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Adelina Amouteru

“The only way to clamp down on my energy is to erase my emotions, and so I fold them each away, one by one. My sorrow turns to anger, then to ice-cold fury. My soul curls in one itself in defense. I am gone. I am truly gone.

I am not sorry.” 

Marie Lu, The Young Elites



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  • TR-808 (ft. Park Jimin & Min Yoongi)
    [ intro. , 1 ]
  • That’s the Drink Talking (Kim Seokjin & Kim Namjoon)
    It all starts with a wild house party. Secrets are divulged, confessions are made, and connections are forged. But the players have all guarded themselves. No matter, a little drink ought to loosen their lips.
    [ 0. frustrated, 1. -, 2. -, 3. -] 
  • Daddying 101 (Park Jimin) 
    [ 1 | ]


  • BTS x Undertale (all members) [ Pacifist , - ] 

RX-75 [RHINO] Prototype

Designed by Valior, for Valior. This hammer originally was intended for his use, obviously by its scale against a BETA series TRS model. Sadly, by the time Valior had gotten access to the technology to create such a weapon, he physically could not handle the weight of it, or the aftershock it would create. His body had deteriorated far too much, and lifting it would only fracture more of his now delicate structure. In a last-resort to preserve the design, he had the BETA series TRS prototypes use the hammer. The TRS droids themselves could not manage to lift it properly, let alone handle the aftershock of it’s cataclysmic properties. Because of this, the RX-75 never officially made it to market and has remained forgotten, collecting dust in storage. The materials that the RX-75 hammer is made up of remains unknown, but is said to create devastating sonic blasts; only if used correctly. Otherwise, it’s only a glorified paperweight that could be used to forge dents out of metal.

anonymous asked:

I was looking through your blog and I saw the post about the instrument differences in SixShame Faces and that's so COOL! Do you know what instruments they used?

hi! how far back are you?……lol;;

they used different synths! analog synthesizers to be precise. the musicians wanted to use ones with numbers 1-6 in their names (cute…) but i’m not sure all the ones they used.

they did the same thing with the first ending but it was drum synths changed instead. i think they were all from the roland TR series.

The Soldier - Chapter 9

***Edited as of 3/25/2017***

They were not a fairy tale.

They were the collision of a thousand stars destined for a calamitous fate.

Pairing: Eric/OC

Fandom: Divergent

Rating: M


“Are you that girl?”

I looked up from shifting my spoon through my oatmeal to see a couple pairs of curious eyes focused on me. “Huh?”

The girl that had spoken looked nervous to be talking to me, but she addressed me again anyway. “Are you the one that we saw on the train last night? The one that was supposedly attacked by a group of factionless?”

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