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A/N Well, @greenieloveszelink put out the call to flood the fandom with wholesome content, so I’m going to add my personal bit of Zelink love. This is the only one of my, like, twelve fictions is currently completed. So enjoy! 

  Despite Link taking up permanent residence in Castletown, his friends saw him less than they did when he was traveling. They didn’t mind too much, being the head of the Queen’s guard was a pretty big deal and an important job, but it would be a lie to say that they didn’t miss him.      

Not to say he never made it into town.

“Been a while Sugar,” Telma said, pulling a glass for him as he took his seat.

  “Probably going to be a while again,” Link said, rubbing at his eyes. “You couldn’t pay me to be a royal Telma. The amount of work she has to do and the amount of crap she has to put up with, it’s insane. I’m losing my mind just watching it.”

 “It’s driven you to being downright talkative,” Telma said, raising an eyebrow, “it must be something else.”

 “Stress,” Link said, sipping his drink, “her life is one planet of stress, and this is one of the few times I escape it. How’s Shad doing?”

 Then they’d talk about how their friends were doing, and Link gave his own report for Telma to pass onto everyone else. Then he’d leave and be back at the castle for another three weeks until Zelda forced him to take a night off. Telma called out her usual goodbye when he left through her door.

  “Next time I see you, you’d better have a girl on your arm,” she would call out sweetly every time, pocketing the generous tip Link had left her.

 “I’ll let you know when a cucoo hatches a dragon,” he would quip back. An old phrase, Telma would always tell herself to remember to tease Link about becoming a scholar up at the castle, and she would always forget until the next moment Link was picking up his cloak and walking out of her door.

Then one time, he wasn’t alone.

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