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I am honestly so sad right now? And so fucking angry? Like…Louis has done anything but being a lovely person and being true to himself to deserve all this shit. Since the beginning he has been treated by his team like if he was not good enough and he has been constantly rugged into the mud. He has been portrayed as the guy who was not talented enough and the weak one. And we all know how talented he is. How important his voice is for the band. How amazing his song writing skills are.
Louis is such a wonderful person and he has a golden heart full of love, sweetness and kindness. Sorry, but Louis is sunshine itself and he is a blessing for this world. He is that kinda person that makes the universe a better place and all he has always done is showing this over and over again. The way he treats everyone, the way he smiles when he is with his family, all he does for charity and sick children, all he did for his beloved ones since moment zero are a proof of all this. If you really believe Louis would treat women like a buffet service, if you really think he is a player and he would behave like this when he has a baby son, if you really think he would treat his own kid this way, if you really think he would let the entire media talk shit about him and his baby momma and not say a word but defend his girlfriend, then I don’t know shat to say because not only you are defending a trashy person but a fake Louis.
That being said, this family, the Jungwirth clan, is trash. They are enjoying all this. They are having a good time with Louis’ suffering and all they care about is fame because they are fame whores. What can I say? A family that builds up their non existent career with someone’s else’s missery are TRASH. And just like Louis has shown more than once he is sunshine, Briana and her family showed more than once how horrible and disgusting they are.
I am really, really pissed now.
One of the Women Responsible For The McKinney Police Incident Denies Responsibility: Known Racist Tracey Carver-Allbritton Says She Didn't Start Fight Or Make Racist Comments At Pool Party
"I want the truth to come out and the lies and threats to stop," Tracey Carver-Allbritton said Tuesday at a news conference with her lawyer, Gloria Allred.
By Adolfo Flores

LOS ANGELES — A woman accused of starting a fight at a Texas pool party — where an officer was caught on video throwing a teenage girl to the ground and brandishing his gun — denied on Tuesday making racist comments that sparked the altercation.

Flanked by her attorney Gloria Allred, Tracey Carver-Allbritton said she was only trying to stop a struggle that involved her friend.

It’s the first time Carver-Allbritton spoke publicly about the McKinney, Texas, pool party, which she attended with family members. She said death and rape threats have forced her and her family to go into hiding after the incident.

“Accusations that I am racist could not be further from the person I truly am,” said Carver-Allbritton. “I want the truth to come out and the lies and threats to stop.”

Carver-Allbritton was placed on administrative leave from her job at a technology and data company due to the allegations against her, the company, CoreLogic, said in a statement.

On June 5, police responded to a disturbance call involving “multiple juveniles” who allegedly didn’t have permission to be at a community pool party and refused to leave. People called 911 reporting the juveniles were fighting, McKinney officials said.

One video shows Cpl. Eric Casebolt throwing a teenage girl in a bikini to the ground and pulling out his gun on a group of teenagers who came to her aid. Casebolt resigned after the incident and on the same day McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley called the actions “indefensible.”

A 24-second video clip shows Carver-Allbritton trying to pull a friend away from a young woman who was pulling her hair. Carver-Allbritton said she was subsequently accused by people of instigating the fight and making racist remarks.

Carver-Allbritton said she tried leaving the pool with her children and grandchildren after dozens of people who weren’t residents started jumping the fence into the community pool. People started shouting “go home” and “bye, bye black haters” as they tried to leave, she said.

Carver-Allbritton said her friend was allegedly charged by a woman she said appeared to be over the age of 18 and began pulling her hair.

Allred said the video was incomplete and said the rumors of her client making racist statements were false.

The death and rape threats against Carver-Allbritton and her family have come in the form of texts and comments on Facebook posts on a fake profile of her, Allred said. They have been reported to the McKinney Police Department.

“This has created a very dangerous situation for herself and child and husband,” Allred said.

Aaron Clark, a friend of the family who is black, also attended the news conference. He said he has known Carver-Allbritton for 13 years and has lived with her family for two years.

“In the 13 years I’ve known her she has never said a racist statement or even allowed anyone to make a racist statement in my presence,” Clark said.