trace state


Limestone bed loaded with trace fossil burrows, Falls of the Ohio State Park, Indiana


“this one is for strength.” he stated, tracing the ruin.

“whats this one?” you asked, fingers skimming his bicep.

“Stamina.” he grinned. this boy could make anything dirty.


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Are you sure you're not mixed? It's not normal for African girls to have long hair.

…….I can trace my ancestry back 7 generations. My parents are from Lagos Nigeria, all of my grandparents are from Lagos Nigeria, all of my great grandparents are from Lagos Nigeria, all of my great great grandparents are from Lagos Nigeria, and after that one side is from Osun, Nigeria and the other side is from Ogun, Nigeria. And it keeps tracing back between Ogun State and Osun State, until it all ends up tracing back to Osun State Nigeria. I’m 100% Nigerian. 100% Yoruba. 100% African. 100% Black. African girls can have long hair if it is taken care of and moisturized. Our hair grows just like everyone else. All of the women in my family have long hair unless they decided to cut it. And my great grandmother had long natural hair down to her knees. 

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Fluffy cute Zen and Mc cuddling pls~~

There are three ways Zen usually cuddles with you 

Number 1

He loves being the big spoon because it soothes him knowing he has the power to relax you. During this position, it’s where you two talk about each others day. His fingers will run through your hair while his other hand traces down your spine. You enjoy this position because you feel his warmth radiating through your skin. The beating of his heart and the humming of his voice reminds you that it eventually does get better. 

Number 2

Zen sees you as a work of art. Have stretch marks that you hate? He will trace them gently as if he was touching porcelain glass. With each stretch mark that he traces, he will state a reason why he loves you. Have scars that you hate? He will kiss them while looking into your eyes. He loves everything that you hate about yourself. What Hyun loves the most about you is your face. It is his favorite thing to wake up to. He loves tracing your jaw all the way down to your chest because it reminds him that you are actually alive. That someone as magnificent as you belongs to him. 

Number 3 

Sometimes when life likes to mess with either of you, you need that intimate cuddling. The both of you crave each other’s skin in it’s purest form. Holding each other let’s your souls dance together while your hearts infuse into one. This is the position where the both of you are at your weakness. Vulnerable moments are shared right here because sometimes, you just need to take off the mask you have on and be seen.

New Beginnings - Fourteen

The rest of the team left, Hotch giving you strict instructions not to leave the building under any circumstances. You stood up to move to Penelope’s office, or her bat cave as you referred to it, grabbing your laptop bag and phones. 

“Y/N?” Penelope seemed hesitant. 


“Can I hug you….. It’s more for me than you. I just really need a hug right now.”

You looked at her and she’d never looked so lost and small in all the time you’d known her. 

You pulled her into a quick hug feeling her grasp you tightly, hearing her sniffing. “I’m so sorry,” she whispered quietly, pulling back after a moment or two. When she did you smiled at her and she gave you a watery grin back.

“To the bat cave, Pen?“ 

She nodded. “To the bat cave.”

By the time the team regrouped again at 10pm that evening, the bat cave and meeting room had been transformed. 

The boards were covered in photos of the four crime scenes, your own included. You were working hard to emotionally detach yourself as much as you could but seeing the photos of your old room, blood and glass splattered everywhere on the floor, had caused you to vomit again. That was earlier though, and you were holding it together now. 

Joshua Cane’s photo had been circulated amongst the team, as well as photos that Garcia had put together of him with different hair colors and various facial accessories as you all had to assume that he would have tried to alter his appearance. It had shocked you seeing the picture of him taken on his release day from prison, nine years had barely aged him at all. 

The boards contained any new information that the team had managed to garner, calling in to you and Garcia every so often. 

Victim number three Kelly Casey had been stabbed 14 times as you’d thought, but she hadn’t been sexually assaulted. Her boyfriend Paul Matthews also hadn’t been stabbed at all, but had been shot point blank in the head execution style, meaning Cane had a firearm. 

The ME hadn’t been able to tell who had been killed first but given that Paul’s clothing was covered in cast off that matched Kelly’s blood type, the assumption was that he’d been made to watch and then killed after. 

Both Rossi and Hotch had commented that Cane seemed to be making a point that if he couldn’t have you, then no one else could, and that thought chilled you to your bones. 

