((Alright I’m curious.  Just what do you think that first spell Newt used on Jacob was, in the bank?  ‘Accio Muggle’?  He would have been dogpiled by everyone in range.  How in the world do you Accio ‘that dude over there’?  And it’s supposed to be very difficult to summon living things, so did he just summon his clothes and hope the muggle wearing them would come along for the ride?  Because that seems awkward on many levels.

And yes, it could have been the egg!  But you’d think it would fly out of his hand, if that was the case.  Could be though!))

thoughts/mini interpretations on birth charts of social media sites + apps:

  • the fact that tumblr has an intercepted mercury that’s in retrograde in PISCES is HILARIOUS
  • I think the fact that facebook has Leo in the 4th House + Cancer Moon makes it a very family oriented site
  • twitter having a mercury in pisces in retrograde kinda explains the twitter arguments lol (very similar to tumblr tbh)
  • youtube’s moon in the 12th is interesting - the videos i’ve seen at least weren’t very emotional lol
  • 4chan is so troublesome lol - look at that mars-uranus conjunction in the 3rd house!! (they’re also known to post really weird shit that’s usually sexual lol)
  • wow now I wanna see the synastry between tumblr and 4chan (remember that whole 4chan and tumblr fight?! LOL)
  • im laughing at the libra and pisces stellium kik has + the SCOPRIO VENUS IN RETROGRADE (IM DED)
  • i find it so tragic that tinder has mars in the 12th - it subconsciously tries to hide the sexual connotations with it, but it’s so obvious (it just came out subconsciously lol)
Yuri!!! on Ice Fandom

We don’t say “I love you.” We say “I love pork cutlet bowls.”

When asked “What do you want me to be to you?” We say “I want you to stay who you are!”

We don’t say “Don’t look at anyone else.” We say “Don’t take your eyes off me.”

We don’t say “Don’t leave me.” We don’t have to say anything. Just stand by me!

We don’t say “Will you marry me?” We say “Please be my coach until I retire!”

art angels got me in a mood

How the hell do people write fanficton.

I want to write so bad but I’m terrified that I’ll write out of character? I’m sitting here thinking up plots and AUs and ficlets and stuff that I’m so excited about, and I just can’t put words on paper (or a word document, heh).

What would ______ character do in this situation? I don’t know, I’m not them.