I had the urge to do an impromptu recording tonight. I’m pretty sure I just finished tracking for it, and I’m about to start editing. I also used this an excuse to bring out Josephine, the explorer. Reykja seemed to like it as much as I do.

I might actually have this song posted later tonight.

The Past is Another Planet covers -

“Rick and Morty Theme Song” by Ryan Elder

In honor of the first season of Rick and Morty being released on DVD, and now finally being able to nerd out over all of the commentaries, I thought I would repost my spacerock/shoegaze cover of the theme song from the show.

So here is my tribute to Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland and Ryan Elder.

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I hope you receive this transmission
though, I’m scared of what I’m gonna say
I fear since it’s just a recording
that my words will not carry the same weight

I wish you could see my reflection
the same way that I do each day
I’ve never been quite sure of what I’m looking for
but I know when I find it I’ll stay.

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Over the next few days I’ll be posting all of the lyrics on “Set Adrift”. As it’s not the most legitimate of releases, the liner notes will also meet that level of legitimacy. My dream would be to have someone else, far more visually artistic than myself, do some sort of artwork involving the lyrics. But until that happens, here is the first installment: The second track on “Set Adrift” and the first track to include vocals,

“Radio Silence”

gold green rings in your eyes
blur when I get too close
soft sweet notes in your voice
ask when I’m coming home

But I leapt through the ceilingshattered the atmosphere
is this what you want to hear?
that I slept through your breathing,
kept all our broken plans
and carried them with me to space

and you called out my name
and I had no time to explain
why I would be leaving
I wish you’d believe in me

All that you see here
All that you do here
When you leave here
It should stay here

gold green rings in your eyes blurred when I got too close

you can download the song here or here for free!

Like A Plague gtr demo
  • Like A Plague gtr demo
  • The Past is Another Planet

here’s another one that’s just for my tumblr followers. I’m making quick and steady progress on this song that I’m pretty positive will be titled, “Like A Plague”.

This is another demo that was recorded on my phone sitting in front of my stereo, so there’s plenty of pick-noise and when there isn’t you can clearly distinguish the loops, but I don’t mind. It’s strange not having an actual guitar amp around.

This is a song that was written and recorded for a now defunct project of mine called Life Long Laser. I’ve been considering redoing some of these songs, like I did a while back with “Gentle (Sun)”. I feel there are only a few songs worth salvaging from the record (called Pipedream), especially the handful of tunes I wrote myself instead of with the couple of other people I wrote with during this time.

This song, “A Day in The Night” is one of the songs, to me, that is most worth ressurecting. I didn’t get to mix this record, at the time I didn’t have software or an interface capable of even multitrack playback. If I had the chance to record it again, or even do another mix I think I’d like it to sound dirtier overall, and try to convey more of a sense of tension, urgency and/or an ominous feeling. But as it sits right now, it’s still a solid tune with a solid mix.

Though my biggest note is that long piano intro has got to go. skip to about 0:35 into the song if you’d like to forgo the drawn out funeral march at the beginning. It was meant to set tone, but ending up setting the tone a bit too much.

Now I’m just being hyper critical.


This song only has one line and has only one meaning

The lyric being: “You’ll always be my albatross”

It is about nothing other than my experiences trying to quit smoking and failing over and over. “A Day in The Night“ is also based directly off of an illustration by my good friend, comic artist, kevin-budnik . Shown here:

External image


Here is the latest round of homemade liner notes and lyrics for the final track on “Set Adrift”, and a personal favorite of mine -

All I Can Do

floating in silence
the airlock has ceased to perform
now the oxygen is lost
and gone away

it comes to me now
in the moments between sleep
and certain death
as the pressure builds
as the airwaves collapse
our code will fail me
and I’m afraid you’ll never know

I’m being honest with you

it’s all I can do
I swear it’s the truth
you’re all I can lose

Download ’All I Can Do’ for free on Bandcamp or Soundcloud