What is the TPP?

It’s cool if you don’t know. It’s secret. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a trade deal-in-progress between Australia, USA and ten others. They’re keeping its content secret from all of us. Wikileak leaks, however, have revealed some of it and it does the gross things listed and more. In short: the TPP reads like a corporate wish-list, but it is bad news for democracy, health care, the environment, workers’ rights, internet freedom and developing countries. More TPP info here. More comics here.


Thousands of New Zealanders turned up across the country today to protest against the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). The so-called “trade agreement” extends far and wide and will subordinate the public interest to the narrow profit-driven interests of foreign corporations. This Trojan Horse threatens our country’s sovereignty and undermines our Parliament’s ability to legislate in the public good. 


“Three powerful lawmakers —House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus and Ranking Member Orrin Hatch — announced legislation Thursday that would allow the Obama administration to fast-track approval” of the Trans Pacific Partnership, reports Common Dreams this morning.

It’s difficult to imagine a bigger threat to democracy. The silence of the mainstream press by suppressing any public interest viewpoint on this is exhibit A for showing how corrupt they are, as Democrats and Republicans unite to sell out the American people, and the people of the world.

After 20 Years of NAFTA Poverty, Lawmakers Move to Fast-Track TPP
‘The Trans-Pacific Partnership would be an unmitigated disaster for everything from the environment to internet freedom and working families,’ - Sarah Lazare, staff writer.

SOURCE: Liberty Underground News Service:

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Did you know that Big Pharma is the TPP’s biggest lobby?

Yep, pharmaceutical firms have filed more Trans-Pacific Partnership lobbying disclosures than any other industry. In fact, pharmaceutical firms’ lobbying reports from 2009 to mid-2013 mentioned the TPP 2 ½ times more than the second-most-vocal industry.

Check out all the ways that the secret TPP “free trade” deal could inflate your healthcare bill and provide you with less access to affordable medicines.

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So Apparently We've Got TPPA To Worry About Too

Foreign investors could sue the government for hundreds of millions of dollars for breaching their rights under the TPPA, for example by changing our laws in ways that affect their expected profits or share value. The case would be heard in a secretive international tribunal, not in our domestic courts.

Which countries are involved in these negotiations?

There are currently nine: the US and New Zealand, plus Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam. Japan, Canada and Mexico are in the wings.

When did negotiations begin and when are they expected to end?

There have been numerous rounds since negotiations began in March 2010. They originally aimed to finish it in late 2011; now they say 2012 (… or 2014 or … never?)

What is in the proposed agreement?

We don’t exactly know because the negotiations are secret and the only documents that are in the public domain have been leaked. Worse still, the nine governments agreed that none of the background documents will be released until four years after the negotiations end (or collapse), so we won’t be able to hold them accountable for any tradeoffs they make until they are no longer in power.

What kind of policies could be targeted in the negotiations?

We know from various sources that they include

  • stronger restrictions on foreign investments
  • tobacco control laws
  • restrictions on sale and manufacture of GMOs and labeling of GM foods
  • the Pharmac scheme for buying drugs and subsidies
  • the ability to reverse privatisations in the future
  • stronger regulation of mining
  • parallel importing, especially for music and computer programmes
  • Intellectual property protection in the digital media
  • hot money flows in and out of the country.

From TPPA Watch