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Ooh, are you still doing comic asks? I'm kind of interested in the Spider-Gwen and Silk comics (omg awesome outfits) and my boyfriend is curious about a recent Spider-Woman trade paperback (omg awesome new outfit) so I was wondering if you knew whether we can dive straight into these comics as is or need to read some of the Spider-Verse stuff, and if so, what issues/TPBs we need (besides just splurging on that massive collection of all the Spider-Verse stuff)?

Well, the nice thing about Marvel comics is that they usually do an update page explaining what’s going on at the front of each book. For ensemble books or for complicated arcs these update pages are often fundamentally useless (if still nice to have for the character lists) but for single-character books they can help a lot, especially when the books are just starting out, as Spider-Gwen and Silk both are. 

(Also excellent choices, both books are fantastic.)

So you can probably start with whatever number is out now, pay attention to the update page, and just keep going from there. Or you can try to pick up back issues back to #1 for each, which will help especially in the case of Spider-Gwen – Silk’s story moves a lot more slowly than Gwen’s. Both books do have their origins in the Spider-verse event (Silk comes in slightly before in the Spider-man book, as its catalyst), but neither book actually requires Spider-verse reading because Spider-Gwen is in an alternate reality and Silk – well, Silk plays a major part in the Spider-verse BUT none of that has much bearing on her existence now, and the first issue goes over what happened to her anyway. 

If you DO want to go all the way back, you should pick up Edge Of Spider-verse #2, which is Gwen’s origin story. Spider-verse was actually a really enjoyable, well-written event (Edge of Spider-verse was not super necessary, but it was interesting reading), so if you have Marvel Unlimited you should check it out to see if you like it. Or, IDK, it might have TPBs out at this point that you could page through. But it’s not necessary in order to follow the Silk and Spider-Gwen comics. 

I hope you enjoy them! I’m loving the writing on both, and Spider-Gwen’s art style is really unique and interesting. I’m not sure how much longer each has in their run since *handwave* Battleworld, but they’re worth reading regardless. 

I don’t enjoy fandoms except for the Sunny and TPB fandoms which aren’t even really fandoms. I hate that fucking word.


“Man, between everything you’ve gone through, Cassie’s gone though and Bart’s gone through, I picked a really suck-ass year to be gone, didn’t I?”

“The worst.”

Trailer park boys Skyrim Builds

Race: Imperial (For Speechcraft + Coin Bonus) or Breton (dragonskin perk)

Faction: Thieves Guild + Bards College

Perks: Alchemy (For Skooma making) + Speechcraft + Pickpocket + Destruction + Light Armor*

Also: Ricky has been shown to take insanely high levels of shit. He needs to have items that let him resist shock, fire, and frost. Health levelling is perfect. Light armor would be my choice, but heavy armor could work if you want to. In terms of Speechcraft, prefer intimidation/bribe. You should have a horse, but don’t worry about it dying. It’s gotta be the equivalent of the shitmobile. Shoot first, ask questions later.

Race: Imperial (Speechcraft + Voice of the Emperor)

Faction: Thieves Guild + Bard’s College

Perks: Speechcraft + Pickpocket + Heavy Armor (for unarmed bonus) + Destruction + Archery

Also: Julian is almost always drinking, so save some of your inventory for any type of alcohol. Focus on stamina and health levelling. Prefer persuasion+intimidation whenever possible. Being the thane of most of the holds should help with your crime bounties.

Race: Imperial (Speechcraft) or Khajiit (cmon b'ys y'know why)

Faction: Thieves Guild (optional but hey why break the pattern) + Bards College + College of Winterhold (Smartest of the group + to train Conjuration)

Perks: Conjuration (gotta have them kitties to help him fight) + Speechcraft (merchant perk) + Smithing (From his cart repairing and general handyman skills) + Illusion + Sneak

Also: Steal from shopkeepers and then sell their shit back to them. Use the animal allegiance shout to get your sabre kitties to follow you. Avoid confrontation as much as possible, Bubbles isn’t the type to run headfirst into a fight. Prefer Persuasion+Bribe. Be the voice of reason. If you do the main quest, try to be neutral and do seasons unending. You can do the companions if you want Eorlund for smithing training.

If anyone has any other suggestions, give a shout!