My portable setup in East Lansing, 2013.

From left to right:  Zoom ST-224 Sampler, Korg Electribe ES-1 MK2 Sampler, Korg Electribe EM-1 Drum Machine/ROMpler.  

In the rack is a Novation Drumstation (TR-808/TR-909 drum synth), Behringer Virtualizer and Ibanez SDR 1000+ effects units.

voystok  asked:

hey! would you mind spilling the tea on where you get your drum samples?

I use a lot of samples from old drum machines like the Linn LM-1, Oberheim DMX, Roland TR-707/808/909, and SCI Drumtraks. For my first two albums I also used some samples from some Sample Magic packs (a processed sn_lowlinn from the chillwave pack was the main snare for most of the songs on Odyssey). Now I mostly record my own samples.