Tumblr Prom Party~ All are invited!

So, many of you know that tumblr prom is coming up this Wednesday, May 25th. I had an idea that it might feel more like prom if there was a place we could all hang out, and also, listen to some great music.

I set up a synchtube room so that people can come in for the days before prom and start adding music. Whatever music you want to listen to, you can add. Hopefully we can get enough people in here that it will be a really great time.

Because of time zones, there is no official time for the Tumblr Prom Synchtube Party. Just come online at any time and rock out with the rest of us.

Hopefully this makes tumblr prom a bit more fun for everyone!

Please spread this around so more people can enjoy!

Feel free to message me if you have any questions.


Regarding Tumblr Prom Synchtube Party...

(For those who don’t know what it is, you can find the info here)

We need people to add more music! Only a few videos have been added so far. Remember, anyone can add music and the more music the better!

I will probably get on today or tomorrow and add a bunch of music, but I want some more variety! Everyone, add 5 or 10 songs to the playlist! Mix it up a bit! No one wants to listen to the same couple of songs all night. It’s better to have a playlist that’s so long we don’t get to everything, versus a playlist that annoys the hell out of everyone after the first hour.

Also: Please consider tracking either ‘TPST’ or 'tumblr prom synchtube party’ in order to receive quicker updates. I will be posting everything regarding the Prom Party there, that way you can quickly find information.
Today in Music History - Dec. 2

In 2010, Lea Michele, star of the Fox TV musical series “Glee,” received a “triple threat” award during Billboard’s annual “Women in Music” luncheon in New York City honouring Fergie of “The Black Eyed Peas.”

“Billboard created the triple Threat Award this year to recognize the incredible contribution that Lea Michele has made to music, as a star on Glee. Glee has rewritten the Billboard charts this year and Lea has been one of the driving stars of that success. Whether she’s covering Britney or Broadway, Madonna or Rihanna, she always manages to bring out the most in her songs in a way that is distinctly Rachel, and by extension, Lea. Phenomena aren’t always backed by true talent, but in this case, it’s clear that Lea has what it takes as as singer, a dancer and an actor to be a star for years to come.” [Billboard, 2010]