How to get into character?
BC. : “I became a wolf in Yellowstone for a while. Became pack leader. Christian Bale and Daniel Day Lewis in pack. Hardest part is getting unwolfed.”
—  Benedict Cumberbatch, on his character development for TPOM

4 brand new pics of Classified from TPOM have been released since DreamWorks have updated their website. Here’s his bio…

“First of all, his name is actually classified, and not ‘Classified.’” He’s the leader of the North Wind — a spy agency that helps animals in need - he’s a highly-trained but cocky secret agent who underestimates the Penguins’ operation.

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  • Skipper:"Kowalski tell me you've got that antidote figured out."
  • Kowalski:"Yeah, I... got nothing. No matter what I do, the formula's molecular structure fails to achieve low-energy orbitals. "
  • Private:"Hmm, tart. Have you tried adding sugar?"
  • Kowalski:"Private, please. This is an intricate problem that requires that...Sugar! Of course! That's the answer! The monosaccaride will stablelize the entire solution!"
  • Skipper:"Good work, Private."
  • Private:"Yes, well, I thought it needed the monostereo... thing."

I ended up going for pretty much the same stuff as most of the fanart I’ve seen of them as humanized haha, I don’t have much imagination with this stuff. This was supposed to be a quick doodle but it took way longer than it should have - mostly because it’s the first time I’m using my tablet in over half a year. 

I hope I don’t have to tell you who they are…