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Save Me

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WARNING: Mentions of blood, torture, kidnapping.

The bullpen is teeming with life, members of the team rush around with files and theories as supplementary agents follow orders barked down from higher-ups, but Spencer doesn’t hear any of the chaos going on around him. His eyes are glued to the monitor on Alvez’s desk.

“You can’t keep torturing yourself like this, kid,” Derek sighs as he takes a seat in Alvez’s chair and shakes his head. “You’ve been staring at that screen for how many hours? It’s not good for you. The unsub cut the video feed for a reason. If he starts streaming again, we’ll let you know. Go get some rest.”

“You can use my office if you don’t want to go home,” Emily offers as she cautiously approaches the pair. “We need you to be focused, Reid. Whatever help you can give us, we need.”

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Don’t Let Me Go Pt.2

Warnings; sad spencer, violence, mentions of blood and wounds, cursing, angst and sad fluff at the end


SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG!!! I had a messy day and I start school tomorrow again so I decided to get this out quick before I had to go back. Anyways, here is the much requested part two ! I hope you all enjoy it and it lives up to expectations :’) much love <33333 (sorry for any mistakes !!)

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Spencer walked into the sheriff’s department with JJ following closely behind. It was chaotic as everyone rushed around and phones rang within seconds of each other.

“What did we miss?” JJ asks as a frowning Hotch comes towards them. “Was there another murder?”

“Not yet,” Hotch sighs. “The unsub totaled Morgan and Y/N’s squad car. He took her.”

For the first time that day, the mention of Y/N’s name sparked full attention in Spencer. JJ looks over at him as tears begin to pool in his eyes.

“H-Have you guys found them?” Spencer asks worriedly.

“We’re working on it,” Hotch says sympathetically. “Fortunately, Y/N has her phone on her and we’re hoping Garcia can trace it.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Spencer begins wracking his brain with solutions and thoughts on how he could save the love of his life, but he kept coming up empty.

“I’m sorry, Reid,” Hotch shakes his head, “but there is nothing we can do right now except to wait on Garcia.”

JJ frowned as she put a hand on his shoulder in a small attempt to get him to calm down.

“She’s going to be okay, you know that right?” JJ says and Spencer shakes his head.

“I-I don’t know,” Spencer sputters out. “Before you called, we had gotten into an argument and I kind of left things unresolved. I know how she is and I know she gets really drained when I ignore her the way I do, and I don’t know why I do that to her when I know it hurts her. What if when she wakes up, she won’t have the energy to defend herself because of me.”

“Spencer, look at me,” JJ puts her hands on Spencer’s shaking arms and makes him face her way. “Y/N is a trained agent and an exceptional profiler, she knows what to do and how to survive. If anything were to slow her down, my guess is that it would be to any injuries she got in the crash.”

Spencer tries to blink away the tears, but they keep coming right back up.

“Excuse me,” he mutters as he tears himself away from JJ’s grip and hurries outside of the building.

His mind was racing with the endless possibilities of how you could be hurt or how long you have to live. On top of being kidnapped by a sadistic serial killer, you also had unattended injuries that were bleeding out and being exposed to bacterias.

As Spencer stood outside, kicking rocks on the ground, tears falling down his face, and a heavy weight on his chest, he noticed a police car pull up to the sheriff’s department. Morgan quickly jumped out of the passenger side of the car, his left arm in a sling and a bandage on his cheek bone that was adorned with smaller cuts around it.

Derek looked around the parking lot and frowned deeply when his eyes landed on the broken genius by the curb.

“Reid!” Morgan calls and scuffles towards him.

“How did it happen?” Spencer gulps as he looks at Morgan with a small disappointment, somewhat blaming this whole thing on him. Morgan sighs and gives him an ‘are you sure?’ look and Spencer nods.

“We were on our way to the coroner’s and at a stoplight, Y/N noticed a car that fit the one we had for the unsub. At first, I thought she was crazy because it was gone before I noticed it, but then it hit us.”

“Where did it hit?”

“Once in the back, twice on her side,” Morgan looks down in sadness. “I tried getting us out of there. When I woke up, I saw them. She put up a hell of a fight with all those wounds-”

“Shut up!” Spencer snaps as he presses his hands to his ears. Dismay fell over him at the details of Derek’s explanation.

“Kid, I promise you we will get this son of a bitch,” Morgan assures him. “I got his plate numbers and we’ll be at his house soon.”

