[originally posted 3.4.14]

Good evening!

TQ4 and
Green Ressha ^ ^ haha
I’m surrounded~ hahaha

How was
Tokkyuger episode 3,
“If She’s Imagined It, She’ll Put Her Life on the Line”?

Chain Shadow was
really scary, huh.
When I saw it on set it
really gave me a scare. haha

First was Back Shadow
the second was Saber Shadow,
the cohesive enemy designs are
really cool!
Please pay attention to all the monsters ^ ^

We don’t have memories, so
we don’t know where our hometown is.

Kagura, for one,
felt so down about this she didn’t know what to do.

But in this episode, Kagura
grew and started to face forward!!

In the end,
we found the hint
that our hometown
is by the sea.

Even without our memories,
there are some things
that are so ingrained in our hearts
that we can still feel them.

It’d be nice if
our memories would continue
coming back ^o^

Also also~
On the website,
“Shison Jun’s Imagination”
has updated.


We talk about a lot of things!
We also do the transformation,
so definitely watch it!!
And everyone do the transformation with us ^o^

Well then!!


Interview day

[originally posted 1.23.14]

Good evening!

Yesterday was interview day.
We talked a lot about
Tokkyuger and such
so please look forward to the release ^ ^

With Jin-san!
We were surprised our coats looked so similar. haha
Thanks for all your thoughts
on the oekaki challenge ^ ^

I’m looking for
suggestions for more things
to challenge myself with!!

To all those who were middle or high schoolers
taking part in the Center tests,
good work.
Now you just
have to have a little patience. Do your best!
I know it’s hard now,
but if you don’t lose heart,
you’ll definitely return to yourself!
It’ll be a good result.