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Hey 00Q fandom!

After a long mostly-absence, I am diving back in!   A lovely reader won me in the Fandom Trumps Hate auction, and she has commissioned me to finish off The Bloody Office, the sequel to Quriosity, complete with some nice bottom-Bond smut at the end.  Hooray!  After a lot of re-reading of my own fic and brainstorming on plot holes, I’m ready to dig in and get writing! 

So, catch me up on what I’ve missed…Any must-follow blogs?  Any rec lists or just recommendations for fic from the last…oh, three years or so?

Also, for the people who follow me for Teen Wolf / Sterek content, I may be reblogging/posting more 00q stuff.  I will tag everything with “00Q” and “James Bond” as well as “Skyfall” and/or “Spectre” if applicable, so feel free to add those tags to your blacklist.  For 00Q folks who are not into Teen Wolf, feel free to block “Teen Wolf” and/or “Sterek” tags.  Also just FYI, in general, anything that’s not from one of my major fandoms (00q, Teen Wolf, or BBC Sherlock) will be tagged with “random”, and personal posts (few though they are) will be tagged “personal” and political posts (even fewer) will be tagged “political”.

Thanks as always for everyone who follows me, and, in the immortal words of Thomas Jefferson…”What’d I miss?”