As if it were on cue, Emily stepped out of the building with JJ, Rossi, and Hotch following behind.

“Guys, we’ve got an address,” Emily announces to the two men. “If we wanna save Y/N, we have to go now.”


Your eyes began to adjust in the dimly lit room,  and then your body followed. You tried to get up or move only to realize that you were strapped to a chair. The second you moved a limb, a sharp pain struck you in the stomach and thigh causing you to let out a scream.

Panic begin to set in as you remembered the events that led you here. Flashes of glass shattering, the world spinning, and a pair of black boots clouded your thoughts.

“Ah, you’re awake.”

Speaking of the devil.

A dirty looking, drug abusing man came out from the shadows. The closer he stepped towards you, the more you could smell the must and alcohol radiating off of him.

“Please don’t hurt me,” You yelp. “I guarantee you that when you’re caught, and you will be, you will not get special treatment. Especially when you’re charged with the murder of an agent.”

“I’m not going to get caught, darling,” he snickers as he reaches forward to tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear. You moved your head away the second his skin came in contact with yours. Angry with your reaction, he wraps a hand behind your neck and pushes your head towards him. “I’ve been killing women like you for years. Dozens. Even if they were to catch me, they have no evidence. I’ve made sure of that. So what makes you think they’ll catch me? You’ll be dead before you could speak.”

“Because you were messy with my capture,” you chuckle slightly. “You rammed into a government vehicle, leaving the imprint of your truck all over it. My partner woke up before you took me meaning he probably wrote down your license plate. And honestly, if you were as smart as you made yourself out to be - you would have patted me down to remove any technology on me. I’m surprised you didn’t notice, but I’ve had my unit chief on the phone and I’ve been stalking my so-called death by distracting you with a conversation.”

“You bitch,” he sneers.

“A man’s ego will often get the best of him,” you tease. The sound of sirens coming from every direction of the house caused your heart to flutter with hope. You knew they would save you.

The unsub let out a growl as he turned your chair around to undo the ropes around your arms and legs.

“Good thing I injured you pretty bad,” he comments. “Or else you’d be fighting back by now.”

He pulled you up from the chair and a pain filled yelp left your throat as your muscles contracted under your wounds.

“FBI!” Hotch broke through the door, letting a ray of sunshine into the room followed by someone equivalent to that. A very scared Spencer entered the room, his eyes scanning over the situation and you.

“Daniel, we know why you’re doing this,” Spencer began.

“You don’t know anything,” the unsub, Daniel, spits. You feel a cool metal being pressed against your temple and you momentarily feel your heart speed up.

“Yes, I do,” Spencer begins to panic. “Someone who looks a lot like Y/N, broke your heart. Kate was the love of your life, and she just cheated on you like you meant nothing.”

“Shut up,” Daniel yells. The gun began to dig deeper into your skin as Daniel got angrier.

“Spencer,” you cry out as Daniel tightens the headlock you’re in.

“Oh I see what’s going on here,” Daniel laughs sinisterly. “She’s your girl?”

Spencer said nothing as he watched you with a pained expression as you struggle in the man’s grip.

“Daniel, we have the house surrounded,” Hotch warns. “If you do anything to harm her, you will be shot down.”

“Does this count as harming her?” He questions as he turns his head towards you and begins kissing your cheek.

“Stop!” You yell as you elbow him in the stomach. For a split second, your out of Daniel’s grip - and a second is all it takes for everything to go downhill. You watch as a rage overtakes his features, you messed up. You triggered him by rejecting him and that’s all that took him to turn him into a loose cannon. The gun in his hand was pointed towards you and as you heard Spencer’s yells, the room filled with the sound of three triggers being pulled and bullets being released. One came in contact with your chest, and the other two struck Daniel in the torso.

Everything sounded muffled and nothing looked clear as you let your head hit the ground. The black spots in your vision began appearing, but before everything went completely dark, you watched a broken Spencer fall to the ground beside you and gather you up in his arms. You couldn’t feel it, but you felt the flutter in your heart every time he was near - and then there’s nothing.


Spencer sat in the cold and uncomfortable chair right beside your bed. His leg was jumping in all sorts of directions and his head was buried in his hands.

A punctured lung, a burst appendix, and a deep wound in your thigh.