The couple had last been seen around 11pm leaving a party with their friends and had chosen to walk home, not living far. None of the routes that they would logically have taken home would have taken them via Catton Park, so it was thought that they’d been abducted along the way, which meant Cane had to have some form of transportation. 

The second victim Kennedy Marshall had been last seen at 10pm leaving her local gym, which also turned out to be the same gym that you and Spencer had been using. Her car had been located in a side street not far away, as she’d been using a day pass rather than a members pass so didn’t have on site parking privileges. 

Her body had been discovered the following morning at 5am by a garbage disposal truck that was collecting from the restaurant. The garbage men had both had alibi’s that checked out so hadn’t been considered suspects originally. 

Derek had spoken to the owners of the restaurant and had shown them yours and Reid’s pictures along with the various pictures of Cane that Penelope had provided. He recognised you and Reid but hadn’t recognised Cane. He did recall another English guy coming in around the last time you and Reid had visited but he didn’t stay, only asking for a menu and then leaving. The owner couldn’t provide a description though, only remembering the accent. 

Charlotte Days, the first victim had been discovered by her roommate who’d gone out drinking at a local bar. Although they did live in campus housing, it was actually off site dorms so wasn’t part of the main college complex. The dorms were more like small apartments shared between two or three people. Her boyfriend had been suspected as he’d been the last person to be seen with her, studying at a local library together earlier that evening, again one which you and Spencer had visited previously. Windows had been smashed in the room and some non expensive jewelry had been taken to indicate a robbery.  

Her scene mirrored yours almost exactly, she was the only one to be sexually assaulted although a condom had been used. She’d also suffered a massive headwound like you had which the ME had said would have rendered her unconscious and unable to fight back. This matched up with the fact that there were no defensive wounds on her. Due to the amount of people in and out of her room, the was a mass of fingerprints and DNA evidence for the CSI’s to be searching through. 

So far the team had no leads, no idea how Cane had gotten into the country or where he was.

The only thing that everyone agreed on was that it was him. It was too much of a coincidence for it not to be. 

Agents in the UK were going back out to reinterview Cane’s family and old associates to see if anything new had turned up. They weren’t hopeful though. His parents had disowned him when he’d been sent down, and they’d refused to make contact with him when he’d been released. You’d remembered how his mum had asked for a visit with you, sobbing her apologies when you’d agreed to see her. 

You also remembered hearing how Cane’s half brother Dean who had been a few years older, had been killed 18 months ago in a car wreck and that you’d actually felt sorry for his mum, essentially having lost both of her children. 

“Let’s call it a day for now guys. We’re not going to get anywhere at this time of night. Everyone rest and be back here at 9am tomorrow.“ 

Hotch turned to you and Spencer. “I’ve made arrangements for you to stay at alternative accommodation. Derek has demanded that he be given a room on the same floor and given the circumstances I think that would be a good idea. There will also be a patrol unit outside the entrances. Try and get some rest and I’ll see you both in the morning.”

Derek drove you all to the hotel Hotch had checked you into, stopping by a drive thru on the way so you could all grab something to eat. You ate in the car in silence, just wanting to get to your destination and check in. 

You arrived and checked in, Hotch had used fake names for the three of you which was standard practice. 

Derek had raised his eyebrows when he’d seen there were only two room keys. “I guess I’ll room with Y/N then Spencer. Give you chance to rest that pretty little brain of yours,” he teased.

“Not a chance Derek,” he replied, grabbing one of the keys and opening the door, taking your bags inside. 

Morgan placed a hand on your arm before you followed. “Hey, I know you guys haven’t actually said anything official to the rest of the team yet, but I’m pleased for you both.” You smiled at him as continued. “Reid’s a great guy and you two suit each other. I’m just……sorry for everything else that’s happening.”

“Thanks Derek.” You gave him a quick peck on the cheek before closing the door and locking it behind you. 

Spencer walked over to you pulling you into his warm embrace. “How you doing?“ 

"I’m……I’m okay,” you said into his shoulder. “I just wanna solve this case like any other so we can get on with our lives.”

“Me too.” He kissed your forehead sweetly, his lips warm and gentle before releasing you. 

You both showered and changed for bed, climbing under the covers and settling down, turning off the lights. You rolled on to your side feeling Spencer curve himself around you. 

