Reasons I dislike the TPP

- it was done in secret.
- it sets up secret courts.
- these secret courts give foreign corporations the power to sue our government if it passes laws that hurt their profits.
- think about that.
- our government passes laws to give factory workers’ more rights, demand testing on weird new food imports, protect koalas from going extinct - all things that are good for us, but dent corporate profits.
- to pass such laws we’d need to transfer our taxpayer money to foreign corporations.
- or simply, our government will stop proposing such good laws if it foresees a TPP suing acomin’.

This is a profound shift of power from us to corporations.

i find it incredibly insulting that people view the TPPA in the terms of what it would do for the us and it’s position in the pacific and straight up not caring what it means for other countries.


Thousands of New Zealanders turned up across the country today to protest against the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). The so-called “trade agreement” extends far and wide and will subordinate the public interest to the narrow profit-driven interests of foreign corporations. This Trojan Horse threatens our country’s sovereignty and undermines our Parliament’s ability to legislate in the public good. 


US Out of Asia Rally, Times Square New York, April 25, 2014

As President Obama tours Asia Pacific to strengthen military alliances and promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), Asians in New York City came together to say “No to the U.S. pivot to Asia,” “US troops out of Asia,” and “No to the TPPA.”

I’m not entirely sure I like the lore that Abe is Red’s little brother. I mean, the core concept is okay I guess, like it’s happening in the aftermath of s1!gen1, and Dome’s trying to get resurrected, and Brock has his dittos, and Amber’s a shadowy observer of uncertain motive, and Bill’s still around, et cetera. (It does create this huge plothole what with him not showing up at the end of BB2, and retroactively inserting a character into the narrative is Not Good Writing, but that can be worked around.)

The trouble is that Abe’s being seen as Red’s direct successor. In that one comic, where Red tries to give Abe that staff? It’s just Helix and Bird Jesus. No azumarill, no tympole, no minum, not even a ‘KENYAAAAAA’ scrawled on the side. Just Bird Jesus. Just Run One.

I’m scared that this’ll end with the rest of s1 being ignored and erased. AJ’s quest for revenge, A’s desperate race to stop Bill, Alice’s research expedition turning into a heroic epic, Napoleon’s death and rebirth, Aoooo restoring the original world, Jimmy’s journey and spectacular growth, Cly’s triumph, D’s finger hovering over the red button, the sheer Summertime Record beauty of Arty’s ordinary journey, Lazorgator, M4, the Chairman, Solareon, the Prophet, Nonon, Wilbur, Starlord, Joey, Brendan, 4, Pearl, N, Bianca, Teala, Sabrina, Lanette, Ziggy, the non-Kanto fossil gods, Lady A. B. III, Rusty and Maya, the path the Mob burned through history, all gone. The Mob never learned to love their hosts, and nothing has changed.

(i still don’t get why more people aren’t concerned about the TPPA?  i’ve seen 24587923 SOPApocalypse posts about, like, the potential for congress to put something related to SOPA into an already existing bill being the end of fanfiction forever omg wake up america, but the TPPA 1. is a whole agreement instead of an idea taken from defunct legislation 2. affects multiple countries 3. is fucking terrifying.  i mean shit people in malaysia are protesting this and i haven’t seen a single post about it since the initial info post went around)

More updated list of sites down/taken down/still up

- MegaUpload - Closed.
- FileServe - Closed. Does not sell premium.
- FileJungle - Deleting files. Locked in the U.S..
- UploadStation - Deleting accounts. Locked in US.
- FileSonic - the news is arbitrary (under FBI investigation).
- VideoBB - Closed! would disappear soon.
- Uploaded - Banned U.S. and the FBI went after the owners who are gone.
- FilePost - Deleting all material (so will leave executables, pdfs, txts)
- Videoz - closed and locked in the countries affiliated with the USA.
- 4shared - Deleting files with copyright and waits in line at the FBI.
- MediaFire - Called to testify in the next 90 days and it will open doors pro FBI
-Org torrent - could vanish with everything within 30 days “he is under criminal investigation”
- Network Share mIRC - awaiting the decision of the case to continue or terminate Torrente everything.
- Koshiki - operating 100% Japan will not join the SOUP / PIPA
- Shienko Box - 100% working china / korea will not join the SOUP / PIPA
- ShareX BR - group UOL / BOL / iG say they will join the SOUP / PIPA

I officially have no really amazing way to get PSP games, nor watch my anime. THIS MUST BE STOPPED >:I

TPPA -Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
  • not many people seem to be aware, especially in Australia, but a massive trade deal is being secretly made between new zealand, Australia, America, Chile, Brunei, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam.
  • This deal will cause irreparable damage to the quality of life for those who can't afford it. The deal baically benifits the rich, and big corporations.
  • Things like the cost of medications will go up. And some of us will not even be able to afford simple medications.
  • It is important to makd everyone aware of this evil trade deal, more petitions signed, and more protests made. Please re-blog and share as much as you can. Please save us from the evils of our governments.
  • More info on the TPPA agreement at the link below
  • http: //

people really really didnt want TPPA today (est 15-20,000 people)

we couldn’t stop diplomats from signing the agreement but we did basically shut down the city for hours.

this isn’t even the full march - there was a huge kapa haka rōpu at the front leading everyone. it was pretty amazing seeing that kind of, idk, v Māori form of resistance and dissent.