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Control; Pt 1(m)

Belong to one. Belong to all. 

Req: Could I request a bts x reader smut? I don’t really care about anything else or the details. Just get creative, rough, and super smutty hahaha. Please. Thank you. *p.s I frickin love your account*

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Bars of sunlight illuminate your skin. Going from dark, to light. Repetitive, familiar. Dark. Light. Sitting in the kitchen of the seven most interesting boys you have ever known- ever touched- hot skin beautiful to the eye. Such an endeavor it is to please seven of the most talented boys, the hardest challenge you’ve ever been tasked with. Such a night it was, that night Namjoon stumbled into that room in the back of the bar, eyes glazed over and words slurring. Such a month it has been, after he had come in every night after, bringing his friends to pleasure you, to pleasure himself as he watched you with those friends.

You’d never have fallen in love with the feeling of falling, not if you hadn’t met him. But you had, on that drunk, messy night, you were with them. So encaptured and enthralled and intrigued with all of their different styles and tastes and sizes. Their voices were caught in your ears, going over and over in your mind, they were all just this song to play on repeat.

A car zooms past your open window, light casting shadows along the walls of Bangtan’s dorm. Light. Dark. You’re just waiting for him at this point, bare legs dangling off a counter barstool and filmy black lace falling against the skin of your thighs.

You made sure to pick out his favorite, Master always went so hard when he saw you in that little black negligee. You like when he goes hard.

The keys sound in the doorknob, ears perking up as you watch it turn and then open, revealing just the boy you wanted to see. “I know it’s been longer than thirty minutes. Sorry I got back so late.” Your master drops down his bag, fans his sweaty chest with his tee shirt and smiles widely when he catches look of you.

“Already anxious to begin I see?” He quirks a brow, a unique expression on his face.

“I got very, very wet, sitting here, waiting for my master,” you say in way of response, your fingers playing with the edge of your lingerie. His eyes slide to the counter behind you, shaking his head at the empty glass and half full bottle of Vodka behind you.

“Baby girl, you’re so impatient,” Master says in a humorous tone. Master clucks his tongue and stalks in front of you, his whole expression shifts, the corners of his eyes spreading wrinkles across his cheeks, slamming his hands down on either side of you. “You. Room. Strip. Now,” he commands, breath hot and smooth to your senses, you nod, not wasting a moment to pause.

“Yes, Master.”

With nothing underneath your slip, it’s so easy for him to use his imagination. He watches you sway down the hall, ass hanging out from beneath the lace trim, the flimsy strap halfway down your shoulder, exposing the perfectly round swell of your breasts. He’s already licking his lips in anticipation of what’s to come, following you into the room and shutting the door firmly behind you.

“I don’t want you to tell anyone you were here.” Master backs you up into the bed until you fall backward, feeling his soft hands slide along your bare skin until you are on your knees for him. “Got it?”

“Yes, Master,” You nod, swallowing thickly with excitement.

“Good, baby, good. Now I want you to count with me, okay?”

Sinking your teeth into your bottom lip you draw blood from the supple flesh as Master slides into you in one long, hard roll, barely even getting out of his pants before he’s eagerly planting himself in you. His long cock fills every single pore and raises every single hair along your body, nipples peaking and clit throbbing with the want for stimulation.


Your eyes blur out of focus as the whip comes down on you hard and fast. “One.” You follow the demand of your master, gritting your teeth and grabbing hold of the bed frame for support. You don’t know if it’s the alcohol, the high, or your master that is making you see stars, but nobody has ever treated you as well as he has.

No one has ever cared about you like any of them have.

“Are you sensitive here?” His glossy voice penetrates your thoughts, face coming back to you in blurry fragments around the euphoria. Bright hair. Dark eyes. Pale skin. A hanging question that is stagnant in the air.

Is this how sex is supposed to feel?

His fingers enslave you, guiding themselves up the back of your arm slowly, large cock filling you up so nicely as he plays with the tingling flesh of your shoulder. “How about here?” His finger presses into the hollow of your shoulder, a teasing intonation bringing a challenge to your lips.

“If I say yes, will you keep moving?” You wonder aloud, muffling your words into the satin of his pillow case, smelling of musk and lust and beautiful domination. The next whipping he delivers bows your back, knuckles white around the rods of his headboard and cum dripping down the quivering expanse of your thighs.  