You weren’t sure how long you’d been lying there for or if you’d actually drifted off, when you’d felt him pull away from you and climb out of bed. He padded across the floor to the bathroom and a few moments later you heard the shower switch on again. 

Strange you thought to yourself, he’d already showered before bed.

He emerged about twenty minutes later, hair damp again and climbed back into bed lying on his back. You rolled over, resting your head on his chest. “Everything okay?”  you whispered. 

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up. I couldn’t sleep. ”

“It’s okay. I’m not sure I was asleep anyway. What were you doing?”

He tensed slightly, not answering you.

“Spencer,” you prompted. 

“I’m not sure it’s appropriate to tell you, given our current predicament.”



You caught on. You laughed softly. “I do that sometimes to help me sleep as well. You could have done it here.” You stated tracing shapes with your hand over his tee shirt. 

“Could I have? Don’t girls find that weird?“ 

"Did you find it weird last night when I did it?" 

"Well no, that was like the sexiest thing I’ve seen ever.”

You blushed at his words wondering if he could feel how warm you cheeks had gone. You tilted your head up to look at him. “Exactly Spence.”

He raised his eyebrows at you his mouth opening with a quiet, “Oh”. 

“What were you thinking about?” You asked him, feeling his tummy tense at the shapes you were drawing. To be honest you’d expected him to have moved your hand by now. 

He coughed before answering, “You, last night. The look on your your face when you were touching yourself…..Oh and you today, trying to tease me with that god damn banana you were eating.”


“You’re so beautiful and sexy Y/N. I don’t think you realise what you do to me.”

Just his words then we’re enough to make you groan. “Spencer?" 


“Can you go again?” You searched his face hoping he’d get what you were implying. 

Something flashed in his eyes. “Now? You want me to…..Um……" 

"Yeah. I wanna watch.”

He thought about it for a second before responding. “One condition.”

You nodded, you’d literally have done anything. 

“Strip. I need a visual and why close my eyes and imagine when I could have the most beautiful girl in the world next to me naked.”

You hesitated for a movement. Although he’d seen your breasts last night, you hadn’t actually taken your underwear off. Still, you’d thought, he was gonna have to take his off. 

You nodded, lifting your hips and shimmying out of your pajama shorts and underwear. You changed position, kneeling next to him on the bed, watching as he pushed his bottoms and boxers down as well.  

Your eyes went straight to his groin, you couldn’t help it. He was already hard again the conversation you’d been having obviously sparking the same feelings it had in you. He wasn’t huge, but he definitely wasn’t small either. It was for want of a better word, perfect. 

You bit your lips, licking them and hearing his breath hitch in his throat. “Please don’t sit there licking your lips at me like that,” he whispered. “It gives me such ideas." 

"I could….?” you offered. 

“Oh you will, but not tonight.” Your eyebrows shot up. He was smirking again. 

He lifted his palm to your mouth. “Spit please….Oh and take your shirt off.”

You obeyed spitting into his palm, you knew what he wanted it for but it still didn’t stop the small moan escaping your lips when he moved his hand down, coating himself in your saliva. 

Your eyes widened watching as his hand slowly worked itself up and down his length, his other hand reaching out and trailing up from your knee to the bottom of your shirt. He pushed it up. “Off, now please.”

You grabbed the bottom of your shirt, slowly lifting it and pulling it over your head, tossing it to one side. Kneeling there, naked at the side of him you felt exposed, but seeing the look in his eyes and hearing the low groan from his throat as he took you in, you realised you’d never felt more desired. 

His hand pumped faster, his thumb swiping over his glistening tip every so often. His other hand remained on you trailing up and down over your body, his feather like touch sending shivers through you.  

The noises he was eliciting were delicious and you loved the look on his face, his eyes roaming from you face all over your body and then back up to you eyes. His hand paused over your breasts and your moaned as his finger swiped over your nipple. 

“Fuck,” he groaned seeing your head tilt back in pleasure. You were starting to feel warm and wet between your legs. He started to move his hand over but you grabbed it, holding it to you chest. His fingers started pulling and teasing at you just the way you wanted. You shifted, parting your legs slightly. 

“One sec.” he said, stopping his exploration of your chest and slowing his strokes on himself. He took your hand dragging it down to between your legs. “Do you like watching this? Is it making you wet Y/N?” His voice was low. 

