#JellyFungus?! Sooo fun! This was after MANY inches of rain at #VillageCreekStatePark in SE Texas. Note @landonshane in the #TPWD hat with me :) #fungusamongus #mycology #mushroomlove #offthebeatenpath (at Village Creek State Park)

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The last batch from my recent visit to the LBJ ranch in Stonewall, TX.  This covers the Texas White House for the most part, with a quick visit to Trinity Lutheran church, where LBJ occasionally attended.

On the day I was touring the ranch, they were redoing the antiquated wiring in the Texas White House, so we weren’t allowed to visit the usual stops indoors except for LBJ’s office.  Luckily for visitors during this period, the awesome rangers and volunteers gave us a special treat by showing us around areas of the backyard that are usually off limits to visitors!

The “Welcome to the LBJ Ranch” stone in particular was added by President Johnson after taking over the house from his aunt.  We also got a few up close views of the swimming pool and the outside entrance to Lady Bird’s bedroom.  They had added access to the “Friendship Stones” since the last time I was out there, but I think that’s on the regular tour now.  A very comprehensive (but incomplete) “who’s who” of the 50′s - 60′s political and national scene.

I ran out of time for visiting LBJ’s childhood home, so I’ll have to swing by there next time I’m driving through Johnson City.  I also need to stop by San Marcos and shoot pics of LBJ’s ol’ Alma Mater sometime whenever I have a hankering for some Manske Rolls from Gil’s.


Spent my Christmas morning hiking through Meridian State Park. I’ve been there more times than I can count, and its beauty never ceases to amaze me. It was particularly beautiful Christmas Day as all the colors were dulled, which only allowed for other aspects to intensify in beauty, much like a black and white photograph.

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Air Force One Half and hangar area.  I took that selfie to demonstrate just how far I had to hunch over to get in and out of the plane.  I’m a good 6ft. 4in tall, beating LBJ by just an inch.  I got a taste of what it feels like to hop in and out of that plane on a regular basis, I can only imagine what it must have been like for President Johnson.

And, yes, I loved the pillow he had in his office at the ranch so much that I had to get my own.

This concludes my tour of the LBJ ranch for the moment.  I have a few more pics to throw here on the blog later on, just haven’t had a chance to finish shooting the rest of those rolls yet.

Thanks @bonnieblue85 for the reposts!  Glad you enjoyed the pictures and hopefully I’ll get around to posting the rest soon!