, The Tracey Towers up here in The Bronx.  These buildings are omnipresent and can be seen from almost anywhere, even in other boroughs!  I remember a couple years ago riding my bike over one of the bridges out of Queens and looking for these buildings to get me in the right direction on the other side!  And let me tell you, it worked!!

Tracey Towers looking all big and imposing from underneath the 4 train.  These two towers remind me so much of the big block apartments I saw in Poland and Czechoslovakia many years ago.  Very similar kind of style, the Brute style with that raw concrete color.  To be honest, it doesn’t really float my boat.  But since these monsters are here, I’m gonna photograph them!  Fuck it!  How YOU doin’!!!

Ah remember when the leaves were green and it was nice out?  Ah those were the days.  Totally sucks we now have to wait a whole bunch of months for it to be nice out again though!  Fuck that noise.  This is one of the Tracey Towers which I shot while out on a stroll to get cat food.

Ok so were back in civilization in this picture, back in the Bronx baby!!!  So off in the distance are the Tracey Towers, which can be seen pretty much from anywhere in the Bronx.  Well in my neighborhood anyways!!  Now,  can you spot the hidden surprise on the left side?  Hint: it’s a squirrel!

I was on my way to the awesome local bakery to get my sausagey ass some rolls or whatever, and this lovely bright blue sky was looking so nice next to the multi colored buildings, how could I NOT photograph this?  The Bronx is very pretty, there are some majestic buildings here!  Not so sure about the Tracey Towers though, that Brute style architecture kind of leaves me cold.