You nodded as he pushed your hand so that your fingers were just below your opening, not actually touching you himself. You locked eyes with him seeing him smirk as he pushed you inside yourself, you gasping as he did, feeling how moist and slick you actually were. 

He pulled your hand away tugging it to his mouth and flicking his tongue out tasting you. You both groaned at the same time and you reached down with your other hand starting to rub yourself. 

He spied your hand and his own strokes quickened again, his grip tightening and his moans coming faster now. He released your hand from his mouth and you moved it to your breast, stroking and tugging one nipple. He moved his free hand to you other breast, copying you. 

You pace quickened and your eyes widened as your saw him lift his hips of the bed slightly his legs tensing up. He must be close you thought, just as he voiced your thoughts. 

“I’m nearly there Y/N. Can you cum with me?”

You nodded, feeling him pinch your nipple harder and you pushed harder with your fingers, rubbing your throbbing bundle of nerves faster. You started to shake seeing him do the same as you let out a loud moan, you head tilting back and your eyes closing as you came. You opened them just in time to see Spencer releasing himself, hot sticky fluid pooling on his stomach.

You shifted positions, lying down next to him, the room filled with the sounds of your breathing, both of you still panting softly. 

A few moments later Spencer spoke quietly. “I’ve never actually done that in front of anyone before.”

“Up until yesterday, I hadn’t either,” you responded, smiling. 

“You’re amazing Y/N.”

“You’re not so bad yourself Dr Reid,” you giggled. 

You climbed of the bed, grabbing your pajamas and chucking a packet of baby wipes on the bed whilst you headed into the bathroom to clean up. 

When you emerged five minutes later, Spencer was back in his bottoms lying on his side. 

You climbed back into bed with him, feeling him wrap himself around you. “Spence.”


“I’m so glad we met. I know it’s a bit of a cliché to say this, but I’ve never felt this way about anyone.”

His embrace on you tightened. “Neither have I, Y/N. When I’m with you I feel like I could do anything. Like anything is possible. I love you.”

“Love you too. Night Spencer. Sweet dreams.”

“Night Y/N. You are my sweet dream.”

take me home ; justlex

fandom ; 13 reasons why 

summary/request ; hey girl! could you please do a justlex imagine based off the song take me home by jess glynne?? - daddyrossbutler

word count ; 1,800

character count ; 9,644

estimated reading time ; 6 minutes, 33 seconds

warnings ;  angsty.

author’s note ; i’ve decided that most of my imagines are going to be au, meaning that hannah and jeff are alive but she still sent the tapes but changed them a bit so there was an extra one saying “and this is why i didn’t kill myself” and everyone (except bryce, courtney and marcus) apologised and became friends and everyone’s happy.

Italics are memories

Wrapped up, so consumed by all this hurt
If you ask me, don’t know where to start
Anger, love, confusion 

1, 2, 3, 4, 5. No matter what he did, Alex couldn’t fall asleep. He didn’t know what it was, maybe it was new sheets he had, maybe it was the annoying buzzing sound coming from his tv, or maybe, and most likely, it was the missing body of a certain Justin Foley. 

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I can't stop thinking about the soulmates AU you posted! I really love the premise, and Barry's "promise to dump my body somewhere else" pulled at my heartstrings too. Except now I'm wondering how this would have played out without the soulmark conveniently (well, or inconveniently, depending on the perspective) the encounter, because Len already seemed somewhat reluctant about killing Barry before that. Ack, why is this so intriguing?!

I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s been thinking of it, to be honest. I enjoyed filling that prompt more than I expected.

And it’s a neat question, what would happen were it not for the Deux Ex Machina of them Bonding…. 

Let’s copy/paste and edit the scene to find out, shall we?

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“Point at a place on the map”, Dean prompted.

Sam bit his lower lip and looked at the map of the Untied States. He traced his finger across the map, hesitating in places like Cambridge, Nashville, Cleveland and Indianapolis.

Finally, he stops, pointing at Philadelphia.

“Here”, he tells his brother.

Dean looks at him and then the map. “A bit more west and a bit more south…” he says. Sam sighs. Of course.

He moves his finger slowly across the map. When he reaches Lawrence, Dean almost looks pleased.

“Here”, Sam tries again. His brother frowns in response and nods his head as if to prompt Sam to go even further west.

Sam rolls his eyes, but continues.

