It’s been really fun to watch Scott grow up. I love who he is now. I love who he’s going to be the next season and hopefully the next seventeen seasons after that.

alias: david
pronouns + timezone: he/him | gmt
introduce yourself: leo, slytherin, xavier dolan trash, mslash obsessed.
favourite plots: any and all angst. i love to torture my babies, in any way i can. with some fluff thrown in to soothe the pain, however briefly. tight-knit friend groups, like newfound families. actual family plots, big big families please. also all the mslash.
what do you want to see from thrills: longevity. tired of sites dying out so quickly. aside from that, focus on character and plot, with actual follow through. none of this plotting a pairing to death, and barely getting through a thread. sorry for the negativity, i’ve been burned too many times before, and i just want somewhere with a good community of roleplayers willing to put the work in to make a site last.
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Posey stans shit on Holland because Stydia, and they hate every single thing that gets a bit more of attention, be show/media attention or fan attention, that TPosey. Also because she has mentioned Sterek a couple of times in a non-negative light. A lot of Posey stans also stan for Shelley because she ''broke'' up Sterek, she ''gets along'' with Posey and she is disliked by the Sterek fandom in general. Take all that, and you got a good secondary martyr for themt to stan for.

Ahh yes.  I love the one anti kira, Shelley stan who calls Dylan racist and sexist.  I get strain from the side eye, but it’s worth it.