Spencer had tried convincing himself for the past two weeks that he sat in this hospital that you were going to be okay, but his mind kept telling him that you wouldn’t.

People came and go. Your room was filled with balloons, stuffed animals, and cards written in love. Spencer had been there since you arrived. Sitting by your bedside, praying to anything that would keep you alive.

A very sad JJ walked into the room with Derek following behind.

“Spencer, you know she wouldn’t want you killing yourself over here,” JJ suggests sadly, “why don’t you go home and rest.”

“No, I’m not leaving,” Spencer quickly interjects.

“You’ve been here every day, kid,” Morgan frowns. “You haven’t eaten, hell I don’t think you’ve slept.”

The two agents worried for their friend’s health. His eyes were rimmed with red, decorated with the dark purple bags sitting under his eyes. His cheek bones were much more prominent and his cheeks were hollowed and spiked with scruff.

“I don’t want to leave her,” Spencer cries.

“I know,” JJ wipes away a tear of her own before walking over to the hunched over man and placing a hand on his cheek in a comforting way. “She’s been like this for too long, Spence. I  know this sounds horrible, but she’s suffering and maybe if we find the strength to let her go, then maybe she can finally be in peace.”

“No, no,” Spencer lets his head fall onto the bed, his hand reaching over to interlock with yours. “I can’t.”

“We’ll leave you to it,” Morgan adds quietly.

When JJ and Morgan are fully out of the room, Spencer takes the time to try and compose himself for you. He looks up at your face, covered in bruises and small cuts.

“I’m sorry this happened to you,” he begins tearfully. “I’m sorry that you’re on life support. I’m sorry that I let the unsub get you. I’m sorry that I couldn’t save you in time. I’m sorry that I’m so selfish that I can’t let you go. But most of all, I’m sorry that I didn’t fix us before you ended up like this.”

Spencer looked down at the white bed sheets where your hand and his lied, entwined with each other. He brings the pair to his forehead and closes his eyes.

“But I have to do right by you,” he sniffles. “If you want me to let you go, I will. But please, of you’re somewhere in there and you can somehow hear me, give me a sign. Give me a sign, and I promise I will never ignore you the way I did, ever again. I promise you will spend every day, loved. Please, Y/N, give me something. I love you.”

Little did he know, that his words of courage spoke to the empty void you found yourself in. And somehow, with any strength and brain activity in you, you managed to give his hand a light squeeze.

A sharp intake of breath leaves Spencer’s lips as he looks at your hand in his. A second squeeze came from you to reassure him that he didn’t imagine it.

“Nurse!” Spencer desperately calls out. As nurses begin to rush in, Spencer leans in to kiss your cheek. “I won’t let you go.”

The nurse calls in the doctor to point out the sudden miracle of you breathing on your own. Spencer felt a twinkle in his heart that he hadn’t felt in the past two weeks, a twinkle of hope.

He knew you would be okay.


“Since both Gina Rodriguez and Daveed Diggs are black and Jewish, I say they should play family in something. I’m not necessarily saying Supergirl!Gina and Superman!Daveed, but if that happened…”

      – hijadepavlov

[ superfamily fancast ]co-created with hijadepavlov

daveed diggs as clark kent/superman | gina rodriguez as kara danvers/supergirl

cameron boyce as connor kent/superboy | danay garcia as lois lane

mehcad brooks as james olsen | meagan good as alex danvers | melissa fumero as lucy lane

david harewood as j’onn j’onzz/martian manhunter | salma hayek as cat grant

li jun li as lana lang | trai byers as lex luthor 

lauren vélez as eliza danvers | giancarlo esposito as jeremiah danvers 

sophie okonedo as martha kent | dorce gamalama as joan kent | tracee ellis ross as lara lor-van | lenny kravitz as jor-el

A Piece of the Puzzle

A/N: I had a couple of requests, one from @dakota-dream and a couple from anons for a Spencer x Reader where the reader is super badass. Reid is ashamed that he isn’t as strong as her, so he tries to show that he can be, and ends up getting seriously hurt. @coveofmemories


Before Y/N had joined the team, he’d always felt special. Although he blushed at the compliment, he always loved being referred to as the team’s resident genius. As a kid, he never felt special because everyone had made fun of him, but his friends seemed in awe of his intelligence - so for once in his life, he felt unique.

