Q: If a movie or a series based upon ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ was being made and you had an unlimited budget, whom would you cast? […] Do you have some particular actors in mind?

GRRM: Not really for all the roles, but I have a few people in mind. I think Nicole Kidman would be good as Cersei. I always liked Ron Perlman, the actor I worked with on 'The Beauty and the Beast’. He would be great as Sandor Clegane. Ron is very good in heavy make-up and he’s also a big, strong kind of guy. He has a great voice that he can do all sorts of wonderful things with. I think he would be terrific as the Hound. For Jamie Lannister, a couple of years ago I would have said Cary Elwes but he might be too old now. I don’t know…

interview, December 2003