This time he doesn’t stop until he reaches San Francisco. Dean is looking proud of Sam, as of he had achived a long-time goal.

“But a little more south”, he says. Sam wants to stab Dean by then, but doesn’t. Instead, he follows his brother’s instructions.

When he slides this thumb over Paulo Alto, Dean cheers.

“Paulo Alto?” Sam asks. “Why Paulo Alto of all the places in the world.”

“Oh Sammy”, Dean chuckles. “When you go to Stanford you’re going to have to get a better grip of the area.”

A pause.

A breath.

“What?” Sam asks, finally. Dean looks like he’s about to explode, he can barely contain his smile.

“You got accepted!” Dean cheers. He brings an envelope forward to Sam’s face. It’s sealed. “And it’s the first of many, I’m sure…” Dean carries on, “but I thought, why not go on a road trip to check it out?”

He looks at Sam, expecting to see the younger Winchester smile in glee. Instead, he’s staring at the letter.

“It’s not open”, Sam points out. Dean smirks.

“Yeah, but I know already that you’re coming in”, he explained. Sam burrows his eyebrows and looks sceptically at his big brother. “They’d be fools not to beg for you to go there.” Sam looks even more unconvinced.

“Alright, let’s make a deal?” Dean says finally. “You get accepted, we go check the place out. You don’t, we’ll go eat ice cream and I’ll drive you down and we’ll throw stones at the building.”

Sam scoffed, but nodded. Fair enough.

He opened the letter swiftly and pulled the letter out. He barely even read it, just skimmed it and… He was accepted!

He doesn’t expect to smile so much, but he does. Dean’s proud smile reflects his.

“I told ya’”, Dean shrugs. “They’d be fools if they didn’t accept my genius lil bro.”

Sam throws his arms around Dean and for a second he almost kisses him, but quickly turns away. It’s just an embrace.

When they separate from the hug they’re both grinning like children ln Christmas.

“The Winchester boys are going to Paulo Alto!” Dean cheers.

“If you want me to go you better never say that every again”, Sam decides.

Dean smiles lovingly. “Bitch.”

Sam rolls his eyes. “Jerk.”


Ten key revelations from the Paradise Papers

1) Millions of pounds from the Queen’s private estate has been invested in a Cayman Islands fund – and some of her money went to a retailer accused of exploiting poor families and vulnerable people.

2) Extensive offshore dealings by Donald Trump’s cabinet members, advisers and donors, including substantial payments from a firm co-owned by Vladimir Putin’s son-in-law to the shipping group of the US commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross.

3) How Twitter and Facebook received hundreds of millions of dollars in investments that can be traced back to Russian state financial institutions.

4) The tax-avoiding Cayman Islands trust managed by the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s chief moneyman.

5) A previously unknown $450m offshore trust that has sheltered the wealth of Lord Ashcroft.

6) Aggressive tax avoidance by multinational corporations, including Nike and Apple.

7) How some of the biggest names in the film and TV industries protect their wealth with an array of offshore schemes.

8) The billions in tax refunds by the Isle of Man and Malta to the owners of private jets and luxury yachts.

9) The secret loan and alliance used by the London-listed multinational Glencore in its efforts to secure lucrative mining rights in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

10) The complex offshore webs used by two Russian billionaires to buy stakes in Arsenal and Everton football clubs.

All Time Travelers Go to Heaven Ch 12

This story is long due for an update. As I said before, The Island of Lost Dakotas will be ignored. Otherwise Vinnie could’ve just traveled back in time, hid the file so Balthazar couldn’t find it, and he never would’ve gotten killed. Course, this means they wouldn’t be able to find out about Milo so it’s a double edged sword. 

Ch 12- On the Street

The sleeping arrangements would not be good for his back later. Balthazar yawned, stretching his legs out, taking care to avoid bumping into the table. During the night, several photo frames had broken and splintered, and many of the fake fish were hanging from their boards by only a thin wire. 

Mostly around Milo’s area. He was lucky none of them fell on top of him while he slept. 

Milo was already awake. Balthazar couldn’t help but be impressed by how quickly he would get ready for the day. He was a lot faster than Vinnie, that’s for sure. 

Speaking of Vinnie….

He was still passed out, his eyes shut tight against the early morning rays of the sun. Balthazar grimaced at the small trickle of drool that had built up on the corner of his mouth. 

