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You took all the love I had, built up from my entire life, in less than a couple of months.
I don’t know how to love anymore; I have nothing to give.
When we holds me I can hold onto him with everything, but it will only be for the comfort.
I can kiss his lips and think of their softness, but I can’t put butterflies into my own stomach.
I can trace my fingers down his body and pretend it’s yours, but I know that under his skin is not your bones.
—  v.m -I can(’t) pretend

Local boy still not over Naruto ending for like the third time.

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Could you do nalu + 11 please? Thank you!!

11) Legs tangled.

Lucy’s breath tickles his chest as she exhales, slow and soft in the silence of their bedroom. Natsu shifts, nose wrinkling in discomfort at the teasing feeling, and curls tighter around her in the dim morning light, fighting against the pull of awakeness. Her buries his nose against her hair, slipping a leg between both of hers and tangling the two of them together perfectly. 

She sighs in her sleep, murmuring his name and tucking herself flush against him. An arm slips around her naked back, fingers tracing up and down her spine slowly, drawing circles and nonsensical shapes against the smooth skin left bared to him. Lucy shivers against him, groaning as the lights hits her eyes, spilling from a small crack in the curtains.

Natsu mumbles her own name in response, hushing her lowly as he tangles their legs further, her ankle hooking around his calf and anchoring him to her. Her toes brush along his bare leg, chilly in the early morning hours, the sun not yet warming them. His breath hitches as her toes stroke along his leg, only for a moment before Lucy falls still against him, drifting back into her dreams. 

Her lips settle against his throat, ghosting along his skin, and Natsu smiles against her temple, lips grazing against her skin. He pulls her closer to his chest, feeling her warm against him, and sighs through his nose, his thoughts growing thick with sleep. 

The fingers drawing shapes along her back fall still.


this was supposed to be a SIMPLE DRAWING smh
and bendy became a cat for some reason  ??

i also made my other blog, ill post gore, doodles, original (still with fanart), etc there. might post more bendy there? my mind just keeps telling me to stop flooding my blog with bendy fanart

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Did you ever want to have a sim on the Gray family tree? Now is your chance! I was highly inspired by @bIythelyre who has a story for every person on her family tree. I want to try to explore the Gray family a little more and will be spending time on Blair’s section of the family. Enchanted will encompass all of the children of this gen who are unattached currently. First we’ll be doing Blair, Shania and Lacy and Autumn and Beckie. Afterwards I’ll hit Drew, Shawn and Trace. 

I NEED YOUR SIMS. THIS IS A MINI BC. Info under the cut. 

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Your eyes soften
and pupils dilate.

Edges of your mouth
pull into a soft smirk.

The gentle wrinkle of crowsfeet
fold at the corners of your eyes
and rims of your temples.

Our gazes lock
your aura glows.

“I love you.”

Your eyes wander to my
slightly parted lips.

Rose flushes my pale skin
as you kiss me.

You trace my cheekbone and
tilt my chin to see my
eyes once again.

I beam up at you and
nuzzle your touch.

“I love you more”.

- The little things I love -


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108 n 146 for jungkook please? (ps. ur writing is phenomenal)

Thank you!!!

#108 & #146: “I’m glad you’re mine.” “Pillows are over-rated.”

The two of you were tangled up, as close to each other as you could get. It had been too long - way, way, too long - and you just wanted time to stop right then and there. His eyes were closed, and you were tracing the shape of his face with your finger, stopping to circle around his eyes and his pretty lips, then leaned forward to press a soft kiss to his forehead. “Jungkook,” you whispered, and he hummed, a slight smile coming to rest on his face. “I’m glad you’re mine,” you said, your own eyes closing and your head resting on his bicep as his other hand pulled your lower body closer to his. You smiled, leaning over to grab at your pillow and chuck it off the bed, “Pillows are over-rated,” you said, giggling. “I’m glad you’re mine, too, Y/N.”

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28 Speirs / Leib...blushes and runs away

i’m gonna do this as a ship but if you wanted it individually let me know however i’ve never written for this as a ship before so i was excited to see what i can do and i hope you like it

How Speirs and Liebgott became friends exactly no one ever quite figured out. What they did know, however, is that after they became friends, it was rare to see one without the other.

Things were different when it was announced the war was over. They both had different plans: Speirs wanted to stay in the Army and Liebgott wanted to go home to California. They promised to keep in contact, but Liebgott didn’t uphold his end of the promise.

The two years following the war, Liebgott was at home but no one knew what he was doing during that time. Speirs also tried to get in contact, and many times Liebgott held his letters, tracing the familiar script on the front of the envelope, but ultimately got rid of them. Eventually, with no response, Speirs let himself become distracted by his work, and stopped writing.

Even though Liebgott wasn’t writing him anything, he was a little more than disappointed when Speirs stopped sending letters. Speirs had his reasons, Liebgott was sure, for not writing back. He knew he had stayed in the Army was probably very busy with his career.

Liebgott also had to have had his reasons for not writing back, Speirs told himself. He had his family and was trying to make that work on a cabbie’s budget.

Throughout the years, Speirs tried to write Liebgott, but either the letters would get sent back or he wouldn’t get anything back at all. Liebgott hid all the letters, or burned them. He wanted to forget the war, and sadly, this also meant forgetting everyone in it.

They had spent much time together in the final parts of the war when it was winding down, and learned to love the small mannerisms each exhibited. That’s how it happened, really, their story. That’s all anyone needed to know about them.

Speirs stopped writing after all those years of trying, and they both moved on eventually. However, they stayed at the back of each other’s minds, because even if only for a short while, they knew what they had was real.