INFP Musicians

Here’s a list off the top of my head of some INFP musicians :)
Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)
Tyler Joseph (Twenty Øne Pilots)
Jordan Witzigreuter (The Ready Set)
John Lennon (the Beatles)
Jesse Lacey (Brand New)
Thom Yorke (Radiohead)*
Ian Curtis (Joy Division)
Adam Young (Owl City)
Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins)
Jim Morrison (the Doors)*
George Harrison (the Beatles)*
Ryan Ross (Panic! At the Disco)
Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance)*

*A star means that I am not 100% on this artist

piiesandpucks  asked:

talk to me about how jack and bitty are anchoring forces for each other talk to me about the calm of jackbitty give me those essays

(referring to my tags rambling about visual storytelling on this post!) 

okay so this will probs make no sense i’m sorry but like ngozi is actually so incredibly good at this visual storytelling jam and there’s a lot of neat stuff happening visually in the most recent updates and i’m dying @ it. 

i actually talk about it a bit in this post where i talk about 3.4 and how spacing/panelling specifically seems to be working within that individual update…and like most of what i really have to say is established in that so i would look there for like my Thoughts aslfajdf. 

and the same kinda thing goes throughout the other updates from that week - especially in pb&j - it’s literally framed by quiet moments of jack and bitty’s relationship, with the chaotic/violent/loud/fast-paced real world forming the center. jack and bitty’s relationship is the foundation here, though, it’s jack’s pre-game and post-game ritual, his beginning and end. :)

i love that panel when he comes back into his apartment and all the colors are muted and there’s a ton of words with like no motion (a huge contrast compared to the rest of pb&j) and it’s just like the visual equivalent of an exhale…all that tension from before is released…AND IT’S LIKE??? ALL SHOWN VISUALLY!!! idk i just like?? really love that aspect of narrative it’s why i’m drawn (ha! a pun!) to webcomics/graphic novels/movies/tv, etc. it’s fascinating!!!

and like kinda unrelated but like this panel:

part of how ngozi is able to create that “in our own little world” vibe is by not showing any of the characters who are speaking? like anyone speaking is “off-screen” and so it kinda comes across as muffled or not actually present (the same equivalent as bitty’s voiceover) as opposed to being the main action/focus - bitty and jack are the focus here, like they are for each other, everything else (at this point) is literally background noise. and like, yeah, the fact that she can convey that through only a visual medium is !!!!!!!!!! and wow yeah okay i could scream about it forever


w r i t i n g

w a i t i n g

p l o t t i n g

a PSA while the dash is wildin, ok… i have to close aegi for plotting, i rly only have the time and energy to go through one long post / two short posts a day i’m v old and useless so I’M JUST EXTREMELY OVERWHELMED RN LMAO PLS BARE WITH ME.

D no maou Chapter 3 text translation (The Devil of D-Agency)


chapter 1: part 1, part 2 | chapter 2

The suspect is this American man currently living in Japan, John Gordon. D-Agency then searched his residence under the disguise of military policemen.

Gordon: I haven’t done anything! Do you have any rights to search here? I’ll report this to the ambassador!

The real military police might come if we cause too much trouble…

Neighbour 1: It’s the military police.

Sakuma: !!

Neighbour 2: What happened?

Neighbour 3: Who knows…

Sakuma: When did all these people come…If this goes on, the mission will fail before they can search inside -

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