Not that he didn’t adore Y/N - he did. She was funny, intelligent, kind and could kick more ass that pretty much everyone else on the team combined, but that was exactly it - everyone seemed obsessed with her, she was the be all and end all of everything and no one seemed to be impressed by him anymore. It was high school all over again. 

“We’ve gotta go,” Y/N said, passing Spencer his vest as she ran passed his desk. 

They had been waiting on a trace from Garcia and she’d finally broken through all the proxies through which the unsub had been filtering his signal. “We got a match?” he asked, forgetting everything that was going through his mind. He had a job to do; he’d worry about his feelings later. 

“Yea,” she said, holding the door open for him as they jumped into the car. “He’s in an abandoned building squatting right now it seems. It’s a maze in there, so we’re going to have to go in in pairs so we can cover all our bases.” 

Within ten minutes, they’d arrived at their destination. “Okay,” Hotch said as they pulled up. “Y/N, you and Reid take the front entrance. JJ, you’re with me. We’ll take the left entrance. Prentiss, you take the south entrance and Rossi, you and Morgan take the west entrance. Be careful. He’s been backed into a corner so he’s got nothing to lose.”

“Let’s go, Spence,” Y/N whispered, her gun and flashlight held high as they entered the abandoned building. She went first, stepping as carefully as she could to not make any noise. “Step quietly, Spence.” His shoes were so loud. They crept around corner after corner. Thankfully, Spencer had such a great memory, because if he didn’t, they would’ve gotten lost in the myriad of hallways. 

All of a sudden, Spencer heard a small sound on his left side. “Y/N,” he whispered. She didn’t turn around. He repeated himself, slightly louder this time, and finally got her attention, but instead of letting her take the lead, he went down the hallway ahead of her. 


Their unsub attacked him from the right side, pushing him roughly into the metal door and nearly knocking him out. Y/N was nowhere to be soon. He lifted his hands to block his face, but the man took that opportunity to punch him in the gut, causing a guttural scream to release itself from his throat. He was pinned and no idea what to do. With all of his might, he kicked his right leg upward, hitting the man in the groin, before pushing himself out from under him.

Just as the man caught his eye and lunged toward him again, knocking him to the ground, he saw a flash of silver, but he couldn’t block it in time. Y/N ran into the room, pushing him into the wall. Immediately, he turned her around and placed his hands around her throat, but she placed her arms over her head and slammed down on his arms, causing the chokehold to break. With three swift movements, she kicked him in the groin, punched him in the nose and dipped down low, using her legs to get the man off of his feet. 

“Stay down!” she screamed, pointing her gun in his face. “FBI!” She turned her head to the side and told Spencer to cuff him, which was when she caught sight of the knife sticking out of his stomach. Y/N kicked the unsub in the face, nearly knocking him out just as JJ and Hotch found their way to them.

Hotch dropped to Y/N’s side. “I’ve got him,” he huffed. “Get Reid.”

“Spence,” Y/N said, placing her hands near the wound and applying pressure. “It’s gonna be okay. I promise. Just stay still.”

The pain was searing. His stomach so aflame that he couldn’t help but let out a rasping scream. “I know it hurts,” she said. “But I don’t want to remove it. The ambulance will be here soon.” 

JJ came to kneel by his side as Y/N continued to keep pressure on the wound. “Grab JJ’s hand and squeeze. Stay with us, Spence.” After a minute (or ten he couldn’t be sure), he saw the muted tones of red and blue lights. “The ambulance is here. Stay with me, Spence. Stay….with….me…

And then nothing.


He had no idea how much time had passed between the arrest and when he woke up. It felt like years. “What happened?” he asked. Y/N was sitting at his bedside, gently rubbing the back of his palm. “What time is it?”

“It’s been about five hours,” she said, clasping his hand in both of hers. “You needed surgery. The knife nicked an artery, but they were able to stop the bleeding. You’re gonna be fine.”

He felt like such a fool. Of course he was going to be out of his league. Why did he even bother to go ahead of her? Oh that’s right, because he was him and she was her. “I’m sorry,” he said, rubbing the bridge of his nose. The motion pulled a muscle near his wound that he hadn’t expected and he grimaced. God, he was so stupid. 

“What’re you sorry for?” she asked genuinely. 

“I went ahead of you. I should’ve let you lead. I’m not a field agent. I should be at a desk.” He was never meant for battle. That was her territory. 