Wasn’t anything new, but it irritated him all the same. 

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Could you please tell me a little more about Hel? Or link me to some stuff to read about Her? Please and thank you :)

Unfortunately, the lore doesn’t give us much about Hel compared to her father. Most of our info about her comes from Gylfaginning in the Prose Edda (Faulkes translation):

There was a giantess called Angrboda in Giantland. With her Loki had three children. One was Fenriswolf, the second Iormungand (i.e. the Midgard serpent), the third is Hel. And when the gods realized that these three siblings were being brought up in Giantland, and when the gods traced prophecies stating that from these siblings great mischief and disaster would arise for them, they all felt evil was to be expected from them, to begin with because of their mother’s nature, but still worse because of their father’s.

Then All-father sent the gods to get the children and bring them to him….Hel he threw into Niflheim and gave her authority over nine worlds, such that she has to administer board and lodging to those sent to her, and that is those who die of sickness or old age. She has great mansions there and her walls are exceptionally high and the gates great. Her hall is called Eliudnir, her dish Hunger, her knife Famine, the servant Ganglati, serving-maid Ganglot, her threshold where you enter Stumbling-block, her bed Sick-bed, her curtains Gleaming-bale. She is half black and half flesh-coloured – thus she is easily recognizable – and rather downcast and fierce-looking.

There are two other places where she appears prominently in the lore. The first is the story of Baldr’s death, where she refuses to ransom the murdered god to the realm of the living unless all beings weep for him. The second is Ragnarok, where she sends out her armies of the dead on the ship Naglfar, which has been slowly built from the nails of the deceased throughout the ages.

From what I’ve heard, most devotees experience her as cold and impartial, but extremely strong and just. I personally haven’t interacted with her all that much, except in a few very formal vigils for the dead where neither party said much of anything. If you’d like to read others’ UPG, you can check out some of these Hel devotees (mostly taken from here and here):

I especially recommend queenofswords’ devotional tag and lavenderwrath’s hela* tag.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into Norse conceptions of the afterlife, I’d also recommend The Road to Hel by Hilda Roderick Ellis.

And while I wouldn’t recommend this person per se, you’re inevitably going to find them anyway, so I might as well throw in some disclaimers. Raven Kaldera has a shrine with a lot of UPG. Just keep in mind that Kaldera has 1) some gross views on gender and cultural appropriation and 2) a tendency to present UPG as fact. If you must browse Kaldera’s stuff, check everything against other sources before accepting it as unadulterated truth.

I’m sorry if you’ve already found all of that, but again, there’s not a ton of stuff out there. Good luck in your research!

-Mod E

Let My Love [Ch. 5]

Pairings: Kuroo Tetsurou/Tsukishima Kei, Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru

Summary: For Kuroo, finding love was all about patience. He had no problem with waiting for the right person to come along, no matter how many awkward dinners or weddings he had to endure as a single man until they did. Regardless, meeting Tsukishima was something he’d never been prepared for. The feelings were overwhelming and intoxicating, ones he was sure he’d do anything for. However, it seemed his endless waiting wasn’t over.

Rating: T

Warnings: none

Note: Heh…so I know I’ve taken forever to update this, but I’m still here! I love this story too much to abandon it, but I’ve been super busy with school and other projects, so thanks for understanding! I hope I can have another chapter out soon, enjoy! Big thanks to @emeraldwaves for reading this over for me!



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Don’t Laugh

Hi there. I’m just your average fangirl here. Please don’t completely judge me based on what I write. I write these fics for fun and for anyone who finds them entertaining. And remember, their called fanFICTION for a reason. Don’t take them too seriously. Okay, enjoy.

Fanfic: tickle

Summary: Mark, Bob, Wade, Ethan, and Tyler are doing the “Don’t Laugh Challenge”. But when everyone finds out that Mark’s ticklish, they all have other plans.


It was just another day at Mark’s house. Bob and Wade were in town for a while and Tyler and Ethan were having a good time with them, so they all decided to do a “Don’t Laugh Challenge” video. They had to last as long they possibly could without laughing. But, to make things exciting, touching was allowed. Wade went first and got to 1 minute and 26 seconds. Next was Tyler who got to 2:03. Then Bob who got to 2:56, and Ethan who made it to 1:43.

