Just ignore this.. I’m collecting my thoughts.

I’ve recently met a boy who intrigues me. No not in the romantic way. He’s different then most. People let their upbringing and way of life define them. They base some much of their life on “the old ways” that they know. Just basically staying on the same level. Yet he doesn’t. His past is his past. Yes it does have an affect on him but he’s not morbid about anything. He wants to impact the world. He plans on changing himself and dong the best he can in life. And it astounds me. How often does a young person have a huge dream (hella) but how often do they have the want/drive to do it. This boy will go far in life and I’m proud to say I know him.

For a boy so young he truly is remarkable. I’m not good with words so it’s hard for me to explain but basically he is what everyone should strive for. He is a real live superhero even if he doesn’t agree. Putting others before yourself is hard but to him it brings him happiness. Now ask yourself when is the last time you did something for someone else and the was really no personal gain. You did it to see them happy? (Mine was right as break was ending my little brother wanted to spend the day with me so I did. Or when I hung out with my friend before and left. I don’t like goodbyes but these people wanted one more time together) That’s his thing. Like I said I’m not good with words. I could never express how interesting he is. I feel like the best comparison is him being the vast never ending out space. There is alway so much more. And it always keeps you on your toe

lesson for my kid

When/if I have children/child, I plan on teaching them that when you see a person crying.. Don’t pester them about whats wrong and don’t walk away. I will teach him or her to just walk up and hug them. To give that sad person a shoulder to cry on. And if they want to talk, to listen. Because when I’m sad I don’t want to talk.. I just want you there and maybe my child will help someone realize that there are people there.. even if they are strangers. Because anyone can care. 

Ahhhaha DaRon and I had this argument on valentines day. I didn’t believe that strangers could care but hey, I care for random people.


So I was sleeping in my friends room (fight with my roommates). Any who she walks in a shouts at me “ayo bitch, get your ass up! I got you a Chai tea latte.” Morning made. and I"m totally white girling rn! :)

2 big lessons from my mother

1. Never let them see you hurt.
2. And the most important one:
If you are going to go don’t let them know. The worst pain in the world is find the one you love gone when you wake.


Ok so we all make mistakes right? You’ve made some and your parents. It’s just a natural thing right? So why do we criticize famous people so much for it? Like I get it sometimes they do some terrible terrible things. But yet we mock them after they have asked for forgiveness and they have learned from it. I feel like (AND THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPPION YOU SO PLEASE DON’T GET OFFENDED!) that if you mock anyone even someone famous (and by mock I mean you sit the and call them an ass or how they don’t deserve to be a person anymore(ye sI have been seeing a lot of that on posts)) you yourself are an ass. This is most likely hypocritical  of me to say. Yes I do crack jokes or do remember whens.. when things happen but still. I don’t sit there and ‘OMG Miley thoo! Like the shit she does makes her shit" or Mike Vick is a complete ass who should kill himself" I DO NOT AT ALL support what Michael Vick did to those animals(he was the firs guy I could think of). He was an extreme. And some people feel that he didn’t get what he deserved.. But still….. I guess what I’m trying to say is stop judging people for their past because you aren’t perfect and people are stupid :)

no one’s going to rescue you so shut the fuck up.. Deal with your own bullshit. Learn ways to get over it… god fucking! It just pisses me off. Grown the fuck up. White nights don’t exist. NO ONE IS GOING TO SAVE YOUR ASS SO SUCK IT UP AND QUIT BEING A LITTLE BITCH.
—  the parts of me you don’t know 
Much of my life had been devoted to trying not to cry in front of people who loved me, so I knew what Augustus was doing. You clench your teeth. You look up. You tell yourself that if they see you cry, it will hurt them, and you will be nothing but a Sadness in their lives, and you must not become a mere sadness, so you will not cry, and you say all of this to yourself while looking up at the ceiling, and then you swallow even though your throat does not want to close and you look at the person who loves you and smile.
—  John Green

petrichorious-evening asked:

If you find this in your askbox, you must post 5 good things about yourself and pass it on to 10 of your favourite followers.

omg cal, you’re a dork.

k, here goes…

1. i’m short so hella good armrest and great for dodging through crowds

2. can learn whole movie soundtracks in a matter of days and sing them loudly at any chance i get

3. great at picking out socks that don’t actually match, but somehow look like they should go together

4. super dedicated to 9 season long tv shows, 100k+ fanfics, and chocolate

5. fabulous judge of character

I'm so drunk and so sad. Thank god for spell check.

So I was in an argument with a Floormate. It was about whether you can truly care about someone you do to know. I say no. So in order to prove me wrong so he sent me a candy gram and then posted a cute thing on my door. It made me feel special and then I found out and now it like “damn….. No one really does care do they? Why would you do something like this to someone you care about?” Urg maybe I’m just overthinking things. God. I’m sorry I’ve drank a little too much trying to get over this. Again sorry about my rant. Happy valentines day! :D

Come on darlin’ have some indecency,
You know there’s nothing you could say that would embarrass me,
I heard a song tell me that talk is cheap,
But it’s all you do with me,
—  Alex Day