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More BI Percy?

  • he likes having painted nails but the polish always chips pretty much immediately and he gets so annoyed that he doesn’t even bother to take it off, he just walks around with chipped nail polish for the next two weeks
  • when they go out and he gets hit on by a guy he makes eye contact with annabeth across the bar and smirks, watching her carefully guarded expression. he saunters up to her and starts to brag, but then a girl appears behind her and slaps her ass, grinning, and hands her a drink. percy is gobsmacked and annabeth is smug
  • they walk in a few pride rallies, holding a bi flag and with glitter on their cheeks
  • he doesn’t really like to make a big deal out of it, so he doesn’t exactly… come out?? he just sort of, stops hiding it, exactly. like if they’re out in a group and someone makes a comment about a good looking guy he’ll freely offer his opinion, or if the topic of gay rights comes up he’ll talk about it from his perspective
  • most of his friends cotton on pretty quickly
  • grover throws his arms around him and squeezes him tight, tells him how proud he is and how happy he is to feel him so comfortable
  • and grover’s right, it took a lot for percy to get here. growing up in the same household as smelly gabe led to a lot of toxic internalised misogyny and it took a lot of subtle coaxing and support from annabeth and sally and some not so subtle coaxing from piper to come to terms with it
  • but once he admits it to himself, once percy thinks, honestly and plainly, ‘yeah, i’m attracted to guys, too’, he feels better. more settled and happier and a bit more free than he ever has before
  • admitting it to annabeth is probably the scariest part of it, because he knows how jealous she can get and he’s heard all the comments about bi people being promiscuous and unfaithful and he really can’t stomach the thought of her thinking that of him. he loves her, only her, no matter his orientation, but he really doesn’t know how she’s going to take it
  • to his surprise, and immense relief, she just smiles knowingly and kisses him softly and sweetly. “thank you for trusting me,” she says, and then, “i love you”
  • he kisses her back, absolutely overwhelmed with affection