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lena gets her first tattoo

A Golden Swallow

Lena pulled the shop door open, stepping into Talon Tattoo Inc. The soft buzz of tattoo machines that filled the room made the pit of her stomach twist with anticipation. She had been researching tattoo shops and artists for the better part of a week, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook to find a nice local place that would suit her.

Talon Tattoo Inc. seemed to be well regarded. They had three steady artists all with impeccable portfolios and according to their facebook they brought in guest artists pretty regularly. Without an appointment she was rolling the dice as to which artist she would get, but she felt alright with that.

The walls in the shop were covered in flash art. A jewelry case on one side of the room held different types of body jewelry including many different sizes of gauges. She wanted to look at everything, but at the same time she didn’t want to seem too eager.

“Can I help you?” One of the artists asked. He was sitting at a leather table, half bent over the body of his client. He had a tattoo machine in his black gloved hands. Lena remembered the names of the artists from the website. Though they weren’t pictured the portfolios of Gabriel, Sombra, and Amélie were all online. She guessed this was Gabriel.

“Have you got time for a walk in?” Lena asked hopefully.

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‘She Waits…’ by Tracer Ital

Simple, yet a beautiful concept.