“Probably not,” he responds, “your master is feeling very… playful.”  

A half whine, half moan frees itself from your closed throat, wiggling your ass in the air just as the whip connects with your right cheek. “Three,” You seethe, teeth grinding down on one another. A thumb gently soothes across the sore area, pinching it with pained affection.

“I think I’ll pay you extra for being so obedient,” Your master muses, burying his hot, throbbing cock deeper into your tight pussy as he folds himself over you, kissing at the nape of your neck and sucking on the skin roughly. You hum in appreciation at his generosity, moving your hair to the side and givng him more skin to ravish. “Yes,” he covers more of your damp skin with small kitten-like licks, “definitely, extra.”

“Is anyone here?” A deep voice calls from beyond the hall, footsteps padding closer against the sticky hardwood, “Hello?" 

Your master’s voice is hot and persistent in your ear, proposing something that has your hole clenching around his deliciously large length, "wanna invite him in baby?”
No hesitating. No pausing. Just pleasure. Less than a second passes, you nod fervently, sliding your hands down the bedpost so you can get a higher vantage point.

“We’re in here, hyung.” Your master calls loud enough for the… well, lucky intruder to hear. Master lovingly traces circles down the blushing skin of your back with a smile.

“We? Who’s with yo-” The door knob turns, dark hair coming into view as pink lips fall open to observe the unfolding scene. 

“Daddy!” You wiggle happily in your spot, the action only pushing you backward onto your master. 

“Kitten…?” Daddy looks at you with a darkening gaze, eyes traveling from your face, to your perky breasts, down the line of your spine and then to the erect cock buried deep between your thighs. 

“I thought I told you to tell me when you were here..?” His tone is disapproving, hanging your head low while your master answers for you with nonchalance.  

“I wanted it to be a secret. Thought you were going to be gone all day.”

“Well. I’m not,” Daddy closes the door behind him and casually slides into the room, “I decided to come back early." 

"I see that,” Master gleans, eyeing the other man suspiciously, but with amusement, “are you just gonna watch?" 

"Got nothing better to do,” Daddy shrugs, spreading his legs and leaning back, “besides, I love watching kitten cum." 

Master scoffs, "She’s not kitten to me. Save those ridiculous pet names for your own bedroom.”  

Daddy chuckles, unbuttoning his pants and winking at you before Master steals your attention back with a harsh lash to your leg, the cord bruising your inner thigh with a delicious burn.

You release a guttural sound from the back of your throat, still sore from the thick shaft that occupied the space last night, Jungkook always took so long to call, but when he did, it was always a long night and a sore morning.  

“Why aren’t you counting, baby girl?” His voice is stern with demand, snaking the whip down your back threateningly. 

“Five,” You whine in apology, stomach curling with need. You can feel your master in every nerve, the watching eyes of your daddy making the pain more pleasurable, getting you wetter and more ready to comply with whatever they wished of you.

Daddy lets out a small groan, but Master’s rough yank on your hair warns you against sneaking a peek. You are forced to listen to the sound of Daddy pumping his hand along his long cock without getting to look, salivating in the torture.  

“If he’s going to distract you, he’s gonna have to leave,” Master warns, whip hitting you square in the spine as your back arches towards the mattress.

“No, Master, it- it’s okay,” Your breathing is ragged and fragmented, “six.”

“Are you sensitive here then?” He continues the search, fingers padding behind your ear.

“No,” Daddy laughs, “have you really not found it yet?”

Master’s cock pulls out of your tight hole so he can turn to Daddy, gasping at the long lost friction. “I’m having fun trying to,” he bristles, “if you’re not going to be quiet why don’t you just leave?”

“Or why don’t I join you?”

Master falls quiet, seeming to contemplate the idea as you get up from your weak position to look at them. Daddy is standing before his chair, pants completely gone and long pink cock arched above his stomach. While Master is strong and silent, chest rigid with defined muscle and hands clenching around the handle of the whip.

“Do as you wish,” is all Master responds with, eyes lingering on Daddy’s glistening length for a moment, licking his lips.

“Here,” Daddy smirks with victory, making quick riddance of his shirt to the floor and coming to stand by your side, raising one poignant brow at Master, “you gotta push and,” he wraps a hand at the base of your throat, eyes widening as he lets Master in on his secrets, “apply a little pressure.”

