:U Approx 7 hours of work (I am NEVER DRAWING ARMY UNIFORMS AGAIN!)

     PEOPLE I NEED MORE HUMAN PENGUIN FICS!!! I  was mainly inspired by this story  in terms of who took care of Private until he could join the team…

    When I was drawing this I thought that Uncle Nigel put Private in a good school in England. Anyway on this day after months of being busy with their work Skipper, Kowalski and Rico come to visit. 7 year-old Private is peeved because he thinks he is old enough to join them so he leaves the house angry in the morning after a fight with them.

    He went on a field trip with his class to a museum and got caught up in museum rob which resulted him and 17 other children along with 2 teachers being held hostage in their school bus in front of the museum.

This of course doesn’t sit well with his brothers and although the authorities should handle the situation (Ahem, maybe Northwind?) they create and epic bust out plan.

Meanwhile, Private is trying to deal with the situation internally (which is why he has the bruised knuckles) which doesn’t end with him winning.

As usual: Rico and Skipper tend to be the physical contact whilst Kowalski acts from behind (that is why only Skipper and Rico have bruises) but he contribuites with mini-bombs (and that is why he is full of dust and goggle eyes).

Long story short: 3 Big Bro’s come to their little Private which ends in a mush fest. Kowalski is just relieved to have Private back (+ Skipper and Rico being more calm again) as he puts the shock blanket over him. Rico is happy but distressed because Private is crying (since he thinks it is all his fault) and he can’t handle a crying Private. Skipper is trying not to bash any heads in and focus on soothing his youngest Trooper.


I NEEDED FLUFF AND ANGST OKAY?!?! I NEEDED IT! Leave me behind I am in too deep in the feels