Then it was Mark’s turn, and believe me when I say that he was fucking determined. So they pulled some the old jokes, making fun of each other, slightly hurt each other, making sick jokes. But Mark was rock solid.

“Damn, Mark’s hold it in pretty well this time.” Bob said. Mark nodded.

“Guys, it’s not working.”

“We need to bring out the big guns.” Since they were allowed to touch, they did things like ruffle Mark’s hair, leaning on him, and they even brought Chica in with them to help but, nothing was doing it. Mark stood there, smiling on the inside for his success as he couldn’t on the outside.

That is, until Ethan snuck behind Mark and began poking his side, which caused the older man to crack a smile.

“Look he smiled.” Tyler stated.

“Ethan what are you doing to him?” Bob asked.

“I’m just poking him.” Ethan answered.

“Well keep going. It’s working.” Ethan continued to poke his friend’s side and eventually took it up a notch by squeezing his side, making Mark spit.

“Ahaha stohohop thahahat!” Mark giggled grabbed a hold of Ethan hands.

“Ha. He spat.” Wade announced.


“Oh my God, Mark you’re-”

“Don’t say it.” Mark interrupted.


“Dude, I didn’t know you were ticklish. That’s fucking hilarious.” Bob said through his own fit of laughter.

“Shut up!” Mark retorted.

“Come on. You gotta admit that was pretty funny.” Ethan said elbowing Mark in the ribs, making him giggle and recoil.

“Dang man, how ticklish are you?” Tyler questioned.

“None of your damn business.” Mark said. “We can make it our business.” Ethan said wiggling his fingers in Mark’s direction. Mark’s eyes widened. “Guys, I know what you’re thinking, and no way in hell.” Mark slowly back away as the rest of his friends edged closer.

“Grab him!” Ethan shouted. Mark quickly tried to make a run for it, but was stopped when Wade grabbed a hold of his arm and wrapped his arms around him. “I got him.” Wade said.

“Wade, get off!” Mark demanded, thrashing from side to side try his best to shake Wade off.

“Wade, here.” Ethan said pointing to the couch next to them. Wade lightly shoved Mark onto it. The other quickly rushed to pin the man down, Bob holding his arms above his head and Tyler and Ethan hold his legs.

“Let go of me you assholes!”

“Not until we’re done experimenting.” Ethan explained. “Experimenting?” Mark asked very nervous.

“Now we already did your sides, how about your stomach?” Ethan asked starting to lightly scribble his fingers across Mark very sensitive tummy. Mark bit his lip to keep from laughing, determined not to give in.

“And what about here Mark.” Bob said skittering along Mark’s ribs.

“And here.” Tyler stated, lightly tracing shapes on the soles of Mark’s socked feet. With every new sensation that came, it became harder and harder for Mark to keep it together. But it all went south for Mark when Bob accidentally began spidering at his underarms, making him erupt with uncontrollably laughter.

“AHAHA FAHAHACK! NOHOHO!” All of them stopped to see where their hands were, but it was only when Bob kept going that Mark’s laughter elevated. “I think you found a tickle spot Bob.” Tyler announced.

“Damn Mark. It must really tickle here to make you laugh that hard.” Bob teased emphasizing the word “really” by adding his other hand to spider his finger at the hollows of Mark’s other underarm. And the short sleeve shirt Mark had on didn’t serve as any protection from the attacks. “NAHAHAHA! QUHUHUIT IHIHT!”

“But we’re having so much fun playing with you.” Ethan taunted adding his own attack on his friend’s stomach back into the mixture.


“Come on Markimoo. You know you’re having fun too.” Ethan said. Tyler then started his assault on Mark’s feet again, causing Mark’s laughter to go up an octave.

“YOHOHOU AHAHALL SUHUHUCK DIHIHICKS RIGHT NO- AHAHAH! FAHAHA-!” Tyler’s hands had wandering up to Mark’s toes and began scratching at the space underneath, driving Mark insane. Squirming and kicking trying to pull his foot back.

“Dang Mark, you’re like ticklish everywhere.”

“What about here?” Wade said spidering his finger along Mark neck. Mark squealed and tensed up his shoulder to try and block the attack.

“And here?” Bob asked curiously taking one finger and lightly tracing the rim of his ear, making Mark snort which caused him to blush uncontrollably.

