“Ryan Gosling called me like 8 weeks before we started shooting and said ‘Hey D. Let’s have the most tattoos in movie history in this one.’ I said ‘Okay. You want tattoos.’ He said ‘Yeah. And, I want a face tattoo.’ I said ‘Sure you want a face tattoo? That’s really permanent.’ He says ‘Yeah. And, it’s gonna be a dagger and it’s gonna be dripping blood.’ And I said ‘If I was your parent I’d say don’t get a face tattoo. You’re gonna regret it. But, you’re a big boy. You do whatever you wanna do.’ Flash-forward 8 weeks later, we’re shooting, first day of shooting. Ryan comes up to me at lunch and says ‘Hey D. I think I went too far with the face tattoo. I think we should reshoot all the stuff we did.’ And, I said ‘That’s what happens with the face tattoo. You regret it, and now you’re stuck with it. We’re not gonna reshoot anything. You’re gonna live with it for the rest of this movie.’ What it created in him was this shame. He was ashamed of himself. He had a regret and walked into every scene with that regret.” - Derek Cianfrance


“I remember walking into the church and watching the baptism and sitting down and feeling overwhelmed and not expecting that at all – that idea that you had been so careless with yourself and with your life and all these decisions that you can’t take back, these things that are permanent, and then to be faced with this idea of having this person that is pure. And everything that is bad about you will be passed on to this person and you are soiled and dirty in some way and wondering if the best thing to do for them is not to even be there. I didn’t expect any of those things.” - Ryan Gosling