Could I tell
How much I want to
Hold your hand,
As I used to not so long ago.

Could I wish
The best for me and you,
As you used to say before.

Would we become
Something in the next future,
As I always dreamt of.

Craving you as much as I can,
As much as my heart wants yours,
As much as my mind runs out of thoughts
Of you, your smile, your soul, your laugh, you.

Oh, you.
Your mind keeps me wild,
Your soul is one of a kind,
Your weird-ish smile, melt my heart.
Your eyes were cold,
But not to me.

Oh, no.
To me where like the sea,
Running wild and fast as they could.
Hiding a mystery,
I never wanted to reveal,
But to became one.

For you.

—  hypnoselene

even MORE reasons to love deforest kelley:

• he didn’t know his first name (jackson) until he got drafted and saw it on his papers
• he played sports (football and baseball) in high school and very well
• he was the only kid on the team to show up in a sweater and tie for the team photo
• he sang in the choir at his father’s church as a boy
• once de had to drop off his friend’s little boy at the nanny’s house, and the boy cried when he left him so he asked never to do it again because he felt so bad for leaving him that he cried too
• he used to tease his girl friends about needing to leave. he would stroll through the bathroom, shaving, saying “weeeahve gotta hurrayyy gihrls” and was so pleased when they giggled at him
• when he was little, he regularly flattered his French teacher by saying “my, you look pretty today!”
• the day he left for long beach from decatur, ga, the newspaper published a small blurb about him and misspelled his name, saying “dr. forest kelley left thursday for california to visit his uncle herman casey in long beach”
• when he would eat out with his friends at the local diner, he forgot to pay attention to them because he would stare at his own face in the mirrors along the wall. he liked to see how different lightings or times of day had an effect on his features
• de and his best friend joe used to make fun of each other when they slipped into their respective accents (de, southern, and joe, new york)
• he once worked as an elevator jockey at a hotel and slept in the cellar
• he and his best friend stole his mom’s car and she found them smoking cigarettes and hanging out in a parking lot
• he trespassed into a movie set and ran into robert taylor, who encouraged him to move stuff around with the crew so people would think he worked there

Thurs, 18 Aug —  Today I,

  • wasted money on makeup — ran out of my fave foundation!
  • gave my tumblr theme a little makeover
  • bought some ink for my printer and paper #onlinestudent
  • ordered stock for work from 1.00-2.00pm
  • started my presentation for a digital industry assignment

I feel like I should have been more productive today, but what can you do. Netball training still to come at 6.00-8.00pm, first semi-final is this weekend!

reasons why you are all wrong and deforest kelley is not innocent and is in fact a little shit

• said nichelle nichols “rings his bell”
• received a “marijuana cigarette” and a nude in the mail
• kept it
• left an inflatable skeleton in his fans’ hotel room and shaving cream bombed their bathtub
• presses on the gas pedal when his friends get close to the car to get inside
• stole his fan’s purse and pretended he didn’t know where it was while she looked for it
• pays for his fans to come see him at conventions
• wore a shirt that his fans specifically told him not to wear bc they said he looked too good in it
• AC Lyles called him “lazy…it takes five minutes for him to smile!”
• teased his fans while onstage at conventions
• said “shit” in front of a literal actual princess
• forgot the ’s’ when signing his name at mann’s chinese theatre
• his own wife his WIFE said “he has innocence but is not innocent”

Pode ser que alguém venha te fazer chorar. Pode ser que esse alguém seja quem mais você amar. De quem menos se espera pode vir a traição mas somente em Jesus se encontra amor com perfeição. Ele deu a vida por você, Ele te ama pra valer. Nele você pode confiar, com Ele você pode contar. Tudo o que Ele faz é por amor, não por interesse ou por favor. Nunca vai te decepcionar mas as suas lágrimas, Ele vem enxugar. Mesmo se você errar, está pronto a te perdoar. Na alegria ou na dor, sempre está contigo seja onde for. Não te deixa caído, mas te carrega em Seus braços de amor.
—  Coral Kemuel.

also more re: shattering stereotypes abt deforest kelley

back when he lived in long beach (1938-1940s) he was a ladies’ man, and he knew it about himself too. he would take careful care of his appearance, and anytime he passed a mirror he would always preen in it. when he began at the long beach cinema club, he immediately became the ladies’ favorite. keep in mind that back then he would sleep/live on the beach, which had him extremely tanned and the sun bleached his hair to a golden brown. he was the definition of a pretty boy lmao… also he used his charm for his own good too he was broke af back then so he’d bat his eyelashes at restaurant owners and get free meals lol