“Holy shit, did you just snort? Dude, that's​ fucking priceless.” Ethan said now laughing along with Mark.



“Duhhh. That’s kind of the point.”

“Is there anywhere we haven’t tried yet?” Ethan asked. “What about behind his knees? I’ve heard that that spot can be ticklish.” Ethan then moved his hand to scribble behind Mark’s knees.

Mark’s laughter lessened as he was as ticklish there. “Not as much. How about his thighs?” Mark’s eyes widen and weakly shook his head.


The rest of them stopped and looked at each other. “Oh. You mean here?” Ethan said playing dumb lazily dragging one of his fingers along Mark’s thigh, keeping him in a endless giggle fit. “Nohoho! Dohohon’t!” Mark said.

“What's​ wrong Mark? Is the tickling too much for you?” Tyler added. “I cahahan’t-! Plehehehease!”
“Well in that case, it would be horrible if this happened.” Without​ warning Ethan was squeezing and prodding up and down Mark thighs, making the older man go ballistic.


“Woah, he’s like going insane.” Wade said. “This is freaking amazing. How did we not know about any of this sooner?” Bob asked.

“I don’t know but, now that we do know we should do this more often.”

“G-GUHUHUYS! STAHA-! NOHOHO MOHOHORE! PLEHEHEHEASE! ” Mark managed to say. Tears now starting to stream down his face from the instance laughter. But it wasn’t until Mark’s laughter went silent that they stopped, knowing that even he had his limits.

“That was fun, wasn’t it?”

“N-No it wasn’t.” Mark said sitting up, trying to catch his breath.

“You gotta admit though that was pretty damn funny.” Ethan giggled nudging Mark in the ribs.

“Shut the hell up.”

“Alright then.” He replied putting his hands up in defeat. Mark still catching his breath, looked around to make sure no one else saw or heard. But, it wasn’t until he looked at the camera in front of them that he realized…

“Wait, has the camera been rolling this ENTIRE TIME!” Mark panicked.

“Oh, I guess it has been.” Bob realized.

“So this whole thing’s on tape?!”

“Yup. I guess so.” Wade answered. 

“Ethan, you’re going to edit this out, right?” Mark asked nervously. 

“Hell no. This was amazing, I never want to forget it.” The blue boy said with  a smile. Mark’s face lit like a firework, though he tried to cover it with hands.

“Don’t feel bad Mark. Maybe your viewers will want to see how ticklish you are.” Ethan teased.

“Shut up!”

“You already said that.”

“Yeah Ethan, Mark has had enough tickling and teasing for now.” Tyler said.

“For now?” Mark questioned.

“Do you really think that we’re going to let you live this down bro?” Tyler said.

“We’re going to have so much fun together.” Ethan said as an evil grin crept onto his face.

“Oh no.” Mark thought.


In 1947, Eileen Isabella ‘Gay’ Gibson boarded the liner ship the Durban Castle, bound to England from South Africa. She had no idea a sexual predator was on board and it would mean the end for this promising young lady. The aspiring actress disappeared from her cabin on October 18th 1947. The ship turned around and searched the waters as well as the boat but found nothing. When a ship’s watchman got to miss Gibson’s cabin he found a man named James Camb. He was the dishevelled and said she was not in the cabin. Camb worked on the liner as a steward. He was already accused of rape twice and had a wife back in England. When they docked back at Southampton, the police immediately interviewed Camb. He said that she invited him up to her cabin for sex and during the act she began convulsing and died, then he panicked and threw her out the ships porthole. He was arrested and charged with murder in March of 1948. At his trial evidence was given that stated blood traces found on the bedding in the cabin suggested strangulation. Also there was a urine stain on the bedding as well, presumed left as she was died. The defense stayed with his original story and had serious trouble explaining why Camb didn’t call for help. He was found guilty and sentenced to death, however, he escapesd the noose because Parliament was in the middle of debating abolishment of the death penalty. In September of 1959 he was released from prison on parole, or as said in england at the time, given liscense. In 1967 he was arrested again and sentenced to two years probation for assaulting a young girl and soon after was found guilty of the same lewd act. His license was revoked and he went back to prison for 10 years. He was released in 1978 and died in 1979 of heart failure. Pictured above: Miss Gibson, her cabin and the porthole which was used as evidence, the ship andfinally Camb. Source Murderpedia