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I love your comic. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday ('cause, Australian) checking it is the first thing I do in the morning. But what I actually wanted to ask about was the Taeshi and Suitcase love story. Because I'm nosy like that.

Veronica: Ahh yes.. when Souppy and I became OTP..

It all started on a Sonic x Amy forum, it was called Sonikku to Emi No Ai (Sonic and Amy’s love). We were like.. 12-13 or so? I actually took notice to him because I thought he was this BIG JERKY CONTRARIAN or whatever. There was a poll about Sonic characters you liked, and Souppy was all “Shadow sux lol” and the fangirls in the forum including me got really mad at him. How dare you not like shadow!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! wow!!!!!!!

There was also 9/11 and a topic was made about it and he wasn’t waving flags like everyone else, being a filthy Australian and all. He was mad about the idea of a war and was not being very positive about the US’s global decisions so I was all WOW THIS GUY IS MEAN?? GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY?????

And so I didn’t really want anything to do with him, I would notice this little Keio Flying Squadron avatar and know that it was the JERK talking and that I shouldn’t read his posts because he makes me MAD because he’s MEAN

Then a secret Sonikku To Emi No Ai forum was made. Because there were a bunch of “newbies” ruining everything for the “oldbies” or whatever, I don’t really recall. But I was invited into it because I was there long enough I guess. And Souppy was too. 

And he made a forum topic in the secret StEna about “music recommendations” because he was trying to find music he liked.. and he CALLED ME OUT because apparently I was going on about Grandia II in the normal STENA board and he looked up one of the songs I was fangirling about and liked it. So he was all “You better have some good recommendations Taeshi because I really liked that song you mentioned once ;-)”

and i was like 


And I was really shocked and flattered and recommended another song from Grandia II because I am trash that only listens to video game music and romantic hispanic music and HELL IF HE WAS GOING TO FIND OUT ABOUT THAT (He didn’t like the other song I recommended as much, alas, I tried to act all cool about it though)

Apparently some time after that he either sent me an AIM message or I did. I believe he did but he’s pretty sure I did. And we talked a bit and I was just massively intimidated by him. Especially because at the time Souppy had this meme going on with the other fangirls on the forum. He was this ~big tough uncaring guy~ and the girls would flirt with him and call him “Suity” and try to fluster him. I never took part of that kinda thing because I dunno, I thought ~only the one I truly love will get my affection~ or some dumb shit like that. 

He made a forum topic about why love is pointless as well, he was such an edgy kid. He was all “What’s the point it’s stupid feelings make you act like an idiot so why not just take care of yourself and be happy because everyone is stupid and sucks lmao”

I am still so mad the secret forum was shut down I WOULDA WANTED TO SAVE ALL OF THAT……….

Anyway, yeah. We were on friendly terms, and he apparently thought I didn’t seem as fangirly as the other members so he kinda respected that? And I was all “Aww yeah 8-)” even though I was total weeaboo trash going on about LOVING THE NYA-SU NYA~ CARDCAPTOR SAKURA SPARKLES

My computer then just died in like.. May of 2002? Some time there. And I disappeared from the internet for months. 

At one point around June I got access to a computer at my father’s friend’s house. They were having some sorta party and watching some wrestling match, and so I asked if I could internet for a bit. The first person I messaged was a guy from another community I was at (TPCG) asking if they had the AIM name of a friend I was looking for. I don’t think he did, or if he did the friend was offline. I sat around like.. man it sucks I am shit at knowing names, huh??? I couldn’t remember the AIM names of people, and so I kind of typed Souppy’s screenname on the client to see if I got it right and I did!! And I talked to him for a brief moment. While doing that I looked at my livejournal and then looked at his deadjournal. And I guess a lot happened while I was gone.

For one thing, the friend I had been looking for was good friends with Souppy as well friends with this girl from StEna, so they were like this close trio and there was all this subtext about the girl and Souppy possibly being an item. They flirted as much. Souppy’s deadjournal also revealed that he was going to go on an IRL date with some girl from his school, and he felt funny about that. I felt kind of bad about all that, like I began to feel all sick with jealousy.

I don’t know whether that jealousy was part of me being a selfish crazy person who gets overly attached to people even back then, or whether it was like.. love jealousy or whatever. But I knew I was jealous. But back then I used to try and maintain a persona online that I was a sweet, kind, mature person. So I didn’t let anyone know about that. BUT WHATEVER. I TALKED TO SOUPPY ON AIM BRIEFLY AND IT WAS COOL AND HE MADE MY NIGHT. Then I had to leave.

Fast forward to September. 

My mother got a new computer and I got on Livejournal all SURPRISE BITCH BET YOU THOUGHT YOU’VE SEEN THE LAST OF ME

And Souppy and I talked on AIM and I was mad excited to talk to him again and SO BEGAN A MORE CLOSE RELATIONSHIP. Because before then we only had brief AIM conversations and kept our talk to public forum topics on StEna. 

