tracey heggin


“You ever think about how we’re only 7% of this city? […] Like, black folks are 7% of this city. And then you take whatever, 1% or 2% considers itself, like, punk or indie or folk or, you know, just not what you see on BET, like, you ever realize just how few of us there really are?”

Medicine for Melancholy (2008), dir. Barry Jenkins


The Traitor Baru Cormorant, by Seth Dickinson

Baru Cormorant believes any price is worth paying to liberate her people-even her soul.

When the Empire of Masks conquers her island home, overwrites her culture, criminalizes her customs, and murders one of her fathers, Baru vows to swallow her hate, join the Empire’s civil service, and claw her way high enough to set her people free.

Sent as an Imperial agent to distant Aurdwynn, another conquered country, Baru discovers it’s on the brink of rebellion. Drawn by the intriguing duchess Tain Hu into a circle of seditious dukes, Baru may be able to use her position to help. As she pursues a precarious balance between the rebels and a shadowy cabal within the Empire, she orchestrates a do-or-die gambit with freedom as the prize.

But the cost of winning the long game of saving her people may be far greater than Baru imagines.