It’s too bad that Laurel never got a chance to get out of this place since she clearly meant shit to all of you people. And you know, it's really too bad that I was the only one who ever saw anything special in her or believed in her. And now that she’s gone, you assholes can’t hurt her anymore!

kingofthewilderwest asked:

THAT IS SO COOL THAT YOU GOT TO BE PART OF A PRINCE OF EGYPT PRODUCTION! That sounds like it would have been a lot of fun. :) I'll admit I've wanted to try to convince the churches in my community to come together and try to do The Prince of Egypt... (I hope it's okay of me just hopping in and happily squealing about TPOE... I just saw your response to that discussion going around about some of the songs like The Plagues).


It really was a lot of fun, and I got the part(s) (switching between hebrew and egyptian) only because I knew the producer since 10 years when we were in the same choir, and because they were low on middle aged people :D 

The production company was just starting out, and the competition is more (much more!) fierce now. Also, a lot of the teens in those productions now have carreers in entertainement business - acting, singing, dancing. 

It was a wonderful time of my life.