He basically became the reason I would go online, like I would try to memorise his timezone because he lived in Australia and I lived in the US. I knew he would be around briefly whenever I came home from school for example. I was kind of angsty when I returned because the friends I talked to before I left the internet didn’t really talk to me as much anymore, and so I thought Souppy was ~the only one who cared~ 

He tried to push me to hang around with my friend and the girl friend (the other two of that previously mentioned trio) again but I always felt like a third (fourth lol) wheel and felt mega-jealous because the girl would flirt with him and I just kind of assumed they’d get together sometime. But they didn’t get together because the girl thought she was too young for a relationship, yet she acted like Souppy was her boyfriend anyway and would get jealous if other girls flirted with him. 


I just want my beloved to be happy..

Anyway, I am a huge suckup when I’m crushing hard. I’d talk about how amazing Souppy was and tell him he’s the best and constantly want to dote on him, to the point that my ex noticed it and began having conversations with Souppy about how I was “in love with him”. I even mentioned having a crush on someone on Livejournal and Souppy pestered me repeatedly trying to find out who it was, even though it was him.  I didn’t want to tell him because I expected a rejection because of the girl who was all but his girlfriend.

BUT THEN Souppy had a crush on someone IRL??? Which honestly didn’t bother me as much as the flirting girl, though the flirting girl got super upset about it. So Souppy was in this weird love-triangle-esque-thing where he really liked a girl IRL, but there was an online girl who wanted him BUT NOT REALLY WE CAN’T BE IN A RELATIONSHIP but i want you, and then there was me who tried to hide my crush and tried not to show jealousy and tried to be all “yes tell me about this IRL girl maybe I can help even though I have the feelings for you”

We also had this really intimate conversation after Halloween of 2002 where I told him about my ~TERRIBLE PAST~ and at the time I thought like.. this is it, I really should tell him I like him because I really opened up a lot, but I ended up not doing that. 

Then he sent me an e-mail!! Asking me if I had a crush on him!! and I told him!! And I was all WHOOPS THE CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG, and I tried to push myself to accept that I was going to be rejected.

but then i wasn’t

He thought about it for a couple of days and I guess he thought.. he wanted to be with me??? I don’t even know why, like he never showed signs of reciprocating feelings, but I guess it was one of those things where he thought about it and thought that I would make him happiest???? I dunno but he told me I was best girl


Well, we didn’t really “date” right away. The e-mail where he asked if I liked him happened on November 4th, and him saying he liked me back happened on November 7th (LUCY’S BIRTHDAY I JUST REALISED HAHAH and one of my old friends’ birthdays). But he left it kind of in the air even though we were acting like a couple on AIM. We just couldn’t really reveal it officially because he was trying to quell the not-girlfriend online girl because she obviously didn’t like this predicament AT ALL. And I waited patiently as he sorted that out even though i WANTED HER TO GO AWAY



but i had to pretend to not be a jealous type even though it became really apparent in the future

Anyway!!!! on December 28th, I got a surprise package from AUSTRALIA. That had a lot of goodies and it included a few nice letters, one particular letter all ominous and “READ IT IN SECRET”

So I read it when he got online, and it was all “do u want to be my girlfriend y/n” and I was all “y” AND THERE WE GO

and we’ve been together ever since!!!!!!!!


Oliver: And that’s pretty much it! What can I add to that story!

I think a major missing element in all of this is just how worn out I was by the amount of crappy half-hearted internet relationships you see on sites about Sonic and Amy’s love. We were all young then. But I aspired to do better, and so when I was shocked that this hunch I had (“Am I the crush you speak of?”) turned out to be true, I really thought about it!

Vero’s right, there was a school crush and this online girl, but when I had to make this BIG DECISION I was most interested in who was a serious person with a long-term mindset that wasn’t going to be another three-month forgettable relationship. And the school crush I had come to realise wasn’t really a very interesting girl, and while feelings I had about the online girl were a whole lot more complicated I realised that she just didn’t have the same ability to talk openly and closely with me.

And the other choice was Taeshi, a friend who I thought was sweet and adorable and funny and positive and kind and all sorts of nice things. And it was totally the highlight of my week whenever she came online and we could chat, and she always seemed to have a really sensible take on everything around her, and we just seemed to get along on a different level to anyone else in my life at the time.. 

And so the choice was obvious! Veronica was the bestest sweetest thing in my life. And it’s this deliberate way of thinking that lead me to not really make it official for some time, because I really wanted to make it clear to her how seriously I meant it when I wanted her as my girlfriend, and that took some preparation. I put together this box of stuff and wrote some really heartfelt letters on cutesy stationery and sealed it up and sent it to her address which I quietly obtained from one of her real life friends, and tried to make the biggest gesture I could at age 15 in 2002.

This meant that we didn’t get together until December 29 that year, but we talked so much in the lead-up and afterwards and despite one rocky episode involving that other girl, I think it worked out.

I don’t know if the fact we’re together 12 years later has much to do with the thoughtfulness of those few days in November but it always reinforces to me the importance of being friends with people before you think of them romantically — I spent a year getting to know Veronica and developed a close friendship with her, and it was at that point I figured out that she was the right one for me. I’m so glad her crush stuck with her. #^.^#