Ei, pessoa… é difícil aceitar quando alguém vai embora, quando precisamos abrir mão de algo ou quando temos que mudar. Algumas vezes é doloroso ter que se despedir, mas isso faz parte da vida, faz parte do nosso crescimento e principalmente da vontade de Deus, afinal, tudo é regido por Ele. Nem tudo que vai embora é perda, muitas coisas são livramentos que não podemos imaginar. Pode até doer agora, pode sangrar, mas passa e evita feridas muito maiores. Não questione, não force, não se mate por algo que precisa ir, confie no controle de Deus e siga em frente. Porque o mundo vai girar, a dor será curada e coisas muito melhores virão, pois, Deus não tira nada sem dar algo muito melhor.
—  Carol Giovannini, Chance com Deus.

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139. and 141. with montgomery pls and make it funny💋

from this prompt post

139: “ This place gives me the creeps. ”

141: “Did you hear that?”

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“Monty, c’mon. You’re trying to tell me that the big, bad, captain of the baseball team, starting pitcher, overall bad boy is too afraid to go through a haunted forest walk?” You laughed, pouting playfully as you tugged on your boyfriend’s arm. Monty rolled his eyes, holding back slightly.

“I just don’t like surprises.” He scowled, crossing his arms over his chest.

“C’monnnnnn!” You drew out the last syllable, grabbing onto his forearms, wrapping your arms around his neck. “Do it for me. You know it’s just going to be a bunch of college kids in drug store costumes, with corn syrup blood and plastic machetes. Please?? For me?” You pouted your lip, batting your eyelashes as you looked up at him.

“Goddamnit, Y/N.” A small smile spread across his face. “You know I can’t deal with your puppy dog eyes.” You squealed and threw your arms around him, your vest crinkling against his jacket as you pressed a kiss to his cheek.

“Thank you thank you thank you!” You smiled and hugged him tightly, breathing in the musky scent of his forest aftershave.

You shivered as a cold breeze blew through the trees, and Monty wrapped his arm around you as you started to walk through the dark trees. A tall man wearing a bloody orange jumpsuit tilted his head to the side, smiling maniacally as he pointed towards the right. You heard Monty inhale sharply as you passed by the man, and the fake ‘slit throat’ makeup became clear.

“This place gives me the creeps.” Monty whispered, moving closer to you, his brown eyes darting from side to side.

“I know. That’s the point, babe.” You laughed and wrapped your arm around his waist,  both of you cautiously moving forward.

“Y/N? Did you hear that?”

“No, it’s probably just the wi-”

You were cut off as a shape jumped out from behind a tree, screaming loudly. Monty screamed even louder and pushed you behind him, flailing out with his arms.


Five minutes later, a large man in a blue security uniform had his hands wrapped around both you and Monty’s upper biceps, gently but firmly escorting you past the line to enter the forest, out to the dirt parking lot.

“Y/N?” Monty looked sheepishly over at you, his brown eyes hesitantly locking with yours as he bit his lip.

“Yeah?” You glanced over at him, eyebrows raised.

“I just…I just panicked. I really didn’t mean to punch that little girl, she just jumped out at me and then all of a sudden I just went into fight or flight mode and… I’m sorry.”

The security guard chuckled slightly, loosening his grip on both of your flannel clad arms. “Don’t worry, buddy. Happens more than you’d think. It’s not the first and it’s not the last time that’s happened.”

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Could you do prompt #6 with Monty? Please

part two of this request (I really didn’t wanna make this a depressing imagine so as you can tell I went in a different direction!)

from this prompt post

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6: “ I lost the baby. ”

“Monty!” You yelled as you rushed into his house, panicked, your face flushed red as you slammed the door behind you. He looked up from his math homework, the sheets falling on the floor as he shot up and immediately cupped your face with his hands.

“What’s wrong?” His eyes were concerned as they searched yours, his eyebrows raised.

“I…I lost the baby!” You raised your hands to your temples as your broke away from his grip. “Monty, I had gone from your baseball practice and was just sitting in the cafeteria, and then I got distracted and then I went to talk to my math teacher and then I went to my car and drove here and then and then I just…I just realized I didn’t have the baby and oh my god Monty the baby is gone!”

“Y/N…” Monty began to speak, a smile spreading across his face.

“Shut up. I’m not done ranting. This baby oh my god stupid Timothy is worth 50% of our grade and if I lose the kid that’s an automatic fail for both of us and if I fail and if you fail then you can’t play baseball and then you can’t go to college and then I won’t go to college either and oh my god Timothy where are you?!” You sat on the kitchen chair, rubbing your temples as you stared at the ground.


“Oh, my god. How the fuck am I ever going to be a parent if I can’t even watch a single baby doll for a 24 hour period without losing it? Like, it’s not even like I accidentally forgot to feed it for a little bit or dropped it, I lost the whole entire fucking child.”

“Y/N!” Monty’s loud voice cut you off. You looked up to see Monty sitting there with Timothy in his arms, shaking his head and smiling as he gently rocked Timothy, feeding him a bottle. “You gave him to me after practice was done.”


“Jeez, Timothy is fine. Calm yourself, Y/N.”

You smiled sheepishly, turning red as you looked at your shirtless boyfriend, standing there smirking with the baby doll.

“You know, Monty…I made a promise to you during practice….And jeez. Guys with babies are… damn.” You smiled coyly as you walked up to Monty, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Upstairs. Now.” You whispered in his ear.

Monty dropped Timothy on the linoleum and sprinted around the corner, skidding on the ground as he turned the corner to the steps.
You just laughed as you picked up the babydoll and put him in the high chair.

“Y/N! Where are you?!”