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Tracey Davis headcanons (with a dash of Tracey/Anthony Goldstein)

  • Tracey usually thinks of herself as a fundamentally selfish person, because she always puts herself first.
  • To be honest, she isn’t particularly ashamed of that.  Self preservation instincts and self interest are things she considers everyone to have, anyway.
  • That doesn’t mean she doesn’t help other people, or takes joy in deliberately hindering others like some do. 
  • In fact, she generally tries to help other people if the cost isn’t too great to herself, in the reasoning of those action will pay one day.
  • It’s important to maintain nice relationships and cultivate connections, in her opinion.
  • After all, she isn’t like one of those purebloods from the Sacred 28, born with money and power.  She needs to build her own connection web, to maintain it, and small favors to people here and there are the quickest and easiest way.
  • Small gestures and politeness are simple to do if you make it a habit, but they can go a long way.
  • Pansy doesn’t understand Tracey’s motives, and often teases her for being too Hufflepuff.  Tracey thinks, that she is just playing the long game and waiting for things to pay off.  She isn’t as selfless as her friends believe, but she doesn’t bother correcting them.
  • (Because cultivating an image goes a long way too.)
  • Tracey maintains her web of friends and allies efficiently, but is deeply wary of and adverse to entering a relationship.
  • She likes her personal space, her personal time, her freedom and she doesn’t want any of those to be compromised.  She doesn’t really think someone as fundamentally selfish as her is girlfriend material.
  • Sure, she’s got crushes now and then, but she doesn’t actually want to be with any of her crushes.  It’s satisfying enough to like them, to admire them from afar – no commitment, no pressure.
  • (She spent a good few years admiring Cho Chang and Cedric Diggory flying in the air, appreciating the lean and muscular bodies of the Quidditch players.  
  • Well, Oliver Wood, too, but it’s impolitical to admire Oliver Wood in Slytherin, though she is never sure if it’s because Wood is the Gryffindor captain, or because Wood is Flint’s by unspoken agreement in the house.)
  • When she starts getting close to Anthony Goldstein after a Herbology project together, for a brief while she questions her long time belief.
  • But she soon realizes they are actually quite alike in this aspect (and many others), and it’s somehow easy and natural to settle into a friendship where they occasionally kiss and tell each other “I love you”, 
  • but still labels it as friendship because it makes both of them more comfortable.
  • (And she does love him, in a way, just like he loves her.  But maybe she just loves herself more.  Or, to be precise, not herself, but her freedom and personal space.)
  • After graduation, she has the chance to work at MACUSA while Anthony gets a Gringotts job in Egypt.  Since they’ve both agreed that they are just close friends and neither want to tie the other one down, they each leave for their destination respectively after goodbye kisses.
  • They owl each other frequently, and chat using the floo when they’ve got the chance.   She tells him about that time she went home with a girl from New Jersey, and he shares about the hot Bulgarian girl he meets at work and she makes him promise to send a picture. (The girl turns out to have cheekbones like Blaise Zabini, which is gorgeous.)
  • Sometimes she hears news of her old Slytherin girl’s gang, about another friend settling down with someone.  She feels happy for them, but also glad that it’s not her because she still can’t – and she doesn’t think she will in the near future – imagine herself being in a relationship.
  • (After all, she doesn’t need a lover when she’s got best friends forever, right?)
Kanye’s Birthday Party at the Staples Center

On June 8, Kim rented the Staples Center in Los Angeles to celebrate Kanye’s 38th birthday. It reportedly costs $110,000 to hire the stadium. 

Kanye played basketball with all of his friends and John Legend also came to sing Happy Birthday to him.

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