Globalist don’t care if they control us through Capitalism or Communism. Either system works as long as the puppet State remains in power. The global cartel wants absolute control. They want each and everyone of us to be in permanent debt. They seek to own us, and all of our resources. 

The people of Turkey are rising up against Corporatism and a Government that has sold them out. The Jews, Sunnis, Shias, Armenians, Secularist, Leftists, and Nationalists are all speaking with one voice. Join them in Solidarity, and help spread the word. Enough is enough! 

Remember here in America that major issue such destruction of our planet, and gross inequity will not be solved by our two party political actors. And contrary to what they would have us believe, the American struggle is not about gay marriage, religious freedom, race relations, gun control, abortion rights, the Left or the Right, etc etc. The real struggle is for life and death. We struggle for freedom, and an end to wage slavery. We choose a self directed, purposeful life and resist a return to feudalism. Let’s not allow religious leaders, political actors and media strategist to lead us into divisive thinking. Let’s not lose focus bickering over petty issues as we will lose our sovereignty, both personal and collective.

How can we take back our power?

Stop buying the corporations food. Purchase fewer imports, and more local goods whenever possible. Stop using the corrupt banks. Stop voting for their treasonous puppets. Demand an end to illegal wars. Participate in, or help fund front line environmentalist. Inform others and resist destructive legislation, rulings and executive orders. keywords: DNA swabs, erosion of civil rights, corporate bailouts, quantitative easing, FEDS, illegal wars, drones, indefinite detention, climate destruction, Tar Sands, global revolution, GMO foods, NDAA, TPAA, PIPA, SOPA, renewable energy.

We are the only ones who can stop the globalist reign of terror.

The resistance is growing. Join us!