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fellas is it gay to help a man rob a train to stop an evil anthropologist from stealing a superweapon to destroy all life on mars? is it gay to push yourself to use alien mindreading powers that are physically and psychologically draining to stop that man from getting tortured? hey fellas is it gay to trust and fall in love with a man who treats you with a tenderness you haven’t known in your whole life? fellas is it gay


Hideo Kojima: “My team thought the distance between Snake and Kaz was too close but I insisted that for passionate men who share in life and death, the sense of distance is definitely this much" (x)(x)

nureyev name meta (ft angels)

so this thing in jewish mystic tradition is the idea that angels are tasks – effectively, gd sends them to do things and they disappear back into wherever once their job is completed. and the names of angels relate to their tasks – michael performs gdlike acts, gabriel enacts justice, etc.

nureyev is linked w the idea of angels, as would-be saboteur of brahma’s guardian angel system, and something of a guardian angel to juno himself. he Also changes names a lot, and each name is linked to a task – rex glass gets grim’s mask, and then disappears; perseus shah steals blair rockridge’s collection and disappears;  peter nureyev saves new kinshasa and threatens to destroy it if they continue their transgressions, and when that’s done he decides on a new task and forges a new identity to complete it.

(and of course people forget this a lot but angels are bloody, bloody; they come to enact gd’s will on the world and are messengers; and sometimes the message is good and joyful and sometimes it is that you are beyond saving, all of you, and there is nothing left but to burn and be rid of your spoils, your family, your city, because angels are tasks. they do not feel, they do not regret; they carry out their duties and they disappear.)

5 times Peter Nureyev kissed Juno Steel and 1 time Juno kissed him back

I’ve been having a lot of thoughts recently about Jupeter and physical affection and Juno’s problem with Not Letting Himself Have Nice Things; thus, this fic was born. Read on for a little bit of angst and a whole lot of fluff and happiness. (Because deep down, all we really want is for Juno Steel to be happy.) 


“Life can wait one night, Juno. Come here.”

He knows he shouldn’t. He’s been suspicious of Rex from the start; by now he’s almost certain that the Dark Matters agent is not what he appears. The flirtation, the kindness, and even that inexplicable trust could easily all be an act put on to seduce him into incompetence. But now Rex is leaning in, one hand pulling at Juno’s coat and the other curling around the back of his neck, and Juno can’t make himself turn away.

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