She sighed, bringing his hand to her cheek. “You probably should’ve let me lead, but you were just doing your job.”

“But I suck at it,” he replied.

“Your job?” she exclaimed. “You absolutely do not suck at your job, Spence. You’re one of the best there is. That’s why you’re on the team.”

“You’re better,” he said sadly.

She looked at him with pity. He really thought he wasn’t an asset to the team. “Spence, we have different strengths. That’s all. I have five black belts. But you’re an absolute genius. You come up with connections that I would never think of. Just because I can kick ass doesn’t make me better than you. It makes me a piece of the BAU puzzle. I was added for what I can contribute. Just like you. Don’t you ever forget that.”

He’d never really thought about it like that, because she was intelligent too. She had it all - at least to him she did. “I’ll try,” he said honestly as he gave her hand a squeeze. “Thank you for saving my ass.”

“You’re welcome. Any time,” she laughed. “I’m gonna go tell the rest of the team you’re okay. And Spence…?”


“Remember, don’t ever forget how important you are to this team, and to me,” she said, hesitating before flashing him a smile. “Or I’ll kick your butt.”

I Hate You, I Love You...Part 3

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 4)


As Spencer bangs his fist on your door, his chest lightly panting and his heart pounding in his rib-cage, he steps to the side and looks through the curtain-drawn windows, trying to get a glimpse of any sort of movement behind them.

But he was met with a silent house.


Fumbling his phone out of his pocket, he calls Hotch, who picks up before the first ring is done.

“Reid.  Anything?” he asks.

“No.  I’ve banged and yelled, and she’s not answering.  Morgan have any luck getting her to pick up her phone?”

“No…” Hotch trails off.

“Could Garcia trace her work phone?” Reid asks.

“On it,” she says as Spencer pinches the bridge of his nose.

“I’m concerned that she’s misinterpreted me,” Hotch offers.

“Misinterpreted what?” Spencer asks.

“When she called and asked for more time off, I was more than willing to give it to her, especially when you told us what she said to you that got you back into work.”

“Why would she misconstrue that?” Spencer asks as he begins to sweat with nerves.

“Because I didn’t ask her for a reason, or ask if she was alright, and I think she might be taking it as a sign that I didn’t care.”

The team knew about your fragile mental state.  They knew that you had a tendency to withdraw from people, twisting their words and reading into things that weren’t there because of your low self-esteem.  In the field, you were one of the strongest players, but they knew that when they got you out from behind that badge, you felt vulnerable and weak.

“Garcia?  Anything?” Spencer breathes.

“Almost got it…” she trails off.

“Y/N!!” Spencer yells, banging his fist into the door.

“Got it!” Garcia yelps, “According to her phone, she’s at her house.”

“I still can’t get her on the line,” Morgan adds.

“Any luck?” J.J. asks, sticking her head in the door as Hotch gives her a curt shake of his head.

Inside the house, you were already fast asleep, your chest rising and falling as your dreams whisk you away to a place where you felt loved, beautiful, and safe.

A place that only existed in your dreams.

The arms of your best friend.

Curled up onto the edge of the bed as your mind whirls with dreams, flashes of kisses and rolling around in bed, scenes of vacations and waddling around pregnant with his children…conversations at 3 AM and comforting sessions as you cry on his shoulder and giggling with each other and sharing the same hotel rooms with work.

Sleep was the only way you could have him.

And you found yourself never wanting to wake up.

But little did you know that Spencer was becoming exacerbated…

…and very worried.

“I’m taking down her door, Hotch,” Spencer says as he takes a step back.

“Reid, I don’t know if that’s-”

“No one knew!” he shrieks into the phone as the team on the other end of the line goes silent.

“No one knew she loved me!” Spencer yelps as tears brew in his eyes, “And yet she agreed to help find Maeve.  I created a relationship with a previously engaged woman-”

The hitch in Spencer’s throat caused him to stop speaking as the team stands silent, their hearts aching for their two teammates.

“She’s my best friend,” he chokes out, “a-a-and she’s…h-…hurting…because of me,” he stutters.

“Reid, you need to understand.  If you bust down her door and go in there…”

Morgan knew what that would do to you.

“Is busting in to be her knight in shining armor going to help her?  Or is it going to cause her to become more attached to a man still grieving the loss of the first woman to ever tell him that she loved him?”

Hotch’s question weighed heavily on Spencer’s mind.

