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…Did we just scale to the top of a mountain, and fly back home again?

                                                                     — M20 : Kimi ni Kimeta.


Summer is here, and itโ€™s time to get your swimsuits out!


-Happy Summerย from Ash & his Pokรฉcrew of friends-

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We can never forget the past!

Of course the beautiful Sensational Sisters are on a well-deserved vacation once again for always putting a good show at the Cerulean Gym. Brock’s siblings are back home taking care of the house, while their parents are still being crazy in love with each other. And Tracey is….uhm

Please call Oak’s Lab if you have seen this boy who sketches Pokémon

Page 19!

Guess I’ll stick with color for the rest of the comic; makes it pop! 
I’m curious what you guys are thinking! Spit it out! :D No more of my small captions that explain what’s going to happen, you tell me! LOL

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kimmy4444  asked:

I was thinking about kinso and how he made misty and group make the badges and battle for it. I can't imagine daisy, violet nor lily working that hard and battling for badges their basically going to give away, thank goodness misty is the gym leader now. Mistys sisters do help bring in money with their shows though

The Blue Badge of Courage is a fantastic Misty episode.

It was very interesting to see how badges are created in the anime. I agree, I can’t see her sisters putting in the work for that. If any of you haven’t watched, do it! It’s a great Misty episode & a nice bonus if you like badges in general.

Page 18!

So tonight, I decided to put this page in color just so it seems more alive to you while you read it. This is just an experiment but I wouldn’t mind some feedback! 
Would you enjoy reading the ending of the comic in color or black and white? 

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