80486  asked:

Star Wars movies most favorite to least favorite?

this is such a good question!! thank you for asking :~) I’m going to give my reasons for loving each film as well~

1. episode iii - revenge of the sith - that battle on mustafar, and obi wan’s anguished “you were my brother anakin! i loved you” kills me everytime, immediate tears guaranteed (and that moment where there’s the single tear going down anakin’s face is so good) ((and this movie launched a thousand amazing memes how can i not love it))

2. episode iv - a new hope -
the aesthetics and the characters and the whole story; everything about it is so wonderful and iconic! it’s the first star wars film i ever saw :~) it will forever hold a special place in my heart.

3. episode vii - the force awakens - getting to experience the star wars world again in SUCH a great way with all the new characters & the current hype and fandom world is so fun! and i’m very excited about this story

4. episode i - the phantom menace -
QUI GON JINN. my jedi bae (other than obi wan ofc), aka qui gone too soon. quite possibly one of my all time favorite characters. 

5. episode ii - attack of the clones - seeing obi wan go off basically on an adventure for the whole movie is the BEST and not gonna lie i’m a sucker for obi’s jedi mullet AND then there’s the battle on geonosis and seeing all the jedi fighting together and my other bae kit fisto’s smile light up my whole world??! bye

6. episode vi - return of the jedi - that moment when vader, realizing how much he loves luke, saves him and kills sidious is so good. and him telling luke how he’s already been saved and that whole interaction, and the bit with vader on the funeral pyre…just rip my heart out, r.i.p. me

7. episode v - the empire strikes back - luke discovering vader is his father, obi wan’s force ghost, and meeting yoda on dagobah i just can’t there’s so much to love here!!

thanks for the ask and sorry the post turned out longer than expected! xx