The Autonomous Tent

The Autonomous Tent is a form of architecture, designed as a permanent structure, that can be raised in a few days and “leave without a trace”. Designed by architect Harry Gesner, these private hideaways provide all the comforts of home but do not require foundations or utilities.

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which commissions were traced? o.o

I’m not a person for long posts and I don’t think most people are so I’ll make this as short as possible! Edit: I’m only going to post the public info, if anyone wants to add onto this with their own experiences with the OP tracing or Misaki they may do so!

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Thomas Jorion

Traces of Empire

The history of the former French colonies is nothing if not controversial. For many in contemporary France, the entire era is a difficult subject; the successive conquest of foreign places, the claiming of lands from Quebec to the Caribbean, from North Africa to India to China, belongs to an era of imperial ambition that is now discredited or worse. But the colonial era is also ripe for historical narrative, for tales of adventurous men and women setting out into the unknown, sailing to the other side of the world, seeking fortune and freedom, a new life and a new world. That social and political era is over; but the visible evidence of French presence persists. In cities from Casablanca to Pondicherry to Shanghai, on the island of Madagascar, Algiers, or Port-au-Prince, there remain buildings both modest and grand, in varying states of decay. But even the relics are suggestive. 

Climatic constraints and local materials stimulated French architects and engineers, as did the ever present inspiration of indigenous and vernacular buildings; distance from home gave the architects greater stylistic freedom and range. For the past couple of years I have been traveling to the former colonies of France to document the relics, to tell the diverse stories of constructions that have been, in a sense, orphaned by history. This series of photographs, a portion of which is presented here, is part of my ongoing exploration of memory and suspended time. I made the entire project with my large format camera 4x5” and negative films.

Thomas Jorion


I’ve just started the first of four introductory animation workshops with this year’s wonderful illustration diploma students at Melbourne Polytechnic. There are loads of easily accessible ways to start animating, but one of my favourite exercises is the 9 frame animated morph.

To start with everyone drew a simple image, which we then arranged them in the best order to get silly transitions. I then photocopied each persons drawings so that everyone had their image and the image theirs was to morph into. We then traced off a breakdown pose and inbetweens which cushion to the first and last drawings to give them a nice ease in and out (see the above chart). We used pegboards which I made myself to match the size of a standard 80mm hole punch to ensure that all of the drawings would line up with each other (it’s an illustration course and we only do four weeks of animation so there’s no justification for $700 hole punches).

 You can buy one of my little rustic pegboards, if that’s what you’re into.

Insane [Open Rp Starter] [Hendrix]

Sechy was beat, For the last few eeks he had let his depression get the best of him. He hadn’t fed and was avoiding everyone,Even his counter part.
This had led to his Darker vampire Hendrix taking over and nobody being safe.

Now Hendrix had chased you here,To the abandoned amusement park. He stopped,Standing outside the gates as he gave you a few extra seconds to run and hide somewhere.
He then walked in,A psychopathic grin on his face as his static eyes darted around,Looking for traces of you, His ears twitched as he tried to pick up your breathing and heartbeat.
“The Devils Nightmare Is Loose” He called out. Starting to walk deeper in the park.

Please congratulate my friends @lady_naturalist and @paleeoguy on their being published! Childhood dream for them, and me too–maybe one day! Congratulations, you guys! You deserve it! #paleontology #paleo #tracks #traces #fossils #ichnology #science #dinosaurs #dino #dinosaur #dinos #paleo #indianauniversitypress

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Viria, i was wondering how do you feel about artists who trace other artists work? I understand that for artists tracing can be a good tool to help them learn how to draw but... something doesn't sit right with me when I see some artists trace other artists work, change it a little bit, and then call it their own on tumblr. Do you have any tips in how to avoid relying on tracing and what should you do if you see someones art being traced? i know its not technically stealing but still...

I’m fine with other people tracing *my* work, as long as they don’t do what you said. Don’t post it anywhere saying hey look what a great idea I had. Doesn’t sit right with me either.

BUT when they do it for themselves only, or for their friends, not sayin it’s theirs, i”m okay with it. Also personally I think if you have to choose between references and other people’s work, always choose references. (photos), because artists are people and you may just keep copying someone’s mistakes without realizing it.

If you don’t want to rely on tracing, then…don’t trace is my advice. REDRAW, if you have to, but never really trace. I said it before, tutorials are way to go!;)

And about what you should do….Everyone chooses for themselves, I think. Personally I’m not really a big fan of someone sends me links to something people traced from my work, because I think I WILL look at it and it will upset me if it’s uncredited…I’d say if you want to go as far as defending an artist, you may send messages to the original to credit, but send it to the artist if you know they tend to deal with it. Because personally I barely ever have the energy to do anything about it, especially if it’s on some different site. If it’s actual art theft though, it’s a different thing…

I’m sorry if I’m not really helpful out here;_; Not everyone has the same opinion on this, so don’t rely on me only! 

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Realising you're gay and looking back at all the times you thought you were straight. Is like looking back at your life and being like "oh it started then"17yo... "No wait" 15yo... "Omg so obvious"13yo ....?? 5yo???? Like damn how long have I been gay? And I didn't even know? Rotflol it's like seeing how far back you can trace your ancestry. Only with gayness in your life.

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Holtzbert thing I keep thinking about. Holtz and Erin are both in their respective spaces in the lab, working. Holtz is sautering something and Erin hears her say, "Ow, fuck." but she doesn't stop working. "Holtz, are you okay?" "I'm fine." "You just said 'ow, fuck.'" Erin coming over to see where she hurt herself. Basically, something popped while sautering and hit her on the back or shoulder and Erin making Holtz show her and seeing all her scars. :O

im !!!!!

  • holtz is just “erin it’s fine!!! see? no mark!” with a proud smile for once not hurting herself. 
  • erin just gives her a deadpan look, but then notices a long white scar that reaches across holtz’ shoulder blade and the top of her spine. erin frowns, letting her fingers trace it boldly as holtz shivers at the touch
  • “wow…are you-okay? how did this happen?” holtz just grins and shrugs, but erin can tell by the way she trembles at erins touch it means something more. “oh! when i was 19 i tried to make one of my many faulty experiments. turns out, metal can fly really fast and hard when you’re not looking” 
  • erin rolls her eyes, bc of course, thats such a holtz thing to do
  • when they’re dating erin kisses the scars when holtz wakes up sleeping on her stomach, and traces little patterns idly. its enough to make holtz hum and mumble “totally worth the 3 months in hospital” 
  • wait, 3 MONTHS???”
Actions Speak Louder Than

Iris supposes they’re lucky they managed to make it to the bedroom, let alone the bed after she had unceremoniously shoved Barry against the apartment door the instant he closed it behind him. As she lunges for the buttons on his shirt, she wonders if perhaps the crown of fastest should go to her for the way she consistently manages to catch The Flash himself off-guard.

Except Barry then speeds her down the hallway and plops her onto the mattress easily, forcing her to acknowledge reality again, and the fact that, well, he’s fast.

Fast, that is, until his lips trace a painfully slow path over her neck, down her chest, and across her stomach before they tease the skin at the hem of her panties.

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Fool Me Once (Bucky x Steve x Reader)

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A/N: 1940S!BUCKY ANGST, I HEAR YOU CRY! Your wish is my command. I warn you now, this will do things to your feelings and I’m not even sorry. Thank you to the two the anon and @minervaem who requested this one!

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