TPZ - a Ziam fic by Ziam is a Lifestyle

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October 2014. The WWA Tour is over, and all Zayn wants to do is get away. No schedule, no security, no photos, no people - and especially no Liam. It’s just too fucking complicated with him these days. The tipi Zayn erected in the yard of his country house in Hertfordshire last summer sounds like the perfect spot. He’ll hide out there for a week while everyone thinks he’s in Japan with Perrie. He’ll smoke weed in the nude, read the books Harry gave him, and scribble in his journal. At least, that’s the plan. But it isn’t long before his mind starts wandering to the very person he’s trying to escape. And when Liam arrives in the flesh, unannounced and uninvited, Zayn is torn between shutting him out forever, or risking everything by opening his fragile heart.

“one of our Pulp Babes is putting together a collection of reader submitted shrines and YOU GUYS STILL HAVE TIME TO SEND YOURS IN!💖💖💖 The shrines can be any type- dedicated to someone, something, just an aesthetic you like, just a random clutter of things, ANYTHING! Email them to by the 20th (next sat) with who you want it credited to/ linked to/ and any info you want included for them to be part of the super fab post”


this is from the pulp zine’s instagram but yeah basically i’m orgaising a post which is a collection of submitted photos of reader’s shrines, and you can still send them in!