Your breathing is constricted by a fraction, tightening your core around Master’s pulsing length. “Did you feel her?” Daddy asks, looking to Master in question while wrapping a hand around his own throbbing heat, “fucking beautiful, isn’t she?”

Master must nod, because Daddy releases your neck and gestures for Master to try on his own, moaning once his thick fingers wrap themselves around your windpipe. “I should’ve known you liked it like this, baby girl. I’m so silly,” he almost chastises himself, getting a hum from Daddy.

Daddy disappears from your peripheral, breathing deep and uneven as he speaks, “flip over, Kitten.”

You wisely wait for Master to advise you in doing so, surprised to find one hand curl around your body and another separating your thighs to turn on Master’s cock, getting the absolutely splendid view of the two, undeniably sexy and unarguably horny men in front of you.

Daddy’s head peeks out from over one of Master’s shoulders, wrapping his strong arms around the younger ones bare midriff and smiling down at me, no shame or shyness in his usually quiet gaze. Your lips part as you watch in fascination, the two boys seeming to be as thick as thieves.

“Don’t look so surprised, baby girl,” Master wiggles himself inside of you, “what do you think the rest of us do when you’re busy with another member?”

Get ready for more coming soon. Much love~~

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tenebris occultis;

member- jimin

genre- au, i think it’s pretty fluffy? idk

listen to- this

summary- a beautiful boy with a dark secret is the key to your pure heart. psychic!jimin

a/n- idk what i wrote but i like it. i hope this is okay anon. also, think 1700s, with a bit of essence from the Salem Witch Trials (not based on though). i also referenced this for help. (tenebris occultis is latin for dark secret)

Jimin was the most handsome man you knew. With his dark brown locks that were almost always messy upon his head and his lean and strong physique made him a sight for sore eyes. He carried himself with a sense of regality, even though he wasn’t self-absorbed in the slightest. He simply had purpose. 

You had fallen for Jimin the moment he arrived in your village. All it took was one of his beautiful smiles and a tip of his hat to draw you in forever. Luckily for you, Jimin was equally as entrapped as you were. He always tells you that the glittering sparkle in your eyes the day he saw you was what caught and kept him. You usually scoff at this, believing that your dull irises were nothing special. 

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What Is Life?

by Matthew Francis, Mosaic Science

“Why would NASA want to study a lake in Canada?”

Three different border guards asked me variations on that question, and while they ultimately let me pass, it was obvious they didn’t understand. Why is NASA interested in a lake in Canada? And what business is it of mine?

As exotic environments go, Pavilion Lake in British Columbia is rather ordinary. Certainly it’s remote – the closest major city is Vancouver, a long drive away over the mountains. The closest towns are light dustings of houses over the dry slopes, and the road winds for dozens of kilometres of empty desert country between them. The lake itself lies along a paved highway, and from the road it doesn’t look different to any other modestly sized mountain lake in western North America.

But below the surface, the bottom of Pavilion Lake is dotted with something resembling coral reefs: domes and cones and weird shapes much like artichokes. These are not corals, though, which are colonies of tiny animals: they are rock formations called microbialites, made by and coated in cyanobacteria. Sometimes misleadingly referred to as ‘blue-green algae’, these bacteria probably even made the rocks they live on, absorbing nutrients from the water and leaving stone behind. Like plants, they live on sunlight, and they thrive in shallow waters down the steep underwater slope to the point where sunlight fades to gloom.

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sig-gio  asked:

A class pretty please? Preferably something industrial fantasy-related.

You have been assigned the class of:

  • Gun Warlock

The three sections of your skill tree are:

  • Damnedunitions
  • Pacting Heat
  • Six-Six-Six-Shooter


Bonus: Sourcebook below the cut!

Magic and technology are seen as two diametrically opposed sources of power for the ambitious to seize; there’s an unspoken rule that pursuit of the one excludes an individual from mastering the other. Even tradition-desecrating Warlocks tend to stick to their side of the axis, if only because the knowledge they seek is the kind often lost in antiquity.

Someone’s got to push the boundaries of the craft. If the townfolks’ uneasy rumors spell a district where the smell of brimstone lingers, where bullet holes in walls aren’t quite haphazard, don’t go in unprepared.

This is no ordinary Warlock. It’s a warlock….. with a gun.

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