“Y/N’s the first woman to ever love me…” Spencer trails off.

“But do you love her?  The way she loves you?” J.J. butts in.

“She’s my best friend,” Spencer whispers.

“Who’s in love with you,” J.J. emphasizes.

Everyone wanted to tell him the exact same thing, but no one wanted to be responsible for the potential fallout between the two of you.

The inevitable fallout.

Spencer knew what they were telling him to do.  They were telling him to walk away.  They were telling him to grieve Maeve, to get her out of his system.  They were telling him to leave you alone, to not barge in and save you.  To not take you in his arms and hold you close and tell you that everything was going to work out.  They were telling you not to be your savior, to not make you a rebound, to not provide false hope when you could look him in his eyes and tell him something he wasn’t sure he could give you back.

But the friendship he had developed with you transcended what the team was attempting to communicate.

“I’ll see you guys Monday,” Spencer murmurs, closing the phone call and pulling the battery out before shoving the contents into his pocket and bracing himself on his back leg.

“I’m coming Y/N,” Spencer whispers to himself, raising his leg up and barreling it through your door as it swings harshly on its hinges, the air conditioning of your home pouring out onto the porch as Spencer walks himself in to the foyer of your home.

“Y/N?” he calls out, met with another bout of silence as he closes your door and flips the top lock, making a mental note to take you tomorrow to get something to fix your door.

There was a good chance you hadn’t left your home in weeks.

Taking the stairs to his right as he turns left down the hallway, he strides down the carpeted flooring before coming to your bedroom door, his body taking a deep breath before he slowly pushes your door open.

“Y/N?” he whispers.

But all he was met with were the light snores coming from your body.

The relief that washed over his system caused the tears brewing in his eyes to barrel down his face.

Walking over to your side of the bed, he dips down as he looks upon your face, your hair greasy and disheveled as he slowly brushes it away from your face with his fingers.

You were so far into sleep you didn’t even flinch at his touch.

As Spencer stays crouched, his eyes dancing along your darkened face as he takes in the puffiness of the bags under your eyes, he leans in and places and light kiss on your forehead just as you moan lightly and shift.

“Uuuh,” you groan as you roll onto your back.

Spencer shot up to his feet, bracing for your eyes to open as he watches you closely.

But all you did was continue to mumble in your sleep.


Spencer went from hesitant to curious as he furrowed his brow lightly.

His mind screamed at him to wake you up…

…but his curiosity kept you asleep.


Spencer may not be experienced, but he wasn’t an idiot.

And it was evident as his face began to flush.

“Please…” you breathe.

He watched as your breathing began to pick up.  He watched as your neck began to flush.  He watched as your body began to gyrate and your lips began to puff little bouts of air as you dug your head into your pillow.

But then, just as quickly as it had come on, it left.  Your body settled, your breathing evened out, your skin returned to its normal color, and your mutterings ran silent as he watched your body roll back over to the edge of the bed and curl up into a ball.

And just as he was going to go move, finally pulled from his trance and realizing how creepy he must look, he sees your hand tumble off of the bed and swing freely in the air as your lips breathe one last detail.

“I love you.”

And that’s when he made his decision.

Sitting on the ground beside your bed, his head laying up against the mattress, he takes your hand delicately within his as he pulls it close to him, his lips planting a light kiss on the back of your hand as he holds it next to his cheek.

“I’m right here,” he whispers as he feels his eyes begin to droop.

“I’m right here.”

matthewgraygublersabs  asked:

I love your stories is there another part to love or justice? 😘

I can write one!  Here is Part 3 of Love or Justice, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Epilogue)

“Y/N?  Y/N!?”

Hearing a faint voice as your eyes flutter open, you hear the smacking of skin as your blurry vision gives way to Spencer’s horrified face.

“Y/N, oh my god…Y/N.”

Feeling his hands dance along your body, probably checking for catastrophic wounds, the pain in your hand begins pulsating up your arm, causing you to grimace as you arch your shoulder up into the air.

“Oh, god,” you croak, whimpering as tears begin to pool down your neck.

“It’s alright, it’s ok,” Spencer breathes, his breath coming in shallow spurts as you hear a groan in the distance.

“The unsub…” you trail off, trying to sit up but feeling the pressure of Spencer’s hands against your skin.

“No, no…stay down, ok?” he says, his voice wavering with motion as you hear the groan again.

