Responses to “3 things you associate me with” meme

Ah, thanks so much for the cool and nice replies, guys! This was really interesting and cool to see! Honestly, it’s touching that you guys follow my blog and have thoughts and feelings associated with it - thank you! :) 

Haha, I guess it’s not surprising to see HTTYD up there so often, and then other things related to dragons like GoT (which, admittedly, I’ve never watched) or even people just saying… dragons. Yay dragons! I’m happy to see linguistics up there, too! I suppose I have blathered a lot about languages and my grad school experiences… I do swear university education isn’t all bad, whoops, yeah I guess I do rant a lot. XD Then you guys mention other cool things, too - Narnia, TPOE, SW (if you get into it I hope you have fun!) - and some really sweet comments and compliments. Gahhhw thanks. <3 Seriously, thanks for responding to the meme and chatting about this. It’s really interesting to see and you say some really nice touching things.

Take care, all of you! Hope you’re doing well.