Nyjer Morgan Bobblehead Giveaway!

I have a extra Nyjer Morgan Bobblehead that I don’t really need! It looks just like the one below.  It is still in the original box!

How to Win:

Like this post! Then REBLOG! I will put all those names in a hat and pick ONE to be the winner! If you like and reblog, you get your name put in twice.  ONLY TWICE!

When will a winner be chosen?

The last day you can like this will be Friday, June 22nd by 10:00pm CST!  The winner will be picked the next day!

I won! Now what?!

I will mail it out to you! No matter where you live! Unless you live down the street then I will just walk there ;) I will contact the winner on here and if they don’t mind I will post who won!

Good Luck Brewer Fans! <3