“Where…where is he?” you ask, lobbing your teary gaze over as you see a man sitting up against the tree.

“I uh…I tied him to it,” he says as he swallows hard.

“With what?” you ask, your eyes squinting as your head begins to cloud.

“The weight with the rope, it plummeted into the middle of the field just after you crashed,” he croaks.

Grimacing again as Spencer finally looks down at your hand, you feel his fingertips dance along your arm, your mouth down-turning sharply as he closes in on your hand.

“Your fingers…” he trails off.

“Where am I!?” the unsub yells.

“Shut up…” you mumble.

“Heelp!  Heeeeeeelp!” he cries out.

“Shut up or I’ll knock you out again!” Spencer roars behind him, making you grin slyly as the unsub becomes silent again.

“My h-hand-” you bite.

“It’s alright,” Spencer says as he picks your small hand up within his giant palms, tears rolling down your cheeks with every movement.

“I’m gonna have to set them back…” he whispers.

“Please don’t,” you swallow, your eyes lobbing over to find his as he looks upon you with pity.

“We have to, the swelling is going to be too much if you don’t,” he urges.

“Spencer, please,” you beg, your chest hiccuping with sobs as his tears begin to drip onto your cheek, his jaw quivering as he takes your pinky in his hands.

“1…” he counts.

“Spencer, no,” you beg.

“2…” he chokes out.

“Spencer, please!” you squeak.


“Oh gooooooood,” you wail, your nose crinkling as your hips thrust isn’t the air.

“I’m sorry,” Spencer whispers, his nose sniffling hard as he grabs your ring finger.

“1…” he starts.

“No…” you trail off, shaking your head side to side on the ground.


“Aaaaah!” you wail, your vision tunneling as he moves down your hand, resetting the joints in your fingers as he finally comes to your thumb.

Panting hard, your eyes squeezed shut as you writhe in pain on the ground, you feel Spencer’s hands shaking on top of yours, his tears flowing onto your arm as he bends down into your ear.

“Ready?” he whispers.

“Noooo…” you whimper.

“Please forgive me…” he breathes into your ear, your jaw quivering as you brace for the pain.

“1…” he whispers.

And before you can brace for two, his lips connect with yours harshly, his tongue thrusting into your mouth as he cracks your thumb into place, the pain jolting up your arm with such a fury that your gut wrenches, Spencer’s mouth swallowing your moans as he drops your hand, his fingers bracing the back of your head and your neck as he helps you, very slowly, sit upright.

Releasing your lips, your eyes red and swollen from the tears of agony, you breathe a deep sigh of relief as you slowly sit upright, Spencer wriggling behind you as he supports your torso with his chest, your legs stretched out as you lob your head back onto his shoulder.

“Are you alright?” you croak, swallowing hard as your tongue begins to stick to the roof of your mouth.

“We’re gonna have to find food and water soon,” he says.

You knew he was right.

“Can you hunt?” you ask.

Hearing him grunt, your lips upticked into a smile as you sigh.

“Well, do you know how to filter water if you find it?” you ask.

“Now that I can do,” he muses, his breath hot on your skin.

“Alright,” you say, groaning as you get up to your feet, your legs stumbling slightly as Spencer reaches out to steady you with his hands.

“You ok?  Feeling nauseous?” he asks quickly.

“No, no sickness.  No tunnel vision.  No blurred outlines.  Just…”

Trailing off as you look over towards the unsub, his body tied to a tree as he watches the two of you closely, you turn your vision back to Spencer as you sigh.

“How in the world are they gonna find us, Spencer?”

It was your turn to be afraid.

Feeling your jaw quiver, Spencer pulls you into his body, his arms wrapping tightly around you as he nuzzles into the top of your head.

“You saved our lives,” he breathes, kissing your head, “you let me worry about how they’ll find us.”

Nodding as you pull away from him, you pull your knife from your belt around your waist as you flip the blade open.

“I’ll go get us some food,” you state.

“And I’ll see what I can do about our phones and radios.  Maybe try to come up with a signal Garcia can trace,” Spencer says.

And as you turn your body, walking into the wooded area as you begin to look at the ground for any signs of animal footprints, you hear Spencer opening his phone, cursing the lack of service as he clicks his radio on.

You didn’t know if you would ever get out of here.

But if there was ever a person you wanted to be stuck with, it was him.